It was like an ordinary day well as normal as it gets for the Tennyson cousins and they're friends. They sat there laughing and drinking smoothie's in the same spot they approach after every battle.

'Mr. Smoothie's' a sign post read with a one story store and car park adjacent to it. It seemed so desolate for a Saturday afternoon but for them it was great. No fans, No paparazzi no nothing but each other's company.

"How bout another round?" an Asian American's voice rung out. She sat next to the notorious Kevin Levin. "Na I'm good, couldn't drink another of these…. Things" Kevin answered the girl as he threw his smoothie on the ground concealing the unnatural green liquid. "Gwen you want one?" she asked her. "I'm good" she replied chuckling as Ben tickled her. The brown- eyed boy just stared at the couple with no emotion shown on his face. "I'll take an apricot and chocolate Julie" Ben giggled to her as she smiled and walked off.

"Ben?" Kevin called out to his friend and team-mate. "huh… oh what?" he answered as Kevin stared daggers towards him while Gwen continued to giggle. "hands off" he mimed as a smile approached Ben's lips.

"Guys" Julie came back over with Ben's smoothie, placing it down while staring at her phone. "I have to get going, its nearly dark and I'm still grounded," she said in sincere voice. "I'm sorry" her eyes turned to a puppy look. "I'll see you guys later" she told them as Gwen nudged Ben. "oh right. Um Julie do you want a lift home?" Ben asked. "that would be nice" accepting his off. "Great Kevin can you give Julie a lift home" he sipped his smoothie. "nice try Tennyson" he threw Ben his keys as Ben rolled his eyes. "fine" he sighed getting up but leaning over Gwen before he left. "meet me at my house later" he whispered into the redheads ear.

"K see you in an hour" she whispered back as he gave him a hug.

(if anyones wondering Ben and Gwen are not a couple yet but they do like each other. Ben and Julie are 'dating' and Gwen and Kevin are dating each other too)

Kevin watched intently as his eyes slit. Gwen never smiles like that when he hugs her. Gwen noted this and looked over to him. "Kevin is something wrong?" she looked towards him innocently. "Kevin's just jealous cause he's not getting hugged" Ben snickered as Gwen slapped him playfully. "shut it Tennyson" Kevin hissed. "no need to get snappy" Ben chuckled then walked off with Julie.

"So" Gwen began looking up at Kevin as his eyes made a slit signalling that he wasn't happy. "sorry" she apologised for a reason unknown. Suddenly a bleep came from Kevin's phone. He took it out and stared at it then pressed a few buttons then placed it back down into his pocket. Gwen stared with curiosity of what it might be. "KoJo's out again" Kevin said as he looked towards his girlfriend with a hint. "ohhh" she groaned noting the 'come with me' look. "fine just let me text Ben" she said as she pulled out her phone and texted him but stopped as soon as Kevin snatched her phone out of her hands. "hey" Gwen complained. "Why do you need to text him anyway we'll be an hour anyway may be less" he told her as she rolled her eyes. "I know but-" she began.

"but what it not a big deal your cousins you'll see him when you see him he told her. "ok fine but can I have my phone back now" she placed her hand out signalling for him to place it in her hands. "na I think I'll keep it for a while" he chuckled as he placed it in his back pocket and began to walk off. "Kevin!" she complained as he got into his car. "Common lets go" he told her making her get into the car.

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