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Ch.1 Welcome to Carrington

Two crime families. The Joneses and the Evans. They ran the large metropolis of Carrington, Ohio, also known as the New York City of the Midwest. The hatred between the families went far back and spanned several generations. A constant battle for dominance between them throughout the years. The old hatred grew to new disdain as fathers told their sons of the rivalry. Hatred ran deep in their blood and even deeper in their hearts.

It was late at night when it happened. Azimio and Karofsky were spending their night walking around the streets of Carrington, trying to pick up women.

"All I'm saying is, that if I can get a mami with a nice ass, I'd be good," Azimio said, laughing with his best friend.

"Yeah sure," Karofsky chuckled.

"Seriously. Especially if she's from this side of town. All I gotta say is 'hey baby, take a look at this," he said, flashing his gun. "And they I tell her how many of Jones men I took out with this shit. Easy as that."

"Except when you tell her you haven't taken any of his men out. We all know Puckerman would have laid us out if we tried," Karofsky said. A group of 3 women walked past them.

"Puckerman is a pussy," Azimio said. "He's a kid running around with a big gun, talking too much. He ain't shit!"

The girls giggled as they turned around to look at Azimio and Karofsky.

"Lemme get their number," Azimio said, turning to nod his head at them.

"No," Karofsky said, stopping him.

"What? Look Karofsky, I get that you like the dick but come on, I'm trying to get some," he said.

"No, I mean don't hit on them. They're Jones' girls. I mean don't they just scream east side trash."

"I don't give a fuck what they scream, as long as I can fuck them, I'm good. Hell I'd even fuck them in front of Jones! And Puckerman too!"

"Azimio man, shut up!" Karofsky warned. 2 men walked past them, giving them stiff looks. "Those are some of Jones men now."

"I. Don't. Give. A. Fuck." Azimio said confidently.

"Fine," Karofsky said, crossing his arms. "Go get yourself killed."

"Karofsky stop being a little bitch man! Watch this," he said, walking over to the menacing men.

"Azimio, what the hell are you doing?" Karofsky whisper yelled. It was too late. Azimio made his way over to the men and lifted his shirt up, flashing his weapon. The two men noticed.

"You flashing that at us?" Matt, the taller one asked.

"Nah man," Azimio said, shaking his head. "I'm just fixing my shirt."

"D'you hear this bullshit J.B.I?" Matt asked.

"Yeah I hear it," the shorter man with glasses and a Jew fro said.

"Look, I said I didn't flash my piece okay," Azimio said.

"Azimio, let's just go," Karofsky said, pulling Azimio away. Matt laughed heartily.

"Is that your girlfriend?" Matt asked. "Yeah, take him away. I wouldn't want him to get hurt."

Azimio pushed Karofsky off of him and took a step closer to Matt. He was inches from his face.

"What the fuck did you just say?" he asked.

"I said I wouldn't want you to get hur-" before the words could get out of Matt's mouth, Azimio had tackled him to the floor. Punches were being thrown as Karofsky tried to pull the two men apart. J.B.I. Joined in as well but began to hit Karofsky.

"Argh!" someone yelled out as a fist connected with a face. The four men were in a giant fighting ball, hitting and kicking one another. Matt squatted over Azimio as he kicked him roughly in the side.

"I guess Evans is hiring a bunch of little bitches now huh?" He kicked him again but this time instead of taking the hit, Azimio reached into his pants and pulled his gun out, firing one shot into Matt's chest. Someone nearby screamed and people from outside the club began to disperse. More gunshots sounded as J.B.I. And Karofsky pulled out their weapons. J.B.I , Azimio and Karofsky exchanged gunfire with one another, resulting in all 4 lying dead on the street.

Detective Sylvester walked onto the crime scene, a disgusted look drawn on her face. She had just gotten off the phone with Mayor Schuester and received yet another lashing about these crime wars. Sue had been a detective for Carrington Police Department for 20 years and not a day went by when she didn't have to worry about a war going on between the Evans and the Joneses.

"What have you got Becky?" Sue asked the coroner who was covering the bodies up.

"4 males. 2 African American, 2 Caucasian. They've been identified as Matt Rutherford and Jacob Ben Israel, who work for Jones, and Roger Azimio and David Karofsky who work for Evans."

"How do you know?" Sue asked.

"Witnesses," Becky said rising up. Sue nodded her head and made her way to the crowd of people but Becky stopped her. "Don't bother going to ask them to testify or anything against Jones and Evans. They just helped me out. The witness said it started out as a pissing contest in which they all lost." Becky and Sue walked under the crime tape. Sue sighed heavily, obviously frustrated.

"The mayor called again. He's sick of this war they have going on and personally so am I. If I have to put one more woman's son in the morgue or jail, I think I might lose it Becky."

"I get it Sue... it's tough. Unfortunately Jones and Evans are two tough men. Nothing is gonna stop them from fighting like this."

"Yeah... and especially since I heard that Jones has it in with the same Mexican Cartel Evans has been itching for. Something has to make these two ego driven men stop this fighting."

Becky shrugged and pulled her rubber gloves off.

"This war goes all the way back, Sue. My grandmother used to tell me the story. It's generations long hatred. It wont change overnight," Becky said.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Sue sighed. "See ya back at the station Becky."

Sue got into her squad car and made the short drive back to the police station. As soon as Sue stepped foot into the office, her name was called.

"Detective Sylvester, my office." Sue groaned loudly and entered her captain, Figgin's office.

"Yes sir," she said.

"I'd like you to meet David Martinez. He's your new partner," Figgins said, sitting in his seat.

"But sir... I thought we agreed no partners," Sue said.

"You agreed to that Sue. I didn't," Figgins looked down at the paperwork on his desk. "Have fun."

Sue tried to keep her anger under control as she walked out of the office. She could already tell that David was a wide eyed newbie and to be honest, Sue didn't need a newbie. They slowed her down.

"It's really an honor to be working with you," David said. Sue turned around to look at the handsome man.

"Okay, I only have one rule, do not, and I repeat do not under any circumstances try to grab coffee with me like we're buddies. I don't want to be friends with you so don't try. Any questions?" she asked.

David nodded his head. "Yeah... what are you working on?"

"A quadruple homicide. They killed one another so there isn't much to do except for paperwork."

"We aren't going to investigate?" David asked.

"They're apart of the mob war that's plaguing this city so no, we aren't going to investigate," she said.

"Mob war?" David wondered.

Sue chuckled. "You have no idea what is going on in this city do you? Well then Martinez, welcome to Carrington," she said, tossing a file full of papers onto his desk.

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