My name is Luka Megurine, a new student going to Vocaloid High. It's a new beginning for both me and the school. I'm a well-known delinquent, causing trouble everywhere I go. Not that I'm boasting, but I've sent over 50 people into hospitals because of the fights I get into either at school, gangs, or on the streets. I'm already expelled from 6 different schools. But who cares? All I've got for school is a bad attitude and low grades anyway. So I guess this uniform won't last long. It's such a pity, though. I actually like this uniform. But it needs a little adjustment.

"Oomph! Watch where you're going, will you?" I glared at the goof who bumped into me and shouted. At first, the guy was going to swing his fist at me, but once he looked clearly at my face he widened his eyes. "I'm so-so-sorry Miss Luka! Please don't kill me!" I sighed and walked into the campus of Vocaloid High. The guy was someone I've beaten up in the gangs. I pulled my hoodie (yes, hoodie, that I've sewn on after I ripped off the collar) a bit lower and covered half of my bangs.

As I walked to the building that had a hanging banner with the words "Welcome to Vocaloid High, new students!" I noticed that there were all students that were all high and classy. But that's going to change. There were a lot of people here, and a few seemed to be teen celebrities I saw on TV. I got my schedule from a lady at the front desk with a too-fake smile pasted on her face. I looked at my schedule and widened my eyes. Seriously, what the hell was wrong with this school? There were music and singing classes every single day! I guess I'll have to live with it.

I got to my first class, Band. The classroom was even bigger than my own room! There were all kinds of instruments lying around in different sections, from electric guitars to harps. As I opened the door, the teacher, who looked like she was in her early thirties, eyed me suspiciously and then smirked. "Class, please welcome Miss Megurine," the woman said in a shrilly voice. As the class clapped half-heartedly, the woman, again in her shrilly voice, said, "Miss Luka Megurine, I sincerely hope you won't cause any trouble this time and get expelled. One disruption from you equals a trip to the principal's office, you hear that?" The class widened their eyes, and then started whispering to each other, "Oh my god, that is the Luka Megurine? No wonder her uniform looks different. We're gonna have to pray to survive the rest of the school year!" A long "NOOOOO!" ended their conversations. I rolled my eyes and went to the far back of the classroom and plopped down in an empty seat. I started to doze off, because that woman was hypnotizing me with lectures about students should respect their teachers, blah blah blah.

BAM! The shrilly woman banged her book on my desk and my eyes flew open. I growled. I was just in a good dream with me beating her up. "Miss Megurine, would you be so kind and play the guitar for us?" she smirked, probably thinking that I couldn't play it. If she thought all I knew was how to knock the lights out of someone, then she's wrong. I can play the electric guitar, drums, and the violin. As I picked up the guitar and put the strap over my shoulder, the whole class's eyes were on me. I took a deep breath and started to sing.