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Ch. 20 Always and Forever

Five Years Later

The door buzzed and opened with a loud clink. Reggie shuffled into the small room, his orange jumpsuit bunching up at the ankles. He'd gotten older in the past five years of his 20 year sentence. His face was more wrinkled, and his hair far whiter than it was all those years ago but it made him seem that much more wise. And to some degree, he was wiser. He should have known his daughter would throw herself into his lifestyle one way or another. He wanted her to marry a clean, straight guy, who was good to the bone but she'd fallen for the opposite. Their enemy. His enemy.

He positioned himself in the uncomfortable metal chair and glared and looked around the busy room as other inmates were visited by family and loved ones. Reggie bounced his leg nervously, wondering where they were. They always came on time, every month but this time, they were late. He looked up smiling when he saw her approach the table. She looked just like her mother. Same cheekbones, same full lips. She was the spitting image of her. But her eyes were different.

"Hey baby girl," he said, his voice gruff.

She smiled a toothy grin and struggled to sit down in her mother's lap.

"Hi Grampaw," she said, bringing her fingers to her mouth.

"Baby, stop," her mother warned, forcing her fingers out of her mouth. "She's always doing that. Hi Daddy."

Reggie smiled gently looking into his daughter's face. "Hey baby. She's getting bigger."

Mercy nodded, running her hand over the little girl's wild brown locks. "She is. She starts school in a few months."

"Already?" Reggie laughed. "You're getting old aren't you Mariah?"

"Unh huh," she nodded, slapping her hand on the table, distracted.

Mercy smiled, starting to bounce her leg. "Can you tell Grandpa how old you're gonna be?"

"Umm, five."

"Good job," Mercy praised her, looking back up at her father. "So how are you doing?"

"Good as can be expected," he said with a sigh, he glanced down at Mariah. "We got a new inmate about a week ago. A familiar face in fact. None other than Dwight."

Mercy nodded, handing her daughter her cell phone to distract her. "We didn't know he'd be placed here. But they prosecuted him in Carrington so they thought it only fit that he go to prison here."

"How long does he have?" Reggie asked.

"With everything they found in his house and in his financials, he's probably not gonna see outside of these walls ever again."

He nodded slowly, taking in the information. "Was it true what they said about him going on the run after I got A-R-R-E-S-T-E-D?"

Mercy nodded. "Yeah, it's true. They caught him just outside of San Antonio, Texas."

"Did he know that his own people turned on him?"

"I don't think so. But you're gonna have to ask him."

Reggie chuckled. "Like that's happening. One more question."

"Daddy," she groaned. "No more Dwight questions."

"Last one," he said, cutting his eyes to Mariah. "Does he know he has a granddaughter?"

Mercy sighed, pushing her bangs out of her eyes. "No."

Reggie smirked to himself. "He's gonna find out that he and I share a bloodline eventually."

"Not now. It was a struggle for me to even tell you since you S-H-O-T her F-A-T-H-E-R," she spelled out.

"I wont apologize for doing what I thought was right at the time Mercy. I would have killed for you baby girl. I still will."

She nodded curtly and ran a loving hand over her daughter's head. "And that's why he isn't here with us right now." Her words came out bitter and even though it was five years ago, and she had a daughter that sprung from her greatest love, she still couldn't get over the fact that her father had shot Sam. Accidental or not, it had scarred her.

"I wish I could have protected you honey," Reggie said with a sad sigh. "The way you protect her."

Mercy nodded. "She wont grow up knowing the way I did Dad. She wont know about either side of her families pasts. She wont know why you're in here and she wont know why Dwight is in here. All she'll know is that she's loved by a lot of people."

Reggie shook his head. It was the only thing he'd ever wanted for Mercy. To grow up the way her daughter was being raised now. Protected and away from the life that had pulled him in.

"We've gotta go," Mercy said, standing and lifting Mariah into her arms. "We'll see you next month?"

"Of course. I love you baby girl."

"Love you too Daddy."

Dwight glared his eyes at the man across the table, sucking his teeth. If it weren't for the chains holding him back, he'd beat him until there was nothing left.

"I told you I didn't want to see any rats. Especially not ones who sell me out for their own plea bargain to escape a murder charge."

"No matter what you think, I did the right thing for me and my family."

"I am your family," he snapped, staring at him. "I'm your family, not them."

"I got shot Pops," Sam said with a grimace. "I almost died. Hell, I did die. And you were no where to be found. You left town."

Dwight sat back in his seat. "If they were going to get Reggie, it was only bound to happen that I'd be next. I did what needed to be done."

"And what about Stacey and Stevie? And Mom?"

"They would have been better off," Dwight answered quickly.

