Power Ranger Kids

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I only own the names Jaimiey, Denver, Hannah, Kloe and Georgianna

Dancing, Dreaming & Rangers

When the ten teenagers hit the age of fifteen, they were introduced to new weapons-a power axe (Zack and Rocky), a power bow (Trini & Katharine), a power lance (Billy & Aisha), power daggers (Tommy and Jason-Lee) and finally a power sword (Adam-Andrew & Kimberly-Ann).

Wow, these are so cool' Jason-Lee smiled holding his power daggers

'They're going to be more awesome when we bring them together' Kim and Adam-Andrew giggled

Kimberly-Ann, Adam-Andrew haven't you two got to get ready for the dance recital' Aisha asked looking at her watch

'Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder Aish' Kim and Adam-Andrew answered as they looked at the time and teleported home to get ready for the show

I wonder how they will do' Trini whispered

'They will do just fine, Kimberly-Ann's been winning trophies since she was 2-years-old' Tommy replied

'Yeah and Adam-Andrew has been winning trophies since he was 3-years-old' Aisha added

'Wow' Zack whistled


'You guys ready' their teacher asked as the excited kids entered backstage while Kim's and Adam-Andrew's parents and friends took their seats.

'I'm Kimberly-Ann Park and ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to the Stone Canyon Dance Center Jazz Recital.' Kimberly-Ann introduced

'Over the past two months we have been practicing our performance for you tonight' Adam-Andrew added

'So have fun and enjoy watching the show' Kloe replied as the three teens ran off the stage

'Wow, they look amazing' Tommy whispered

'Did Kim just say Park' Aisha asked being hushed by the Oliver-Scott's little sister Renesemee and Adam-Andrew's little sister Hannah.

Soon after the audience fell silent, the 100 kids/teens appeared on stage depicting the Power Rangers (but in Jazz dancing mode).

'Wow' Jason whispered as Kimberly-Ann (who was the yellow ranger) had got kidnapped by Rito (who was played by Jaimiey (Rocky's old school friend) and Rita (who was played by Georgianna).

'She's really talented' Billy whispered

'Yeah, so is Adam-Andrew' David whispered

2 hours later and the recital was over and the kids were backstage and got changed back in their normal clothes when the real rangers communicators beeped

'We just need the toilet' the ten teens replied heading towards the unisex toilets

'Yes Zordon' Kim replied

'Rangers, I need you to teleport to the Command Center straight away' Zordon replies as the rangers teleported to what they called their second home

'Rangers, Master Vile has sent down another monster called Dreamer Teamer to attack the local football team.

'It's morphin time' Kim called out as Adam-Andrew split the teams into two to attack from the north and south.

'Adam-Andrew, this is not working any more ideas' Tommy asked completely forgetting Kimberly was the leader

'I haven't sorry' Adam-Andrew answered as Kimberly-Ann just stood there in disbelief at what she just heard

'Kim, have you got any more ideas' Aisha asked

'It's megazord time' Kim yells as the ten dinozords came together to create 2 megazords-Kim lead the one and Adam-Andrew lead the other.

'Hey, ready guys' Adam-Andrew and Kim replies as they all yelled yes.

Kim then instructed the two megazords to attack the monster from the north and the south

'Guys, any more ideas' Jason asked

'No, sorry' Adam-Andrew and Kim apologized as they battled using the megazords until they were to damaged to the point where they needed a long rest.

'Guys, I think it's time we let our zords rest and we used our weapons connected together to defeat this monster' Kim instructed as each ranger jumped from the two zords and landed on their feet when Kimberly-Ann started arguing with Tommy.

'Tommy, in case you haven't realized I'm the leader of the rangers not Adam-Andrew not Rocky, me' Kim shouted

'Well I prefer Adam-Andrew as the leader' Tommy shouted back

'Kimberly-Ann was picked as the leader of the rangers for specific reasons Tommy' Jason yelled getting involved

'Yeah Tommy, why can't you understand that Kim is the leader' Rocky shouted also getting involved, then one by one the rangers got involved in the argument

'Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi, dudes and dudettes in serious trouble, dudes and dudettes in trouble' Alpha replied seeing the argument taking place between the ten of them.

'Teleport them here immediately' Zordon replies as Alpha teleported the arguing teens to the center.

'Rangers, what is going on' Zordon asked as the rangers all yelled at once making Alpha overload his circuit board

'Whoa, dudes, dudettes, one at a time please' Alpha asked

Tommy, doesn't like the fact that I'm the leader, he said her preferred Adam-Andrew as leader' Kim began

'Tommy, you have come to realize that Kimberly-Ann will always be the leader until she quits or the rangers come to an end' Zordon told Tommy when Kimberly-Ann suggested that Tommy becomes a leader to see what it's like, when Tommy backed out after what Zordon said about why Kim was picked as the leader of the rangers.

'Kim, I'm sorry for all the trouble I have caused about you being the leader' Tommy apologized

'Actually Tommy, after much consideration, I have come to say that I would like to become fourth in command after her, Adam and Katharine' Kim replied making Tommy smile

'I would like that very much thank you' Tommy smiles when Jason laughed

'That's the first time I've heard Thomas say thank you' Jason-Lee laughed when the alarm went off

'Tommy want to do the honors' Kim replied looking at the globe

'It's morphin time' Tommy yelled smiling as the rangers morphed in to the rangers before teleporting to where the monster was destroying the city.

'Kimmy, what now' Tommy asked

'It's megazord time' Kim yelled answering his question but as only one megazord was undamaged Kim, chose five rangers to battle in the zord and the other five will battle using our weapons. Rocky, Katharine, Aisha, Tommy and Kimberly-Ann would use the weapons, while Zack, Trini, Billy, Jason and Adam will control the megazord

'Adam-Andrew are you ready' Kim yells so that Adam-Andrew could hear over the noise of the other rangers'

'Yeah Kimberly-Ann, I'm ready' Adam-Andrew yells back

'You aren't going to defeat me power brats' the monster boasts as the five rangers on the floor connected their weapons to attack the monster before the megazord finishes the monster before it was made big by Master Vile's kids Rita and Rito.

'Whoa, that is one big ugly monster' Rocky chuckled to himself

'You can say that again, in fact don't say that again' Kim chuckled as they defeated the monster without their megazord, shortly after they teleported to the Command Center where Zordon informs the rangers what he told Kimberly-Ann and Adam-Andrew a while back about the Zeo crystals and the Zeo powers.