I wake up panting, covered in a thin sheet layer of my own sweat. I wick the sweat off my body and wipe the small beads from my forehead before throwing off my sweater and falling asleep again in just my polka dot bra and boxer shorts.

I wake up with a jolt. Lying in a heap of blankets on my bedroom floor I open the curtains and the angelic light blinds me. I take a seat on the window sill and check all of my text messages in my inbox there's 3 from Katniss, 2 from Johanna another 2 from Jackie and 10 from Annie including 7 miss calls from her. Trust Annie to be worried for me she's just so innocent and sweet. I dial Annie's number and listen in to the speaker as her high pitched giggly phone picks up. "Hewo" Annie muffles between her breakfast "CLOVE" she squeals. I can imagine what's going on at her house she's sitting at the dining table in her matching yellow pyjama's being cooked chocolate chip teddy bear pancakes while her mother is brushing her strawberry scented shoulder length hair. "Hi Annie what's up" "where were you yesterday? you were supposed to come back to the after party with me we won" she whimpers clearly upset "I'm sorry It was just really uh…. Big" "I understand by the way I'm doing the carpool so see you in 20" I put down the phone and sigh exasperated, happy I have such an understanding friend.

As I finish brushing my teeth the doorbell rings. It's probably just dad coming home after a really rough night at work again or the delivery men bringing my mum her online shopping from Paris because she insists the fabric from America is too severe to her skin. I run down the stairs skipping one and landing on the other. I take my time walking to the door before the bell rings again "hold on" I hiss before swinging open the mahogany doors that lead to my families haven. Standing there is a boy who I familiarly recognise but can't place a name on him. He's a little shorter than me but obviously younger than me by a few years. "Hello Clove" he purrs, sugary and cockily. "Hi Ricky" I confide raising an eyebrow at his confident behaviour "it's Rory" Oh I remember he's Gale Hawthorne's brother. "Oh sorry" I apologize "how are you Rory" "good now that I'm talking to you" he flirts. Since he's younger than me and probably still in middle school I giggle and flirt back at his adorable attempts "Oh you". He lifts up my hand and kisses it before handing me a red rose and a slip of paper. I smell the flower much to his delight before he picks up the conversation again "you can kiss me you now" he wags his eyebrows. "Then I would be a cougar" I philander "well I like cougars" he responds flatly before immaturely laughing again "Cougars are cool!" I laugh at his statement and pat him on the head "oh Rory if only you were 3 years older" I snarl sarcastically. He smirks to himself before I kiss him on the cheek and tell him to run along. I catch the eye of an angry blue eyed boy across the street I step to the left to get a better look at him but his gone.

I turn around to shut the door but a car pulls up in my driveway. Oh crap it's been 20 minutes and I'm not dressed. "Annie gives me 5 minutes" I ask while I run down to my friends in the car. Jo wolf whistles while she eyes the flower and note. She says nothing but her eyes do all the talking 'give the note to me clovely' I hand it to her unwillingly while her eyes immediately lighten up (it's not every day you get the chance to see a happy Joanna Mason) I run upstairs and change into a light pink floral bustier and some high wasted pastel blue shorts I run back down and slip my sock clad feet into some leopard print vans and grab a granola bar from my mum before sprinting out the door. "And time" Jackie tells Katniss as she stops her stopwatch "3 minutes and 59 seconds clovely" Katniss batters he lashes "save it for Peeta" I remark while jumping in to Annie's car. I see Katniss trying to hide her blush but on her pale olive skin it's so obvious. "A little juvenile don't you think" Joanna asks Clove, as she reads over the letter another time "what's juvenile" Clove, cluelessly wonders "that one of the three boys in the hawthorn family are crushing on you while all 3 have girlfriends" Jo studies Cloves appeased, neutral look with eyes of interrogation "ok well Vick has Rue" she begins "Rory has Prim" Katniss seethes through clenched iron teeth "and Jo finishes while calming a mad Everdeen down "Gale has Madge" she whispers the last part so Madge who's in the front seat with her iPod in doesn't hear while chucking her an apologetic glance.

"You don't know what you're talking about" Clove stubbornly growls as she opens the door and runs up the stairs of Panem Prep before opening her locker and receiving the gesture she had become so accustomed to. But today her locker was empty 'yes! She thought, they had finally given up' Clove sighed calmly happy that soon all of the unwanted attention would fade away. She made her way into chemistry a class she dreaded but today was quite eager for before plopping down on her stool Today she had a natural gold hue radiating off her maybe the glow was caused by the emptiness of her locker this morning or maybe because a bronzed boy with dirty blond hair just sauntered in to the classroom and plopped down in the assigned seat next to her. She turned to her right and gave him a small wave before returning to her original chemistry work. Clove could see him smirking out of the corner of her eye and smiled while biting her lip. (Maybe science wasn't the only chemistry in the lab). Half way through the class Mr Abernathy was escorted to the principal's office for the 3rd time this week so the class was left unattended. "We won by the way" the voice next to me says flatly though he doesn't avert his gaze from the blackboard while he scribbles down notes" "excuse me" I whisper absolutely clueless for the 2nd time today "Oh yesterday the game I saw you left half way cos of all the valentine's day stuff" he finally turns to face me "that guy must really care about you, you know" "yeah he must but he's stopped which is good because everything was getting really out of hand I mean it was nice but it felt like that guy would jump in front of a bullet for me" "are you sure he's stopped?" he asks as his beautiful foamy sea eyes widen "And yeah that guy would" "yeah he's stopped because-" I'm cut off by some (actually many) flower deliveries piling up on me on my bench. "Thank you" I half-heartedly smile while sparing sheepish glances at Cato who looks like he supressing laughter. More boys march in pairs like soldiers and hand me single calla lilies, 3 coloured roses and species I've never heard of. "Here" Cato says as he takes the load out of my hands like he's reading my mind and can see my plea for help written all over my face. But that load is soon replaced by more and more. As the soldiers leave the now flower fragmented classroom he speaks up as I turn my head trying to explain what happened but my throat dry as sore dust and my pink lips unable to move. "You were saying?" he laughs referring to me denying the fact that that boy was still in love with me. I sigh and look down while he slings his arm over my shoulder and rests my head on his shoulder.

As the bell signals the end of first period I wait at the door and hand flowers to girls who walk out looking at me like I'm crazy but that didn't help because I still have just as many flowers as I started with I walk down the hall feeling like I'm being followed I turn a corner but still feel the persons presence linger behind me. I refuse to turn around like my mother always said the predator becomes vicious towards the prey whenever you look into the eyes. I give up! I stop at my locker and turn around.

"Um hey Clove are you ok" Cato bends down so he can look into my eyes "yeah I was just scared that's all" I murmur "scared of what" he questions "n...n...nothing why are you following me anyway" I raise an eyebrow "um these flowers are yours am I correct I was going to give them to you but you started walking really fast" he trails off, looking suspicious "yeah um just chuck em in" I key in the combo and swing open the door only to be flooded by boxes of chocolate and strawberries. AW FUCK. Cato spits out a flower petal from his mouth before gesturing me to follow him and placing them in the garden instead. "Don't forget to collect them later he says before jogging down the hall to his friends who wink at me and blow kisses. I roll my eyes and awkwardly walk down to my 2nd period class figuring out I've skipped homeroom with Effie (aww what a shame)