Sam scoffed. "Well they weren't. Mom lost it, almost had a mental breakdown because you left! How could you leave your children behind and not care what happened to them?"

"I left you behind, didn't I?" he spoke through gritted teeth. "I figure if I got back and you were dead, I'd have one less child to deal with."

Sam stared at his father with hurt eyes and stood from his chair. "I don't know why I came here."
"I don't know why either. You already sold me out Son, what else do you want from me?"

Sam turned around and shook his head. "I'm not your son. You made that very clear." He licked his lips before continuing. "Have a nice life Dwight."

Dwight stood to his feet, as Sam turned his back on him and walked towards the door of the small room. "Dont you turn your back on me! Look at me you coward!" The correctional officers went to either side of him, attempting to calm him down as the metal gate shut firmly behind Sam.

"Can I have juice?" Mariah asked, bouncing on her parents' bed, her fingers in her mouth.

Mercy looked up, from her spot by the dresser and shook her head. "No sweetie, it's almost time for bed. And stop jumping on the bed."

Mariah stopped and flopped down with a soft thud, nibbling on her fingers. "Pleeaase?"

"No. Now come on so I can tuck you in. And take your fingers out of your mouth before I put hot sauce on them."

She took her daughter's hand, smirking as the little girl pouted. "But I want Daddy to tuck me in."

Mercy frowned, opening the door to her daughter's room. "Well I'm tucking you in tonight. Tomorrow can be Daddy's turn."

"But Daddy sings the song to keep the monsters away." Mariah climbed into her bed, grabbing her bunny to clutch it. "And you dont know the song."

"I'll threaten them with spinach," Mercy smiled, lifting the covers for Mariah to get in.

She scooted underneath, smiling a nearly toothless grin and snuggled into her pillow. "Mommy?"


"How come Grampaw is in that big place?" she asked with big, innocent hazel eyes.

Mercy sat on the side of the bed and lovingly stroked one of Mariah's braids on the side of her head. "I told you why honey. He's done some bad things."

"Is he ever gonna be able to spend the night here?"

"Not until you're much older sweetie. Now no more questions okay. I love you."

"Love you too. And tell Daddy I love him too even though he isn't tucking me in."

Mercy chuckled standing up. "I will. You want your night-light on?"

"No... Grampaw said I'm a big girl so I'm gonna sleep with it off."

"Okay." Mercy turned the light off and cracked the door to Mariah's room, walking down the hallway to her own. She changed into her pajamas and went to lean against the door frame of her bathroom just as the shower went off.

Sam pulled the curtain aside and reached for his towel, wrapping it around his waist.

"Remember when you used to like being naked?" Mercy smirked.

"That's before I got this hideous scar," he said, glancing down at the one inch scar that was right over his ribs. It was a reminder of that night when his life had changed. When both of their lives had changed. "Not to mention, I'm not exactly 23 anymore."

"I think you still look hot."

He chuckled, running fingers through his dripping blond hair. "Yeah, well you're my wife, you've gotta say that."

She laughed softly and pushed herself from the door frame, going to sit on the bathroom counter as he got dressed. "You didn't talk the entire ride home."

"Neither did you. You realize we have a chatter box for a kid, right?" he joked. But Mercy wasn't falling for it.

"Sam," she looked at him, still serious. "What's wrong?"

He gulped, getting into his boxers and then his sweat pants. "Nothing... I just.." he trailed off.

"You just what?"

He lifted his towel to dry his hair but stopped, sighing deeply. "I guess I didn't realize just how much my father didn't care until today. I could've died and he just... Didnt care."

"I'm sorry," she said, reaching to stroke his arm.

"It's not your fault," he mumbled, looking at himself in the mirror. "He didn't even ask about Stacey or Stevie. You'd think the man would want to know that his daughter is about to graduate from college or that his son is in the Navy. And I just keep thinking about all the things we've lost because of him and Reggie... Santana wont even speak to you anymore. And Kurt... He's still heart-broken and it's my fault."

Mercy hopped off the counter and cupped his face, forcing him to look at her. "You know Kurt doesnt blame you for what happened to Puck, right? Just like I don't blame you. And sure, Santana hates me but I still have Kurt and Tina and that's something. And you've got Artie, as weird as that is."

Sam nodded. "I know but I feel like you gave up so much. Like we had to give up so much."

"But we gained so much more. I'm happy. Happier than I was back in Carrington. Happier than I've ever been. We have a beautiful home, a chatterbox for a daughter and each other. We got our happy ending there were just a few bumps in the road."

He closed his eyes, placing his hands over hers. "You're right." He opened his eyes and stared at her before breaking into a bright smile. "I love you. Always and forever."

"Always and forever," she repeated, just as he bent down and kissed her.

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