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Blaine had waited his whole life to find his soulmate.

He had waited patiently, watching his friends pair up, one by one, leaving him the last man standing alone.

He had been looking forever for Kurt.

And now, kneeling and shivering in ankle-deep snow, looking down at a boy completely frozen in ice, Blaine Anderson had found him.

Blaine wasn't sure the sound he made was completely human.

Some part of his brain registered that it had come from his own mouth, but most of his brain was too far gone to catch up and comprehend it.

Blaine felt his throat closing up with – what? Tears? He didn't feel tears. Were those tears on his cheeks? He felt himself losing control.

But he couldn't.

He couldn't break down now. Not with this beautiful creature – his beautiful creature, his soulmate, part of his brain supplied – wasting away in the snow.

So Blaine pulled himself together.

With a hand that was somehow shakier than before, he reached to feel Kurt's pulse at the neck. It seemed too intimate an action before, but now, nothing was too close. Now, there was nothing he wouldn't do to keep this boy safe, warm, and cherished. He had waited – oh, God, he had waited – to find Kurt. And how cruel it would be lose him now, to have found him already dead –

But he wasn't dead. Kurt's pulse was weak, but warm and there.

Blaine's own breath shuddered through a thankful sigh, one hand tightening to support Kurt's neck. He was alive.

Out of mixture of strength and desperation he didn't know he possessed, Blaine choked on a sob and wrapped his arms around the boy other boy, gathering the cold form close to his chest. With Kurt's head nestled into the crook of his shoulder, cold nose turned into his chest, and arms supporting him from under the knees and lower back, Blaine stood and lifted Kurt's weakened form up.

They began home.

Blaine walked the last block to his apartment that night with the most precious bundle he had ever held in his arms.

He clutched his soulmate's still form as tightly as he could to his chest, ignoring the fact that the boy was taller than him and should have been awkward to hold. Of course, Kurt was also extremely thin and malnourished, so the weight was hardly a problem.

They trudged through the snow as quickly as Blaine could bring them there.

When they were facing opposite Blaine's front door, Blaine was glancing down at Kurt in his arms. Some careful shifting of Kurt's weight allowed him to dig into his pocket for his keys.

Pressing it into the lock and clicking it open, Blaine stepped into the front room of his apartment with his soulmate for the first time.

The first thing Blaine noticed was that it was too cold.

Hadn't he put the heat on before he left? It was freezing in here! Kurt couldn't be in a cold home, not now or ever – Blaine was going to make sure of that.

He carried the boy to his living room, where he deposited him with the utmost care onto a sofa.

Glancing down at Kurt's face, as if he expected him to be something other than gorgeous and frozen and still, he saw the eyes still closed and lips tinged blue.

That prompted Blaine back to his feet and to the thermostat, where he adjusted the heat as high as it would go. Then, heading to the kitchen, he buzzed around in search of anything that would help his soulmate.

"Nick?" Blaine began into the telephone hesitantly. "I know you're probably asleep, but I really need medical information right now and you're the only doctor I know that would pick up in the middle of the night. But, I mean you haven't picked up and I'm leaving a message. I know that's probably because it's the middle of the night so you're probably not actually awake, but I figured since I saw you, just about an hour ago, maybe you were still up, but –"

"Hello?" Nick's voice sleepily cut Blaine's off. He had answered after all.

Blaine let out a sigh of relief, happy to be stopped from rambling. "Nick, thank goodness."

"Blaine?" Nick drowsily responded. Blaine could hear the rustling of sheets as his friend awoke completely. "What's wrong? It's the middle of the night."

Blaine could picture Nick rising, pulling on a robe, and tucking Jeff in tightly behind him in bed, making sure his soulmate didn't wake up. There were so many times he would have been jealous of just that – of being able to sense their love and caring for each other just through the phone. He had always wanted a soulmate he could take care of.

Well, he had gotten his wish.

"Nick, I need your help. I'm freaking out and falling apart, and I'm pretty sure I'm in shock. I haven't stopped shaking for the past five minutes, that means I'm in shock, right? I just can't really control myself and I don't know what to–"

"Blaine! Stop, what are you talking about?" Nick cried, now quite confused.

Blaine took a deep breath, steadying himself. "I found him, Nick."

He could hear his friend's sudden intake of breath and feel him starting now completely awake. "You found who?" Nick asked in a near reverent tone, needing to confirm it.

"Kurt. I found Kurt."

Blaine smiled into the telephone despite everything.

