Cause, Baby, when it's love

If it's not rough it isn't fun

Like, oh, oh, oh

The night is buzzing with tension.

At least, that what she's going to make herself believe because it absolutely has nothing to do with the four Jagger Bombs she's basically poured down her throat since she got here (two shots of Jagger, hold the Monster). Or, you know, the half a dozen Jello Shots she's taken with Cat and Vega. Those totally don't count though, because she's making an effort with her friends and, like, bonding and shit.

Nothing says "friends forever" like nursing hangovers together.

She's sentimental like that.

Anyways, back to what matters.

They're in Andre's house because for once his crazy grandmother's not home. She's off in some kind of retreat with her church group or whatever, and of course, Andre was basically obligated to throw a party if he wants to maintain what little image of cool he has left. It doesn't matter how many songs he writes or sings; nobody's forgotten the fact that he was once dressed up as spaghetti singing to little kids about food. The video she posted on his Slap profile (with herself edited out, because, obviously that cannot be seen by anyone, ever) was a huge hit. Almost as much as her video of Trina's complete fail of a play.

But, she totally deserves it, because she still hasn't forgotten that the untalented gank doesn't waste a chance to be all over her ex. And, you know, it's not like she cares about what happens to Beck or who the Hell he dates because they're so over but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to stab Trina in the eye with her favorite pair of scissors every time she sees her.

It's the principle of the matter, really.

Jade also think it's kind of poetic how Beck was basically a wiener for that show and that maybe she should've taken the hint life was throwing her way and dumped him before she had to find out the hard way that he'd eventually just end up being a total dick.

See what she did there?

So, she's dancing with Andre because it's his party and he might be one of the only people she can tolerate at the moment. Ever since she and Beck broke up, she's found out that his best friend is apparently not as lame as she'd originally thought. Which is a great accomplishment by her measurement.

Sure, he has the tendency to like, stare at her sometimes and he's always trying to instill some kind of deep wisdom or some shit about how she should be nicer to people into her but whatever. She's not stupid, and she knows he likes her and that it's not really fair of her to sort of lead him on but come on, she's only a teenager and it's seriously like the first time in forever that a guy has the guts to take her out somewhere and treat her like she's special (even though they're never official dates).

And, okay, so she can totally tell that Beck gets all pissed off and broody when he finds out she went to lunch with Andre but she also knows that he told all the guys at school that even though they broke up, she was still off-limits to them. It's basically like him hanging a neon sign around her neck that says No Trespassing in bright, red letters and the idiots at school have the audacity to listen to him, leaving her dateless and about as high on that social ladder as Sinjin.

Plus, she still hasn't forgotten that whole incident where she had to watch him (crash and burn) trying to shove his tongue down Tori's throat.

So, if his feelings get a little hurt, like fuck it.

That's what he gets for being such a bitch.

It's the only sensible solution.

Speaking of which, she has this creepy-crawly sensation running up her spine as she dances and she just knows that he's watching her.

She's not sure when it developed, but it was probably somewhere between her falling stupidly in love with him and learning how to sneak away from her house so she could sleep over in his RV without her mother finding out. It avoided her a whole-lotta grief and that infamous sex talk that she was just not having with her 'you should wear a purity ring' preachingmother. Like, ever.

What can she say, she's just that talented.

The beat of the Ke$ha song that's being blasted through the impressive sound system gets louder and Jade decides that if he wants to be a creeper and stare at her, it's only polite to give him a good show. She's never one to underperform and she's most certainly not about to start now. And people said she didn't have any manners.

Well, look at her now.

Her hips move along to the music and she closes her eyes as she just feels it, giving herself over to its allure. She hears the audible gulp Andre passes besides her as she dances, but it's okay because she is pretty hot. Jade lifts her arms to rest her hands on his shoulders and his nervous fingers land on her hips, barely touching her and this is seriously annoying her because, really, that's all he's gonna do? She's just about to press her body closer to his when the music suddenly stops and everyone starts complaining over the buzz kill.

"Oh, man, I gotta go check this out," Andre groans, letting go completely of her and furrowing his brows as he tries to decipher what went wrong with his music system.

"It's fine, go fix," she relents, but she's not able to keep the annoyance out of her voice and it's so not because she was about to really make Beck shit a brick in the next five minutes. Really.

"Sorry," he apologizes, giving you a wry smile before leaving her alone on the dance floor. She stands there, awkwardly waiting for what feels like an eternity but what is in reality maybe like, two minutes when the music starts playing again. Gone are Ke$ha's catchy beats, replaced by the voice of the sexy beast that is Robin Thicke ( like, seriously, have you seen him?) His voice is enough to get her all hot and bothered and she would so drop her panties (God, she hates that word) for him in a second.

Just saying.

Jade's about to walk away when an arm wraps around her waist, holding her in a tight grip and pressing her back against a hard body and honestly, what the fuck? She doesn't even bother pretending she doesn't know who it is. Instead, she groans in frustration before raising her arm just enough to elbow him on the ribs, hard. He's expecting it though, so he grabs her before she can deliver the blow and holds her hand in his wrist, bringing it down to wrap around her body, successfully pinning her to him.

"What the hell do you want?" she snaps, feeling more than pissed off that he's so completely invading her personal space and shit, he doesn't get to touch her anymore so he needs to get the Hell away from her.

"What, I can't dance with a friend?"

He tries to sound innocent and shocked, but it comes out fake because even he's not that great of an actor to pull it off. "You and I are not friends, and you have five seconds to let me go before I start screaming," you warn him, completely intending to scream bloody murder.

