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(Near the border of Hi no Kuni)

"SHIKAMARU! I got something and its strong" Kiba Inuzuka yelled to alert the whole search and rescue squad "What is it?" Shikamaru replied seriously, no need for laziness now "It's blood and sweat and there is a lot of it, my nose is getting irritated by it". Shikamaru hoped to God it wasn't Naruto they were going to find disemboweled and all over the forest floor. " Ok lead on Kiba and pick up the speed, everyone use one soldier pill incase we engage an enemy, we've been running on willpower for the last hour can't risk getting injured now"

Running at top speed the team could now see a path of destruction running parallel to them! How could we have not noticed it? They must have been following at a different angle because now they were merging with the this tsunami of destruction, there was trees broken and the ground had light fires still going!

" Holy shit what the hell did this? I can feel an overbearing and evil chakra residue left around the area that keeps going on!" Shikamaru racked his brain for any ideas as to what it is " It could possibly be that cursed power that Orochimaru granted Sasuke in the Chunin exams that he could of given to his subordinates?" the answer didn't seem right to him thought? This thought was proven "

No Shikamaru that power is WAY weaker in comparison to this, that foul chakra is only a small pulse on my senses, this chakra residue kind of reminds…me…holy shit! This is like when Naruto owned Neji at the chunin exams!" Neji at the back of the group scowled at this but didn't respond. Shikamaru meanwhile was connecting dots that weren't sounding good if Naruto is what I think he is and this chain of events has set him off then this is definitely above our pay grade, what a drag!

"Neji, I know you've been using your Byakugan none stop for the last couple of hours but I'm going to need you to activate it for a short-period and see as far down this path as you can, can you do it?" Shikamaru didn't bother to look at him " Affirmative" and a small mumble of Byakugan was heard.

Neji zoomed in down the path and couldn't believe the complete annihilation; it was like looking down a tornado's aftermath! He kept zooming down until he could see the end of the path where a massive circle where he assumed was the epicenter of whoever made this path stopped. In the mini wasteland he could see downed people, from this distance he couldn't completely recognize them but could tell their chakra was gone or about to be gone-equaling death.

"Nara the path ends in about 1.1 kilometres northwest and there are unidentified bodies that are dead or about to be" Shikamaru paused at this and suddenly kicked up the speed. The rest followed soundlessly, only one minute of running over destroyed terrain and they had reached the wasteland that must have been a titanic battlefield. As they scoured the surroundings they saw what they knew were the dead bodies of the proclaimed 'Sound Four' well looks like …someone took care of them

"Shika…I'm scared" came the mumbled and frightful Akimichi boy " Choji I'm sorry but we are shinobi and you are going to have to man-up for this one, nothing good is going to come out of this, I can feel it" Shikamaru added quietly to his long time friend.

They all suddenly heard coughing and looked to see the girl of the group slightly alive, the team looked at each other and slowly walked defensively as a group towards her. Shikamaru was the closest and knelt down and looked at the disheveled redhead. She coughed up a bit of blood and was hardly keeping her eyes open.

" What happened here?" Shikamaru cautiously asked, although he had a good idea he needed first hand evidence. " W-we-ell shithead*cough* that b-blonde *cough* beat the shit out of us *cough* for apparently taking his *cough* friends" Shikamaru frowned at the shithead part but nodded at the rest.

"Alright guys-" Shikamaru was suddenly interrupted by the slight sounds of fighting then a huge BOOOOOOM

"Guys, lets go!" they quickly hurried off not wanting to give the dying girl a second glance

As they followed the sounds they got louder and louder until they suddenly stopped. "What the hell?" voiced Kiba guess the battle is over now! UNFAIR!

As they broke through the trees what the saw was the most confusing thing ever. Everywhere they could see was just a…a…forest of BONES! Huge pillars of bone were sticking up out of the ground everywhere.

When the group looked up even further they saw none other then Sabaku no Gaara and his siblings floating on Gaara's own sand with a half dome defending them from a bone sword protruding from a ghastly looking and DEFINETELY dead teenage boy that was protruding from another bone, talk about weird!

The sand slowly lowered the three siblings down to the ground. With a thump all three of them landed on their backsides from the exhaustion of the fight, even if all of them were backing each other up.

