15 days of Saint Valentine

The pestering of her mother awakes Clove from her passive, serene slumber at 7:30am on Monday morning "Clove Morrison wake up! You have school, next time if you can't get up don't go out partying with your friends on Sunday night and come home and 1:00am". Clove groans and stretches out her arms and tight legs before bouncing out of her bed and walking to her bathroom across the hall. She stares at her slender, slim frame in her full length mirror before smiling satisfied with her body (all those years of dancing and gymnastics have final paid off) she thinks to herself as she brushes her insane, wild, chaotic mane of hair and styles it into a flouncy, curled knot that sits atop her head. She exfoliates her skin before cleansing it and applying some mascara and dark eyeliner to bring out the beautiful, green of her radiant emerald eyes. She brushes her teeth then takes a lick of peach body shop gloss to her lips before ushering herself out of the bathroom to her wardrobe to choose an outfit. She settles on a black high wasted skirt that cuts 3 inches above her knees and a sepia cream coloured off shoulder top. Going to a high class private school in Manhattan comes with its perks and privileges but also a few burdens and demerits. Especially if you go to Panem Private Academy everyone judges you on how you dress and look if you're a girl and how strong, rich and fit you are for a guy. She slips her tiny feet into some cream strappy stilettos before descending the spiral staircase and joining her mother in the kitchen. She passes her father giving him a quick peck on the cheek as she waltzes passed him and receiving the complement she had grown accustomed to "Wow sweetheart you look beautiful" He smile not averting his gaze of the morning paper taking another mouthful of freshly ground coffee.

She strides into the kitchen before taking the tomato, prosciutto and low fat feta egg white omelette that waits for her on the swirled marble counter "mmm mum it smells so good" she complements as she inhales the warm aroma of tomato. Being a singer and dancer Clove has very strict dietary needs like; only two serving of dairy a week so her voice is as smooth as honey and is not blocked with any trace of phlegm to prevent her raspy voice, No coffee or tea unless its green tea which is full of antioxidants and no sweeteners except for honey. She finishes half of her omelette before sliding the other half down the bench for her mother. She takes a gulp of water from the tap before heading out of her house and texting her friend on the sidewalk;

Clovely- Kat wru?

Kitty Kat- turning the corner be there in 2!

30 seconds later Clove spots her friends silver Lexus speed down the street stoping right in front of her house. She jumps in the back with Annie, Jackie and Johanna while Katniss and Madge are seated in the front. Katniss slams the accelerator as all 6 girls make their way to school.

Cloves POV

"Clover" Johanna hints "its 15 days before valentine's day" she finishes motioning her head towards the car full of guys parked across the lot from us. All I do is roll my eyes and scoff before jumping out of the Lexus. I make my way towards the schools main building with my friends before remembering I had to get a textbook out of my locker for social studies they follow close behind me and watch me closely before I key in my locker combo. As soon as I crack the code and open my locker I see my textbook. I reach out to grab it before my hand stops me and wonders to the item seated on top of my book. It's a bouquet of red roses (my favourite). Before I can open the letter that was wedged between the dozen roses they're snatched out of my hand by my friends. "Ooohhhh Clove who's this from" They all pester in sync "well maybe if they weren't snatched out of my hand I could check" I spit. Johanna and Annie rub the nape of their necks sheepishly handing me the bouquet back. I snatch it from their hands and tear open the pink envelope it reads in an elegant script;

Dear Clove,

Its 15 days till Valentines

From your secret admirer

I stare at the letter with a blank expression on my face "What does it say" Katniss worries. I pass the letter to them and watch as their expressions change as they read the script. As they remove the letter from they're eyes all they're eyes are on me and huge grins and smirks begin to print on their faces "From your secret admirer" Johanna mocks using the most ridiculous British accent I have ever heard I flick her cheek and smirk as her face grimaces. I examine the inside of my locker for any other clues or letters. There is nothing in my sight apart from textbooks and my red last season trench coat. I slam my locker shut as my friends continue to harass me with questions, teases and taunts. As soon as they all shut up Glimmer Miller waltzes passed me across the hall with her 2 bitch lackeys Cashmere Chrome and Enobaria Nagel. Peeta Mellark, Marvel Stone, Gale Hawthorn, Finnick Odair and Cato Kensington not too far behind them.

