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The Garden Eels really are attractive to be able to draw both Yamamoto and Gokudera's attention. Not only for a few minutes but for a whole hour. Spare a minute or two, give or take. A lot of passerby threw the couple weird looks but they didn't even seem to notice and continued to engross themselves with the exotic creatures. If only there wasn't a performance Yamamoto really wanted to show Gokudera no matter what, they'd probably stay there for another 30 minutes. Yamamoto had remember about such performance when the crowd in the Aqua Museum started to lessen. He told Gokudera they have to leave but Gokudera still wanted to see more of the creatures although all they do was rise and fall. By the way, Gokudera's never interested in performance, where the crowd is so big. However, after Yamamoto begged profusely, Gokudera acquiesced. Yamamoto beamed his 1000 watt smile and pulled Gokudera to where the performance is held-Aqua Theater.

It wasn't a long walk as it was only located not far from the exit of Aqua Museum. They still need to take the elevator down but Yamamoto remembered something halfway and stopped. Gokudera raised an annoyed brow at him.

"I forgot to buy the tickets." Yamamoto turned to Gokudera slowly and admitted with a sorry smile.

Gokudera went agape at that and stared at his company with eyes of disbelief. He knew Yamamoto was an idiot but he never knew he was an idiot until such extent! He growled in aggregation while Yamamoto laughed nervously, trying his best not to fuel Gokudera's anger.

Gokudera didn't waste his time for such an outcome! If he knew something like this would happen, he'd stay by the Garden Eels' side more longer.

Yamamoto knew he had disappointed Gokudera and he felt sorry. After all, this whole date was to allow Gokudera to enjoy himself and not piss him off. Think, think, think! He had an internal struggle before an idea brightened up. Ah, got it!

Yamamoto grinned.

"We can still watch it on the fifth floor!" Yamamoto exclaimed while looking expectantly at Gokudera, wishing for a positive respond. Gokudera judged Yamamoto with his beautiful emerald eyes for a while, making Yamamoto's grin shrink, before he let out a sigh and Yamamoto knew he had an answer. His grin spread and before Gokudera can say anything, Yamamoto dragged him to the place where he stated they can still view the performance for free. After all, free and good things go to the people who's faster.

Being mafiaso, running was a piece of cake. They got a nice 'seat' not long after. Though it cannot be counted as a seat for as they were standing. The theater was an al fresco theater with the seats curved around a huge-ass pool that is connected to a huge-ass stage. The theater was located at the fourth floor while the two Vongola are at the fifth, all Yamamoto needed to do was to bring Gokudera to the rim of the circle at their floor that allowed the theater to be open-air. The borders were secured by iron railings as tall as half of Yamamoto's height. A lot of people were already surrounding the baluster to enjoy free show but Yamamoto had managed to get them a nice 'seat'. It provided them an accurate view of the show.

And the performance begun.

The crowd went dead silent when a lady wearing a full-body swimsuit came out. The crowd once again came alive when she waved her hands vigorously in the air as a greeting. She seemed to be the person in charge of this show. Then cam a man, her assistant and together they got onto a float. Not a normal doughnut-like float but a tropical island much float. It has a yellow base as the sand and a really childish coconut tree at the corner. There were other tools on the float such as a bucket, strings and a horn speaker.

The crowd might be enthusiastic about her appearance but Gokudera found it stupid. Giving reactions are what little kids do. Yamamoto, as if can read Gokudera's mind, chuckled and shifted his attention back to the female.

The float drifted to the center of the pool. A rough string can be seen pulled from the stage to their float in order to secure its current position. Then, that's when the real show begins. The female whistled into her whistle and miraculously, two whale sharks appeared in the pool. The spectators exclaimed in awe and so did Gokudera. Yamamoto had already viewed this performance when he came here with his dad so he knew where did the creatures came out. There's a gate beneath the concrete floor they were standing, that's probably an access to all of the sea creatures that are stars in this show. But he can keep this little knowledge to himself.

Although Gokudera knew there's no way animals as huge as the whale sharks can go unseen by many pairs of eyes without some tricks in the equation, he was still caught unaware when the whale sharks suddenly appeared. He felt stupid for letting out a childish sound but he couldn't care less. The show was getting more and more interesting.

The whale sharks might seem to be the attraction of this performance but judging from Gokudera's point of view, they're more like a tool to catch the spectators' attention while they await for the main performance. Though, it was quite fascinating to see such gigantic creatures swimming about. The first show consists of seals. Like any other aquatic performance, the seals reacted to the lady's instructions, jumping into hula-hoops and thrusting up to bite off a fish from strings. The crowd went wild at the magnificent performance.