"What the hell is going on" Kiba voiced the opinion of all the Konoha nin. Gaara after catching his breath replied in his usual monotonous voice " Your Kage sent a messenger to us asking for aid in stopping Uzumaki from crossing the border and also aiding in the retrieval of his teammates" his other two siblings nodding to confirm his proclamation.

"So where is Naruto then?" asked Shikamaru to which Temari answered " Well."

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The sand trio had saved him from this bone freak! As our Blonde jinchuuriki looked up and saw Gaara, it made him crack a true smile for the first time in a while. His brother in arms or demon container in arms was here for his aid. It made his heart warm that he had a person he connect with so deeply.

"GAARA! Thanks for the back up, this scum-bag would of definitely put me down for the count!" he finished with a face-splitting grin. Temari giggled light-heartedly at the blonde's antics towards her brother, ever since he had single-handedly fixed their family the boy had really grown on her. Kankuro saw the giggles and nudged his sister "so already got the hots for the blonde ey?" to which he got a battle-fan smack to the head.

After the shenanigans were over Naruto quickly got up off the ground and his recently returned shocking blue eyes started to swirl back into its blood red counter-part "Gaara, I can trust you to take care of this guy, I need to stop my teammates" Gaara didn't have to verbally reply, they could communicate on a whole different level, they understood each other, so when they nodded to each other it meant 'stay safe'.


"WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU STOP HIM!" Kiba voiced yet another outburst that was really grating on everyone's nerves, but Gaara paid no heed and with a simple quip said " He and I owe you nothing , his decisions are his own as are mine"

Shikimaru disregared the little argument that was brewing until literally obscene amounts of chakra was being thrown around in the direction of the Valley of the End. "Everyone we need to move NOW!" and thus the unlikely group ran for their blonde comrade/friend.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(Naruto Perspective, at the end of the fated Sasuke fight)

Naruto was in a frenzy, he had grown a 2nd tail and his power output was enormous, but Sasukes evolved curse seal wasn't far behind. They had traded blows in their monster-powered forms but now the fight was coming to its climax. Naruto knew this would be the end, but he would try to change it, he loved team 7 like a family and he was not going to allow Orochimaru or revenge take it away!

"Sasuke! This is your last chance, I WON'T let that snake teme take you and Sakura-chan away from me! And I certainly won't let your revenge ruin yours AND Sakura's life!"

Sasuke just looked at him with his changed form with disgust, but also understanding, he knew taking Sakura with him would be like ripping out the dobes only source of familial comfort, but he was sick of being alone, he wasn't going to leave the village for power on his own! "No Naruto, I am going to destroy Itachi, it is my destiny to bring righteous retribution to my fallen kin! And I if Sakura wants to join me then so be it!"

Naruto just looked at him with understanding as well, as hard as it was to decifer with their demonic appearances. "Well teme, I'm gonna have to break every bone in your body to bring you back HOME!"

Both teammates…no…brothers, started to channel their respective jutsu. Yet one small detail they missed was their other teammate running across the lake straight at them, screaming bloody murder for them to stop fighting.

The boys screamed battle cries and charged! Both staring each other right in the eyes, determined to win for their respective causes, but also to find out who was stronger! Yet as they bore down on each other, Naruto noticed in the corner of his fox like eyes that Sakura was a mere 10 metres away and would be caught in the cross fire, instantly his eyes diverted from Sasuke and slowly changed back to their deep blue colour, this startled Sasuke, but he couldn't stop, and the loud "CHIDORI" came as well as an evil crunching and squeltching of bone and meat being eviscerated.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(Sakura perspective, same time)

She had been watching her closest people in her life right now, fighting to the death, one for revenge, power and retribution while the other fought for his 'family' and precious people to him. Although she loved Sasuke, she realized Naruto's cause was much more plausible. Yet aside from that, she had always believed that Sasuke was light years ahead of Naruto, don't get her wrong she knew Naruto was strong in his own right but now she understood just how much the supposed 'dead last' had grown. She watched in the beginning as they traded blows as equals, but then Naruto had pulled on an unseen power and started pummeling Sasuke, actually forcing his Sharingan to mature to its fullest (to her current knowledge). The fight escalated until finally her Sasuke-kun had used the curse seal again, but this time he turned into a demonic looking angel, it was both frightening and endearing.

She honestly for once in her life on team 7 couldn't choose to side with Sasuke OR Naruto, she was stuck at a crossroads. She didn't want either to hurt each other. So her rational mind came up with the great idea of running head first into their final, and most devastating attacks.

