If it's love

And we decide that it's forever

No one else could do it better

The play is a success.

Which, everyone with even remotely half a brain already knew it would be, because, um, hello, she's the star.


And, like, Beck's not that bad of an addition either. For all his (oh, so many) personal lacks and faults, he's actually fucking talented when it comes to acting. Which is good, since, he's basically a dork at everything else. Jade could have sworn it felt like deja' vu being back onstage with him; almost like things were finally back to the way they were meant to be. They run in synch; each making sure to compliment the other for the ultimate result. Back in the beginning, and before Vega came along, this was how they worked. They learned to anticipate movements; cover for mistakes and connect in a way that left the audience breathless.

They were fucking flawless, if she may say so herself.

Which she totally does.

Now that she's made her point, time to get back to more pressing matters.

They're lying down in his miniscule bed and up to until fifteen minutes ago, they'd both been asleep. Jade had come over the previous night to watch horror flicks (he has to make up for the thirty-one he missed for Halloween) `with him because he really might be the only person in the world who could at least stomach them without crying like a bitch after the third person gets slaughtered (cough, Vega and Cat). Anyways, it turns out that Mother Nature finally remembered she had a freaking job to do and that it is November, causing a storm to pour down on them. Beck, being the gallant gentleman that he is, (note the sarcasm), refused to let her leave and drive home in their current weather.

As far as lame excuses go, that one takes the prize.

Something she was more than ready to point out to him, because she happens to be an amazing driver and she does not need someone fuzzing over her. But when she started telling him so, she catches this look on his face, like there's something inside of him that can't let her go tonight. She catches a glimpse of the boy she fell in love with; young and old and cocky and insecure all at the same time. And, because no matter how much she grows up and matures and changes or whatever, there's a part inside of her that will always love this stupid jerk, regardless of whether she's with him or not.

So, she stayed.

"I miss your long hair," he comments as his fingers, which had been wrapped around her waist, toy with the shortened locks. They're lying down with Jade facing away from him, her back pressed against his chest and Beck sighs into her shoulder. "Not that it's not pretty, it's just, not the same."

"I cut it off before we even broke up," she retorts, a mocking tone obvious in her voice. "You didn't say anything back then."

He shrugs, before dropping the lock of hair and instead begins to caress the edge of her shoulders, following a path down the side of her body. His fingers are shy, slow; testing the boundaries Jade set up for them as he traces the skin that's exposed where her (his) shirt ends. She was serious when she said she was going to make him work for her, and while she's made out with in the past four weeks since they've been back together, she hasn't let him anywhere near her pants. Like, she wasn't about to let him be an ass for months and then fuck her just because he decided he was finally going to be a decent boyfriend.

Girl's got to have her standards, you know?

A shiver runs through her when he slips his fingers under the fabric and runs them up and down her spine. Her back arches and her lips part as he applies more pressure, heat flooding her body wherever his touch lands. His lips connect with her neck and Jade angles her head sideways to give him more access. Like, you do not understand how much she loves when Beck kisses her neck. It's seriously freaking ridiculous. He shifts his body so he can reach her lips, and she turns so she's facing him again.

"I love you, you know?"

His voice is firm and sure, and Jade knows he wants her to say it back. She can't, though, because she can't put herself back there again. Sure, she knows it true, she can feel it, but she can't say it. It makes it too real, leaves her too vulnerable. So instead, she shows him. Jade cups his face in her hands, and pulls his head down towards hers. Her lips latch onto his and he's quick to respond. His mouth molds with hers and he pushes his body on top of hers, placing one of his knees between her legs, which unconsciously spread to nestle his body. Her fingers run through his hair and she doesn't know or care how long she's been kissing him when she feels something hard against her thigh.

Oh. Well looks who's excited to see her.

His hands are all over her, and she can feel her body responding to him, craving the sensations it knows he can provide. The fabric against her skin irritates her, blocks her from getting the contact she's growing desperate for. And, seriously, when the fuck did clothes gets so freaking uncomfortable? Jade sits up and pushes his body away from her, and the disappointment hasn't even had a chance to settle on Beck's face when he notices that she's pulling off her shirt, leaving her half naked in front of him. He smiles, pulls off his own shirt, and reattaches himself to her, practically mauling her. His lips travel over hers, down her neck, peppering kisses until he reaches her breasts. He runs his lips over her nipple, before he covers it with his mouth, using his tongue to cause all sorts of amazing torments. Jade digs her nails into his back, clawing at him when he nips at her.

She can't stop the moan that escapes her lips when she feels his hand slide between her legs, rubbing her through the thin layers of her remaining clothes. His hands move up and stop at her hips, and he lifts his head from her chest to look at her. "Can I?" he asks, tugging lightly at the bunched up material in his hands to emphasize his point. She can see the hopefulness in his eyes, the want, and she's not even aware she's nodding her head yet before Beck's pulling at her clothes, removing her shorts and underwear at the same time. He's staring at her like some kind of fucking perv, and Jade can't help but squirm under his gaze.