"Wow Clove having to send flowers to yourself, sad much" Glimmer bitches as her 2 friends laugh. Her eyes wonder to the guys hoping they would stifle a laugh to but none of them budge which makes me smirk. She scoffs and returns her attention to me before throwing another insult all I do is take my bouquet and blow all the nectar out of them on her. She looks at me confused as hell before screaming and sprinting down the hall only to be chased by a swarm of tracker jacker bees. I turn to my friends as they all break out in repetitive laughter. Half the guys manage to chuckle a little while Finnick and Gale guffaw looking like they were gonna piss themselves. I throw the roses back into my locker and grab my textbook out before pushing pass the boys with my friends and heading off to first period. First, second and third period fly by I had Maths, English, Music and now for my final period I have P.E thank goodness something I'm actually really good at. I make my way to the gym with Jackie and get changed before lacing up my sneakers and joining the class on the bleachers. I observe who I have in this class I have; Glimmer the slut who looks awful from the stings, Cato who I've never talked to before but apparently he's a dickhead and man whore so I'll avoid him and stick to hating him like the rest of my friends and Marvel who I get on reasonably well with. "Kensington, Miller" Brutus Roars gesturing to one half of the volleyball court.

Cato groans probably because his stuck with Glimmer as his partner who can't even catch a ball. "Stone, Morrison" he Growls gesturing to the other half of the court. Marvel offers me his arm and I gladly accept while he leads me to our half. "Ready Stone" I smirk "Obviously" he says in a cocky arrogant demeanour. "Ready" Brutus yells as he blows his whistle. Glimmer serves the ball intending to get it over the net being her over confident self instead her plan backfires miserably and hits Cato in the jaw. "Fuck" He groans as her rubs his throbbing, aching jaw. I can't help but giggle a little and even Marvel his best friend does. "How about Morrison serves" Glimmer inquires throwing me the ball probably hoping I'll fail. I don't in fact I get it over and even with Cato's fast reflexes and Glimmers shitty ones it hits the ground scoring us the point. Cato grunts while spiking the ball durable and firm over the net he smirks as Marvel misses it but his smile fades as I get under the ball digging it over scoring us the second point. The rest of the game flies by until the last point of the game even though where obviously going to win Coach still wants us to finish the game. Cato serves the ball for the final time and like all the other times I get under it and set it to Marvel but this time my foot goes one way while my leg goes the other and I roll my ankle "Shit" I scream as Marvel, Cato and Glimmer run over to me on the floor.

Marvel because he's genuinely concerned but Glimmer probably to torment me and Cato I have no idea why. Cato observes my ankle and examines the damage "yep that's a sprain" he murmurs before lifting me up and carrying me to the nurse. Marvel chasing after him. "Put me down I can still walk" I mutter to him knowing damn well I can't. "Really?" he questions "do you really think I'm that stupid". All I do is roll my eyes and cross my arms over my chest. "Why are you helping me" I finally speak up "do you not want me to?" he remarks slightly pissed but his voice remaining calm "yes" I murmur. "Hey I'll take her" Marvel volunteers eagerly "Fine" Cato barks annoyed throwing me into Marvels arms and jogging back to the gym. I look back at him worried that I've offended him but Marvel reassures me "don't worry he just gets really aggressive". Marvel turns the corner to the nurse's office and pops me down onto the stretcher bed. "Sprain" he tells the nurse who's tending to a girl who's vomiting nonstop. "Ice it" the nurse advises throwing Marvel an ice pack. He hands it to me while I slip my shoe off and wrap the ice pack around my ankle it sooths the pain and eases the ache slightly. "So Morrison what do your parents do" he asks "what?" I answer confused "you heard me just making small talk" he smiles "well my dad is the richest business man in Manhattan and my mum is a retired super model and caterer what about you?" I ask throwing the question back at him "my mum doesn't work but my dad owns" tiffany&co"" he answers "Cool I love the key necklaces" I enthusiastically add

He just stifles a little laugh while the nurse tells him to go back to class. I thank the nurse for all her help she's tended to my ankle and the only side effect is a little limp but overall it's barely noticeable. Its lunch now so I go to my locker to get my purse but again I notice something else sitting there it's a little blue box with a pale blue ribbon. Just as I pull the ribbon to undo it my friends spot me and race over to me with concern written all over their faces "Clove are you ok Jackie told us you sprained your ankle playing volleyball" Madge rambles before noticing the blue box in my hands. "Another one" Johanna asks wiggling her eyebrows in a creepy manner. "Open it" they squeal before prying the box out of my hands. Katniss lifts the blue lid and sitting in the box is a 15 carat diamond studded key necklace from tiffany. All girls stare at me in shock with their jaws dropping in awe. Katniss hands it back to me still shocked before reading the letter that came with it;

Dear Clove,

Its 15 days till Valentines

From your secret admirer

I ask Johanna to do the necklace up at the back before looking at my reflection in my mini makeup mirror. The necklace makes my neck and graceful collar bone protrude out more giving me a look of power and strength the radiant possession sits stunningly in my pushed up cleavage and the emerald in the centre brings out the hues of greens in my eyes. "Whoever that's from" Johanna begins "is madly in love with you and gets a discount on tiffany"

I suddenly realise something

My secret admirer is Marvel Stone