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Third POV

Gotta go.. gotta go now.. Esz thought silently to herself.

She had to go before Chelsey came to her and make her give her money. Esz forgot to get her money today from her mom and she didn't want Chelsey taking something else from her.

Esz was just locking her locker and rushing around the corner when someone tripped her. She went down hard with her books and her necklace went flying. The people in the hall all laughed at her. She grimaced as she hit one of her bruises. Esz bites her lip to stop her screaming and gets up, gathering her stuff. Everyone was still laughing and no one helped her. Standing up, she was going to make a run for it but Chelsey stopped her.

"Where you goin' Jackson?" Chelsey smirked.

Esz looked at Chelsey with pure hate. "I need to go home. Leave me alone."

Chelsey walked towards her slowly. Every step on her shoe echoed throughout the hall. "Oh I would love to but see you still owe me money. Hand it over."

Esz blew a stray of her hair away from her face. "I owe you nothing, Bann. Shoo away."

Chelsey's eyebrow twitch and gave Esz an evil smile. "Well if you don't want to cooperate. I guess I'll keep this." She held out Esz's necklace and examining it. "Such a pretty thing. Don't know why you have it when you're not."

The other teens said, "Oooooooo..." Like they were watching a battle.

This time Esz smirked. "Well, last time I checked I had more real natural look while you're fake like a barbie doll that no one plays with anymore."

More people, "Oooooooooooooohhh."

The girl fumed. "That's it." Chelsey lunged at Esz and slammed her onto the lockers. Esz's head hit the locker with so much force that she almost passed out. In the process, Chelsey lost grip on the necklace and skidded out of the way. "How about the money?"

"Never," Esz croaked.

"Okay, then." Chelsey slammed her again against the lockers. "Tiff, bring me the trash." Tiff came over bringing a trash can that was full of gross stuff. Esz's eyes widened and try to scrambled away. "Worthless. Why do you even come to this school? It's for the wealthy and talented. Both of which you're not."

Too late, Nick and his cousins watch as the girl named Chelsey dump the trash on the Jackson girl. They were too much in shock to register this and stop it. They have never seen people cruel like this before. Okay, well they have but that's another story; plus this was just plain mean how they all ganged up on her.

"Humph," Chelsey squatted down to look at Esz with distaste. "Next time, like always, you should know what's good for you." She stood up and walked towards the band finally realizing that they were there.

"Oh my god!" Chelsey squealed. "It's the Possibles 3! What's up you guys?"

The three didn't respond to her and stared at Esz while she tried to clean herself from the trash. Kody glared daggers at Chelsey and the others. Nick kept staring at the victim. And Caleb kept looking around wondering where the teachers were. Finally they rushed at Esz with Kody pushing Chelsey aside a little.

"Do need some help?" Kody asked Esz gently while the guys started to clean up her stuff and the trash.

Esz found herself looking at Kody's face. She saw real kindness that she hasn't seen in a long time. But she decided not to accepted the help. This girl knew that it will cause even more problems if she started to get close to rockstars.

"No thanks," Esz said softly. With the help of the lockers' stickiness, she got up and grabbed her stuff that was laid next to her. Her hand went up to her neck and remembered her necklace was missing. Her eyes looked at the ground, searching frantically for her special necklace.

Chelsey laughed. "Why are you helping her? She doesn't belong here in this school. She'll never belong here with all the rich and talented." The evil girl held out her hand and there was the necklace of Esz's.

"Give it back," Esz grumbled.

"What was that? Sorry can't hear you with your messed up face."

"Or you're just deaf," Esz growled, "I said give it back."

"Oh sure, I'll give it back.. when you're dead."

Esz choked back a sob. She wanted to lash out but she contained herself and left the scene, fuming.

"Jackson!" Nick finally found his voice. "Wait!" Esz hesitated but then continued down the street towards Bubba's store.

"Good riddance!" Chelsey clapped. "You guys don't need to defend her. She already has one other loser, Prior I think, to be with her and that's all the friends she needs. Come join the better people that are on your level."

She was still holding Esz's necklace, glittering in the sunlight. Kody was baffled that Esz didn't accept her help and Nick tried to make sense of everything. Then there was Caleb, who walked right to Chelsey and snatched the necklace out of her hand. He grinned and said, "Yeah, I'll your club.."

Chelsey looked like she was going to faint. "Really?"

"Yeah, when pigs fly."

Kody cracked a smile and so did Nick. Caleb went after Esz with Kody and Nick following right behind him, leaving the others shocked.


Esz didn't take long to get to Triple B. She knew the route by heart already since she's been going there since she was about six years old. She had been wandering around after school because her dad and mom were out of the house and she didn't have a key to open the door.

Then she ran into Mark- literally ran into him. She wasn't looking where she was going and he came.

"Sorry mister," six-year-old Esz said.

He laughed. "That's alright. No harm done, right. And wow it's been a long time since some little kid called me 'mister'."

"Really?" she asked curiously. "Why?"