Suddenly, the stage went quiet. The seals that were supposed to mimic the curves of the wave stopped abruptly. As one, they swam to under the bridge, returning to the other side of the gate. The crowd exclaimed in surprise and some booed in dissatisfaction. The lady was fast to react and managed to calm down the impatient crowd, while smiling all the way. She explained that it was time for something else. The crowd got curious.

"But our new star is a bit shy." She said in an apologetic voice before she clapped her hands, her face shone with idea.

"I know. Why don't we all invite her out? Yeah?" She gave each the crowd an expectant glance.

"Let's shout 'Aloha'!"

The crowd did as she said, but she was not satisfied and urged the crowd standing on the 5th floor to join in. However, the spectators on that floor were mostly there to pass time or weren't as enthusiastic as the crowd that brought the tickets. Gokudera was a good example.

Yamamoto wasn't, though.

The Rain Guardian cupped his palms around his mouth and inhaled a deep breath. Gokudera turned to him with widened eyes, his mouth murmuring "Don't tell me…"

"AAAALOOOOHAAAAA!" Yamamoto shouted with all his might. The lady seemed contented and while Yamamoto showed such enthusiasm, something ticked inside the crowd surrounding the railing, making them to back up Yamamoto's echo. The lady was over the moon. She then gestured her hand to the gate before she waved it back with force while shouting "Let's welcome Tororo!"

The crowd shouted, whistled in expectation. Later on, not a few seconds, the gate opened and with a swoosh of a grand tide, a white dolphin came, riding the waves with its beautiful curves and stopping in the middle on the pool. The crowd went crazy at the sight of the white creature. The lady made some command and Tororo abide without much difficulties. It was breathtaking but Gokudera couldn't care less right now. He's got some other things to bother with.

"Seriously, why did you have to do that?" Gokudera growled in embarrassment, snapping his head to glare at the happy raven haired. His own cheeks were tinted pink from the humiliating act his company had just did. Oh how he didn't want to be seen with such a guy. However, Yamamoto seemed fine with doing such baffled action.

"It's more fun this way, yeah?" Yamamoto hummed and turned to look at the Italian. 'He's blushing, how cute.' He mused in his head, his grin turning wider at the sight. He didn't voice it out loud since he knew he'd get punched for doing that.

"No it wasn't. It's fucking stupid." Gokudera spat his words, sneering. His cheeks still hot.

"I think not." Yamamoto's gaze fell on the crowd; the ones who bought the tickets and the ones who didn't. He saw the happy grins of them and he felt awesome for taking the initiative. Gokudera followed his company's eyes and saw what he saw. Sighing, he returned his attention back to the performance.

"Idiot." The Italian arched his back and crossed his arms on top of the metal railing, resting his chin on them.

Yamamoto chuckled and said no more. The couple continued to enjoy the show in silence.

It was an astounding performance that wouldn't leave anyone that paid the fee with regrets. After Tororo, the white dolphin, did some challenging stunts which stole gasps of admiration from the crowds, another dolphin clad in black and sleek skin came riding the tides. Its name was Shizuka and it was more active than Tororo. Tororo was a graceful dolphin and Shizuka might just be the opposite. It was naughty, playful and adorable. The crowd loved it. And then there's another star, the walrus, which was the spotlight of a really dramatic(fake) earthquake that features the walrus as the hero that rescued a man that faked his drown. It brought him to shore(the stage) and left the guy to the hands of an old, big seal which then gave the man a CPR. They were all well trained to catch the spectators adoration. The performance then pulled down its ending curtains, leaving the crowd still in awe.

However, Gokudera couldn't pay attention to anything. The prodigious performance failed to grasp this certain Italian's heart as it was focused on another thing, another feeling that was totally raw to him. A feeling that clawed at his heart and made him feel butterflies in his stomach when the scene of Yamamoto smiling serenely as he felt accomplished to see the crowd's grins played in his head. That smile that was unlike his sunny grin, a total contrary of his 1000 watt smile, left a lump in his throat, an uneasy sensation in his heart that suffered Gokudera.

Why was it that when he saw that smile, he can feel his heart twisting into a ball of mess and his brain went dead, whatever breath he was breathing went hitched and he swear his heart stopped pounding before it increased in speed.

What is happening?