"You're absolutely gorgeous."

A different kind of pleasure floods through her. The kind that makes her want to smile a little brighter at the world; makes her feel a little lighter, a little happier.

She's so busy being fucking giddy about him calling her gorgeous, that she doesn't even notice how his head is moving down and oh. See, okay, when she said he was only talented at acting, she was lying. Sort of. Like, you do not understand. The boy is fucking gifted when it comes to going down on her, no pun intended. Like, he does not mess around when he's down there. And, maybe if he used his mouth to give her head when he pissed her off instead of being stupid and using it to bitch about her every time they argued, they wouldn't have broken up in the first place. Just saying.

Her legs wrap around his shoulders, pulling him closer when she feels him latch his lips onto her clit, softly sucking on it before he grazed his teeth over it, making her body pulse around him. Her hands form into fist around his bed sheets and she starts panting when he slips two fingers into her, and Jade can just fucking feel the smirk on his face. He always did love making her lose her composure. She can feel her climax building inside of her, and she's almost there when he pulls his fingers out and leaves her body alone and if he ever mentions it she will forever deny the fact that she fucking whimpered and cried out at that moment.

Beck stands up and pulls off his sweats and boxers faster than could be physically possible. In an instant, he's back on top of her, and Jade can feel his dick press against her. She spreads her legs for him, gripping onto his shoulders as he positions himself at her entrance. She hates the fact that she actually starts rubbing herself against him like a horny slut, but absolutes loves the way he feels against her sensitive clit and the way her nerves respond to the stimulation, making the pleasure spread all the way to her toes. He grinds himself against her for a few moments, before finally slipping inside of her.

She's ready and wet and so fucking tight from so many months without being touched, that Beck has to remind himself to slow down so her body can readjust to having him inside. He groans at the sensation of being one with her, and stays perfectly still until he feels Jade start to softly thrust her hips against his, looking for release. Her legs wrap around his waist and he leans his head down so he can kiss her.

It's passionate and raw and he just wants to make sure he knows he wants her, only her. He wants her to know how much he missed her and how much he loves her. And, more than anything, he wants her to understand that he's not using her, that he would never do that to her.

They set a rhythm together, their bodies in synch and Jade feels like she's on fire. With each thrust of his hips against hers, she can feel her release building, creeping up on her to the point where she can taste it. All she needs are a few more pumps and she'll finish.

"Tell me you love me."

The words whispered against her lips break through her sexual haze and she snaps her eyes open. Beck's looking at her with expectation clearly written on his face, and he thrusts inside of her a little harder, to reinforce his demand.

"Tell me you love me," he repeats, before he stops moving his hips and stays still inside of her. Panic and frustration fill her as she tries to move her hips, clings her arms around him to give herself some leverage as she tries to reach her release so she can push him away. She groans when he untangles her arms and pins them to her sides on the bed, effectively immobilizing her, forcing her to face him.

"You want to finish, babe, then tell me," he prompts, thrusting his hips against her once in motivation. His voice is cocky and so self-confident that Jade wants to punch the smile off his fucking pretty face. It's when she flat-out refuses to budge that his smile falters, and worry enters his eyes. For the first time, Beck Oliver thinks that maybe Jade West really doesn't love him anymore, regardless of their current activities.

"Do you still love me?" he whispers, his eyes locking with hers and look at that, he's actually vulnerable for once. Jade can sense the sincerity in his voice, the worry; so she lifts her hand to rest on his cheek and he instantly leans his head towards the touch.

"I love you, you idiot," she whispers back, and the smile that spread on his face makes him look so fucking happy that she can't stop the smile that spreads across her own face. You know, right until he starts moving inside of her again and that smile switches into an O form as she relishes in the pleasure running through her. It's not long before she's finally there, and oh, fuck, that felt amazing. Beck's not far behind, finishing after a couple of quicker, harder, thrusts inside of her.

He relaxes on top of her, taking a few minutes to settle his breathing before he carefully slips out of her and lays down beside her instead. He arm wraps itself around her waist, pulling her towards his body and Jade snuggles closer to him, enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

"I really do love you, you know?"

"I know," Beck answers as he runs his hands up and down her shoulders, touching her because he wanted to and because he can. "Babe, it doesn't matter what stupid thing I do, don't ever, ever doubt that I love you."

"God, Beck, I will as long as you don't use 'ever' twice, ever again. Like, ever," she teases, her tone light and relaxed.

"I'm trying to be deep here!" he complains, tickling her ribs to get her to listen to him.

"Yeah, well, you sound like a Taylor Swift song. I can't take you seriously if I'm half expecting you to bust out singing 'You Belong With Me' at any given second. Seriously, if I knew you getting laid was going to turn you into a such a sap, I would've left you celibate for the rest of your life."

"Oh, really? Well, lets test out that theory and see how much of a sap I am after another round."

"Give it your best shot, Oliver."

Which, he totally did. Not that she was complaining or anything, like, seriously.

I feel like I'm corrupting all of you.

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