"Because them people think that I'm crazy- well besides Bubba- and- Oh and I guess some others like Tabitha and Eric and their group of people. Well then other believers would believe that I'm not lying either. I tell you that when the zombie apocalypse comes they'll be begging to us for help. And that's where all the supplies and knowledge me and Bubba keep will be useful. Oh and I suppose many kids will finally understand everything that we tell them. Anyways I got off topic, and yeah, so the parents would tell their children that we're crazy." He looked at Esz in the eyes. "Do you understand now?"

Esz shook her head, confused. "No, I don't mister."

"Well just think that I'm not crazy."


"So what are you doing out here all alone. You could get kidnapped by someone or worse: get killed."

"No one will care if I died," Esz said miserably. "I won't even care either."

The guy's eyes widened. He couldn't believe he was hearing this from a little girl. "Don't say that! What's your name kiddo?"

The little girl hesitated. You don't just give names just like that to a stranger that you've just met. But for some reason Esz felt like he could trust this man. She could hear the kindness in his voice that he would really care if she died. "I'm Esz Jackson," she said slowly. "And you?"

"Well I'm the one and only great Mark!" Mark said cheerfully. "Come on, I'll take to a music store that work in."

The little girl smiled and took the man's hand. There she met Bubba and saw all the crazy things that they did together. They taught her how to play the instruments and how to record her own songs. She had a great time there and decided to go there everyday after school.

Esz remembered these moments as she walked inside the store. Smiling, she greeted Bubba and Mark. "Hey guys. How's it going?"

"Esz!" Mark said cheerfully. "Good. Good. How about you?"

"I'm fine," she responded. "It's confirmed that the Possibles 3 is attending my school. They put on a show at school."

"But," Bubba said. "You got into a fight with them girls and the teen band was watching by chance."

Esz's shoulders dropped. "How do you know?"

"Girl, we've known you for a long time to know when you get into a fight," Bubba walked into the recording studio.

"Plus," Mark walked to the counter, grabbed a tissue, and handed it to Esz. "Your nose has started to bleed."

"Mann.." Esz walked into the recording studio and dropped her backpack off to wipe the blood. She then took out a piece of paper and skimmed through it. "Hey, I think I'm ready for the song. Will you guys record it?"

Before they responded, they heard the door opening by the bells. "Yeah we will. Just get ready while we go see who's here." Esz nodded and they closed the door behind them.


"Maybe she went in there," Nick suggested.

"Well we're not going to now if we just stand here," Kody said. She walks up to the store, looks around, and gasped. "Wow, this place is amazing."

The walls were painted different colors like some paint tornado had come over the night and painted the walls. In the walls were instruments that were in lines organized by their category. They were all grouped together from oldest to newest as well. In the middle was a huge bookshelf that was not filled with books but counter looked old but not that old and had a slogan that read: "We teach, we fix, and believe all your crazy stories about paranormal things."

The guys follow her in and they gasp too. "Yeah, a little old fashion but I like it," Caleb said. he examined all the instruments and whistled. "Cool, all them are in top condition."

Nick held one hand to his ear and tried to listen to the song that was playing. His eyes widened. "Hey, they're playing our song that we just sang earlier."

The other two cupped their ears and listened quietly. "Party up, Party up. (yeah)..."

"Awesome. Looks like we're welcomed here," Caleb laughed.

"Well of course you guys are welcomed here," a voice said from behind the curtain. The person that belonged to the voice came out with a skinny guy behind.

"It would be bad business if I just kick a famous teen band without hearing what they want to do in a music store when they already know how to play," the skinnier guy grinned.

"So brings you guys here in my shop," the fluffy guy asked.

The 3 stood still quiet. They didn't know how to respond to two people that we asking to explain themselves. The bigger man was over 6 feet tall and could easily be pointed out as a redneck. Or a mixture of redneck and Goth. His hair was short and black with a goatee to match it. At first he looked terrifying but the moment he opened his mouth with a thick Southern drawl that came out, he sounded less terrifying and more a like a giant fluffy panda. He looked like he was in his 40s as well. He wore a Dawn of the Dead T-shirt with a red flannel shirt over it, baggy blue jeans, a pair of Doc Martens that were decorated with red skulls.

The other guy was clearly younger. He was barely a head taller than them and probably only seven or eight years older than the teens. His hair was shaggy and light brown with bright green eyes. He could've been pretty but there was the matter of his squared jaw line. Also he apparently haven't shaved in a couple of days because the bead made him look a lot older. This guy had a build so light that made Nick and Caleb a little bit envied. He wore a camouflage shirt and short brown khakis with black Nikes shoes.

"Oh yeah, where are my manners? I'm Mark and this guy over here is Bubba." Mark introduced to them.

Finally Kody was the first one to regain her senses. "Hello. I'm Kody, and that's Nick, and that's Caleb." She jammed a thumb at the boys when she mentioned them.

"Yeah, so as for why we're here. We followed this girl named Jackson after a fight. She lost her necklace, but we got it back for her. Did she by any chance come here?" Nick explained as he showed Bubba and Mark the necklace.

The two glanced at each other. "Alright," Bubba said. "Follow me." He led them to the back room where they saw the girl in the recording place.