"Oh my God, Blaine! Congratulations, man! I'm so happy for you!" Nick cried, "We all knew you'd find him. Wait, but why the heck are you calling to talk to me instead of – "

"Nick!" He cried, desperation returning, "He's… I found him on the street, just lying in the snow. I carried him home." Blaine faltered, allowing the conversation to dampen substantially.

"Oh." It took a moment for that to sink in, "Oh my God, Blaine! Is he hurt? What was he doing on the street?"

"He…I think he's homeless." Blaine murmured.

At Nick's small intake of breath, Blaine knew his friend felt his pain. No one wanted to meet their soulmate in such shape – no one wanted to find the one they loved hurt. Blaine powered through his friend's sympathy. He had no time for sympathy, at least at the moment. Now, his thoughts were only of Kurt.

"I think he has hypothermia. I need you to help me diagnose him, figure out how best to help him. I don't know how long he was lying in the snow when I found him – when I first saw him I thought he was de– "

Blaine cut himself off, finding that suddenly tears had gathered again in his eyes again somehow. Without his permission, his voice had clogged up with emotion.

"Blaine, it's okay. I need you to breathe." Nick commanded, suddenly in doctor mode. This is why Blaine had called him – this is what he needed. Besides a medical opinion for Kurt, Nick had the same calming effect on Blaine that he had had since high school. It was the same he had once used to calm down Warbler rehearsals, and now used on his patients.

"Breathe." Nick instructed, "Now, tell me what you've done for him so far."

Blaine took a deep breath. "Well, I turned up the heat in my apartment. I took off all his wet outer layers, and then covered him up with warm blankets. And I got a bowl of hot water and a washcloth from the kitchen - I've been using them to warm his torso." he explained anxiously. "Was that right? Is that okay?"

Nick smiled at his friend's earnestness. Blaine had known what to do. From being the frontman of their choir in high school to the responsible adult he'd become, he had always managed well in tough situations.

"Yes, Blaine. You did great." Nick reassured, "Do you have a thermometer around? Depending on how his body temperature is doing, I can tell you if he needs to go to the hospital now or not."

As it turned out, Blaine did have a small thermometer in a first aid kit he kept in his medicine cabinet.

"It's… 93.5 right now." Blaine read off the thermometer screen.

"So just above mild hypothermia." Nick concluded, "If it was a couple degrees lower, I'd insist he go to the hospital."

Blaine tensed in his position seated over Kurt, twiddling the thermometer between anxious fingers as he gazed down at the face he was already learning by heart. He'd take Kurt to the hospital if he truly needed to go, of course. Yet, part of him selfishly hoped Kurt wouldn't have to: in a hospital, doctors and nurses would fuss over Kurt and kick Blaine out as soon as visiting hours were over. He wanted to hover over the boy for all of eternity, so at the very least the rest of the evening.

But thankfully, Nick understood. "Monitor his temperature and call me if it starts to go down – even slightly. Keep doing what you're doing and I think he should be fine with you. Call and check in with me in three hours."

Nick could feel Blaine's thankfulness through the phone. "Yes. Got it. Thank you, Nick, thank you so much," he choked out.

"No need to thank me," Nick countered, smiling and finding himself glancing through the door to the bedroom where his own love lay slumbering deeply. "I really am happy for you, man. He's going to be fine. And he's going to love you."

Blaine, overcome with emotions, choked through a laugh and smiled down at Kurt.

"I hope so. I'm already falling in love with him," he murmured as he brushed some stray hair off Kurt's forehead. The boy would have gorgeous eyes, Blaine was already certain. Only truly gorgeous eyes would be fit to match such a gorgeous being.

Nick chuckled. "Well, don't forget to call me in three hours, lover-boy."

"No, I won't," Blaine answered absently, already lost in stroking the porcelain skin of Kurt's cheek. Nick smiled knowingly as he hung up the phone, taking a moment to smile, reminiscent of his own early mating before slipping back into bed with his own beloved soulmate.

Blaine sat awake at Kurt's side for a long while after his call with Nick. He would not – could not fall asleep after such a day. He spent the time instead studying Kurt's face and warming his body with the washcloth and hot water. He spent the time cherishing the boy with all the love in his heart and promising silently to love him for all eternity. He would treasure this boy above all else: protect him from harm and chase away all his demons of days past. He would relish every moment with him and would stand with him for all of eternity.

But for now, he just had to wait for Kurt to wake up.

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