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It was a considerably cold and dark night out in Konoha, at one of the many small exits out of the village, the last Uchiha hailed as a prodigy in the village, was about to defect from the hidden leaves for the power that Orochimaru can grant him, if he was to be trained by a Sannin then he would be able to destroy his traitorous brother and definitely stay miles ahead of that pathetic dobe…yet he couldn't get the fact that Naruto Uzumaki, dead last of the academy and the complete inferior to himself had saved him from Gaara, an opponent that he himself could not defeat and even went on to summon a boss toad and ward off a bijuu, where the hell did he get such power? Now our soon to be traitor was being held up by the other link of Team 7. His pink-haired comrade although quite the looker, was on the weak side and was always in need of help from either him or Naruto. Her constant advances on him could be seen as charming but he disregarded it. In another reality he might have paid more attention to the 'kunochi' but not in this one, he had a higher righteous purpose then squabbling in Konoha with pretty girls.

"Sakura…what are you doing out in the middle of the night?" I can't let her cause any dramas to ruin my escape. Sakura had tears beginning to well up in her eyes " This is the road people use to leave the village" she wipes her eyes and continues " its always this road" Sasuke had gradually walked past her and replied " Go back to bed Sakura" he couldn't deal with this right now, he needed to leave and he needed to leave now! " Sasuke, we had fun! Me…and you…and even Naruto as well as Kakashi-sensei! We went on missions and trained…"

He stopped looking down and began gazing at the moon " Sakura, I am different to you and the rookie 11 as well as Kakashi-sensei… my path resides in the darkness, my path is one of blood, sweat and tears that will finally end with my brother on the other end of my righteous fury" he paused for breath and reluctantly added " The only one in this village that can possibly fathom the need for revenge and despair of loneliness that I have is…" Sakura waited with baited breath while Sasuke realized telling Sakura was pointless " it doesn't matter, go home Sakura you have your whole life ahead of you" Sakura began to spill tears in despair, the boy she had fallen for was about to leave her!

" NO SASUKE! Please you can't leave me, you will be leaving me to the same loneliness…please I love you… take me with you, a village without you is a place I can't bear to be in" She finished while sobbing. Sasuke kept staring up at the moon and debating whether he should bring his teammate, he knew it would make things a bit harder but did he really want to stay truly lonely on the path to his brother's destruction? Yet then again what about Naruto…he may not admit it out loud but Naruto was the only true friend he had ever had and they both understood one another even at a young age. For this reason he knew both he and Sakura leaving would crush Naruto and leave him to wallow in the darkness, like either of them needed anymore of that. Naruto would bounce back like he always did…but did he really bounce back? Or did he just keep it bottled up like he himself did.

"Sakura…" She looked up with tears still leaking and walked feebly closer towards Sasuke as he continued " and what of Naruto?" this made her stop…she never thought of her knuckled-headed teammate. He might have seemed annoying and stupid back in the academy, but now she knew different. He was a brave and undeniably strong shinobi. He was a bright light that shone through the village, through thick and thin he was reliable and strode through adversity. Even Sasuke had admitted to her that Naruto saved them from the possessed suna-shinobi that could manipulate sand to immense levels. She could never quite fully understand Naruto, she thought she figured him out but he constantly forced her to reevaluate what she knew about him, that doesn't matter right now what matters is staying with Sasuke.

" Naruto is strong he will be fine!" she said it but did she really mean it? Sasuke now fully turned around to look at his teammate and maybe soon to be fellow nuke-nin with narrowed eyes " Sakura, you don't understand…maybe you never will, Naruto has been alone his entire life, he grew up with no one and has never had the experience of family until team 7"

This made Sakura's eyes widen as Sasuke continued " We are essentially his only family, me leaving may hurt him, but him and I are rivals, me leaving will be a drive for him to become strong just as me needing to leave will make me strong. You coming with me will be like his family being ripped away from him" he let that hang for suspense; maybe this will make her stay? If her resolve can be stopped by words then she isn't fit to follow me " You have family and friends to hold you up fine in this village Sakura, Naruto only has team 7-" suddenly Sakura burst in " Naruto has Lady Tsunade-the Fifth Hokage is like a mother to him!" she again didn't feel so certain of herself, which was then cemented when Sasuke put in " The Hokage has duty towards the village, she can support Naruto only so much…"

He could slowly see the information swirling in his pink-haired teammates head, he himself didn't know exactly what would happen if both he and Sakura left but he knew it wouldn't be good. Finally Sakura came out of her thoughts " Why can't we just bring Naruto with us?" This was something Sasuke could not allow; he knew Orochimaru would do terrible things to Naruto because of his red chakra that kept surfacing throughout their life or death situations together. " No" Sakura gaped at that "Why not?" to which Sasuke snapped " We just can't, and starting now, if you want to survive out of the village you cannot be the pitiful kunochi you are now" Sasukes words were like daggers, but she knew he spoke the truth " I cannot be babysitting you, you will train and become a worthy kunochi" he knew it was a bad decision taking Sakura, but his need for companionship on his road surfaced and pushed any other thoughts out. "Come on then Sakura, you're leaving your life in the village behind. Team 7 is over. No more fun and games Sakura this is the shinobi world and its ruthless. Be prepared." Especially for Naruto he thought after his little spiel.

Sasuke began to continue walking out the village while Sakura was within her thought…She began questioning whether it was worth it, she loved Sasuke, but to just leave Naruto, the happ-go-lucky ball of energy of team 7 on his own didn't seem right…she just knew it was a bad idea especially since she knew that he was head over heels for her, it made her sick to her stomach what she was about to do. Yet she loved Sasuke so she followed on catching up to him and falling into step with him.

"I'm sorry Naruto" she barely whispered but Sasuke still heard and slightly grimaced. He now definitely knew everything was changed now.