Time seemed to slow down to a snails pace, as she ran and screamed for them to stop, she saw the look Naruto and Sasuke had for each other, it was like that of rivals but also of deep understanding, she saw all the pain and loneliness each respectively suffered from their eyes alone and it made her realize she didn't understand either of her teammates at all!

And when she was only seconds away from them both, Naruto's red aura started to dissipate as well as his ball of chakra, Sakura turned and looked at him directly in his eyes and saw his fear, she had come directly in their path, Naruto had time to stop but Sasuke had tunnel vision when using the chidori. Sakura just closed her eyes and couldn't believe the irony of her dying to Sasuke's chidori.

As she felt the lighting blade about to pierce her it was all silent, she could hear nothing, but suddenly she felt weightless, like she was being carried to heaven…or hell, but she felt arms holding her up. She slowly opened her eyes to stare into pools of pure cerulean, like the ocean looking at her like it was the last time they could. She could also feel a hot wetness near her, she looked and saw a hand jutting out of Naruto's upper right chest, straight through his lung!

He had taken the chidori for her. She couldn't fathom it and started to feel immense pain in her heart and began leaking tears, looking back into Narutos eyes, that were dimming and then coming back, with pure willpower. And as she looked into Naruto's eyes she was pulled out of the complete silence by Naruto "Please don't cry Sakura-chan, it always hurts when you cry…" he rasped out with deep breaths.

Sasukes hand came out of Naruto, and he had a look of pure shock on his face, he had just embedded his lighting enveloped fist into his best friend, and he was STILL worried about Sakura crying. If she didn't miraculously fall in love with Naruto after that then there had got to be something wrong with women these days. But the shock was two-folded with the fact that he just slammed his fist into NARUTO. He didn't want this to happen! He wanted to test his power with Naruto's new jutsu, to see who was the strongest. Now his friend might…might…die…

Naruto lowered Sakura to the water to allow her to stand and fell to his knees, still having to channel chakra to stay afloat. Sakura quickly came to Narutos aid before he fell into the water. "Why Naruto, Why did you have to do that!" she said in between sobs while she held his still heavily bleeding body. Sasuke just watched on already understanding why, but still shell shocked with all that happened. Yet he steeled his resolve. He needed to defeat his brother, his whole life was for that purpose. Naruto would have back up coming. And like that he heard it, people running and shouting Naruto's names in the forest just behind the Valley of the End.

"NARUTO! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT!" Sakura sobbed out loudly, to which Naruto got to finally answer "Because…I love you" yet when Sakura heard this, she just sobbed more, she couldn't handle this, she knew Naruto liked her, but loved her? She didn't know anyone that would damn near kill himself for her! "BAKA! BAKA BAKA BAKA!" she continued to sob.

Sasuke was getting impatient and worried about the reinforcements " Sa-sakura, please stop crying, you need to go, if you go back to the village you will be jailed or executed…and I don't think can beat the whole village by myself hehehe" Sakura was horrified at first for the fact that her village would do that to her but understood. She also giggled at Naruto's last remark as he begun to wipe away her tears with his thumbs "Sasuke" he called to which said person grunted " Look after Sakura" he nodded in return and Sakura had to gently put Naruto down so he could still channel chakra for when the reinforcements arrived to pick him up off the lake. As Sakura and Sasuke began to run away Naruto yelled out with his last bit of energy " I'm going to find you both and drag you back! Because I never go back on my word! THAT'S MY NINDO!"

This brought tears to her eyes, no matter how friendly they had seemed in the end, they had still betrayed Naruto terribly, and she was now confused of her feelings for the blonde-haired knuckle-head.

And as his two teammates disappeared past Madara Uchiha's head the search and rescue squad+ the sand trio burst through the forest on to the scene. They saw the devastation that was left in Sasuke and Naruto's wake with awe, except for Gaara, no battle scene could awe him after his titanic battle with the blonde jinchuuriki.

After they looked for the said blonde they realized he was slowly sinking into the lake. Gaara quickly reacted and lifted him by his hand out with his sand and saw the gaping whole in his chest and his eyes basically devoid of life. For the first time since he fought with Naruto he was in deep fear. And for completely different reasons. Naruto was in a VERY VERY critical condition. Gaara was feeling an emotion he thought he could never feel. Worry.