His head leans down and you can feel his breath fanning your neck as he levels his mouth next to your ear and crap, because your body recognizes his and it's beginning to respond in ways it should definitely not be at the moment and does he really have to smell so fucking good? Like, really? "You're that scared of me?" he whispers, which is about as much of the equivalent of a cold bucket of water being thrown at her right now as possible. Her body tenses as anger runs through her and she can't believe she let Tori talk her out of bringing her scissors to this party because Beck deserves to be stabbed with them so much right now it's not even possible.

Maybe she had a point there.

"I'm not scared of you," she scoffs in disbelief.

"Prove it. Dance with me."

There's a challenge in his voice, a dare, and she knows that if she doesn't dance with him her pride will never let her forget it. "Fine. One song and then you leave me the fuck alone, understood?" She doesn't have to see his face to know he's grinning at his 'win'. That's fine. He wants to be an asshole, she can be a bitch right back. I mean, wasn't that one of the reason they broke up? Shouldn't he know just what he was dealing with by now?

She plans on fully taking advantage of her situation.

And so she starts to move.

Every swish of her hips is deliberate, carefully planned out to press against him as much as possible. His hands on her arms loosen their grip and she pulls them away completely, lifting them above her head to wrap around his neck. Her back is still pressed to his chest, facilitating his access to her body as his fingertips trace a path down her sides to land on her waist, firmly planting his hands on her and squeezing her hips with just enough pressure to send little shocks of pain right down there and fuck, she forgot he knew her body just as well as she knew his.

As much of an idiot as he is, he's actually fucking smart when it comes to figuring out her games. That's part of what kept them so hooked on each other, the challenge that each represented. That constant demand for dominance and the other's refusal to back down. It was that thin line that they always threated between giving in enough to get almost there, then backing down only to come back full force.

It's an art, really. And one they've been practicing and learning with each other since they were fourteen and fumbling in Beck's bedroom while he clumsily tried to figure out how to unhook her bra as fast as possible and then where to touch her to reap the greatest rewards.

And damn, he's a fast learner.

Jade feels as he quickly starts moving them towards the less illuminated area of the living room, flipping a corner and she's never been so thankful before in her life that the lights are basically off as she does in that moment. They're out of the sight of anyone who's not looking for them and in as much privacy as they can expect. Beck's hands continue their path down her body until they're caressing her bare legs, exposed by her pretty dress. Warmth floods through her body wherever his hands touch and it's most definitely time to change the tables because this is not what she had planned.

She turns in his arms, making sure to press her chest against him and she's about to go in for the kill when a shock runs through her and she can't stop the moan that escapes her lips.

Somehow, Beck's manage to sneak his hand up the skirt of her dress while she was distracted and he's touching her through her panties and fuck, nobody's touched her in months and her body's just craving his so much it hurts. Her arms tighten around his shoulders and she's fucking clinging to him as he works her body with practiced skill. His fingers slip under her underwear and she swears she's gonna blow and right now she can't be bothered to care about the fact that she should not be letting him do that.

His thumb massages the nub between her legs as he angles his fingers to hit the just the right spot inside of her. "It's okay, babe, I've got you. Just let go," he whispers in her ear as he takes her earlobe into his mouth and gently sucks on the tip. It's all it takes to have her shaking and throbbing around him as wave after wave of ecstasy washes through her body, making her go limp against him. She rests her head on his shoulder and absolutely hates the fact that she cannot stop panting like some kind of bitch in heat as his fingers softly play with her sex, drawing out the aftershocks of her over-sensitive skin.

"Fuck, your body's so responsive right now," he murmurs.

It takes Jade a couple of minutes to relax her body again, and then it's time to get back to business.

She presses her lips to the exposed skin of his throat and begins sucking on it, using her teeth to apply pressure and gently nip him. She's sure a hickey's going to be there tomorrow morning but whatever, serves to remind his skanks just who he belonges to. He flips them over, roughly pushing her up against the wall, thrusting his hips against hers and fuck that feels good. His hand grabs one of her legs and wraps it around his waist, and Jade lifts her other one and she can just feel him even more now.

She wants to laugh when she wonders what people would say if they walked in to Beck Oliver basically dry fucking her in his best friends living room, but she has more important things to do.

Her hand slides between their bodies to where they're connected and she's rubbing and tugging at him until he drops his head on her shoulder and tries to control his harsh breathing.

"Fuck, I've missed you so much," he groans, pressing his mouth against her jaw and trying to reach her lips for a kiss.


"Baby," she starts in a voice full of love and adoration, lifting one of her hands to run her fingers through his hair. He moans at the familiar gesture and she can't help the victorious smirk that forms on her face. "You should've thought of that before you tried to fuck Vega."

With that being said, she unwraps herself from his body and pushes him away from her, his mind and reflexes too dazed from the lack of contact to quickly understand just what's happening.

"You are never touching me again," she vows, before dropping her gaze and pointing to obvious bulge in his pants. "You might wanna take care of that before you rejoin the party," she points out, before pulling her dress down and smoothing over her hair. She sends a final smirk his way before turning around and rejoining the crowd.

Sure, the wetness between her legs is uncomfortable and all the pressing up against Beck left her all achy for him again but whatever, she's still going to walk away with her head held high because, you know what?

She's a fucking boss like that.

So, yeah. I'm new to this archive and here's my first try at writing Victorious stories.

I really hope you guys like it. There's a second part that goes with this fic which takes place following the events of this one, so drop me a review if you want it!