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Warnings: Abuse, dub-con, attempted non-con, violence

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Try Me

Kurt's eyes came open abruptly. Something had woke him up. Looking around his small dorm room, he realized one of his boots had come flying at the bed. Just as he was going to scoop the boot up, the other came flying, this time hitting him in the hand as he was reaching.

"Get your ass out of bed. Don't want to be late!" his boyfriend said.

"I'm up," Kurt quickly called out. He got up and put the boots safely in his closet, reminding himself not to leave possible projectiles out in the open.

He had showered the night before so he dressed quickly and spent a scant five minutes on his hair. Hurrying out of the bathroom he went into the kitchen and started the coffee.

"What, no kiss for your boyfriend?"

Kurt smiled weakly and walked to him, stepping between his legs as he sat at the table and offering his lips. His boyfriend bit his lip before sliding his tongue into Kurt's mouth roughly. Kurt could tell that he hadn't brushed his teeth this morning, but made no comment.

"That's better. Get me some coffee," his boyfriend said, slapping him hard on the ass.

"Okay, David," Kurt murmured, hurrying and preparing a to-go mug of hot coffee, used to David getting all of the coffee in the morning. He'd just have to stop off somewhere else. There was no time to enjoy a brewed cup at this point. Bringing it back, he handed it to him, looking down.

David Karofsky gave his boyfriend a once over. "Jesus, Kurt, can't you wear anything normal? I guess at least this way people will notice you're even there." He grabbed Kurt's chin and lifted it up. Dropping it abruptly, he growled at him. "Get those covered up before you leave."

"Of course. Have a good day, David," Kurt said, counting the seconds until there would be silence in his room.

"I'll have a good day just because I'm not you. You're lucky I love you because there isn't anyone else on this earth that could put up with you or that face of yours," David said, heading toward the door.

"I know I'm very lucky. Thank you, David," Kurt replied as he knew was expected of him.

"I'd say you're welcome, but you're not. See you after classes," he said and slammed the door behind him.

Kurt's entire body sagged in relief. Hurrying over, he turned the deadbolt just in case David came back. He'd think Kurt had already left and leave him alone. It had been his one smart move to not give David a key to the dorm room.

David was right, though, he had to cover his neck up. Flipping the radio on in the bathroom, he inspected the pale skin. The song was an old Alanis Morissette hit and ironically, it hit home a little too hard. He sang along quietly as he dabbed make-up along the bruises on his throat. Most boyfriends would be covering up hickeys or love bites. Kurt was covering up finger marks from David grabbing him and lifting him by his throat when Kurt had been late coming home the day before. David hated waiting in the hallway.

What's the matter Mary Jane, you had a hard day

As you place the don't disturb sign on the door

You lost your place in line again, what a pity

You never seem to want to dance anymore

It's a long way down

On this roller coaster

The last chance streetcar

Went off the track

And you're on it

I hear you're counting sheep again Mary Jane

What's the point of trying to dream anymore

I hear you're losing weight again Mary Jane

Do you ever wonder who you're losing it for

Well it's full speed baby

In the wrong direction

There's a few more bruises

If that's the way

You insist on heading

Please be honest Mary Jane

Are you happy

Please don't censor your tears

You're the sweet crusader

And you're on your way

You're the last great innocent

And that's why I love you

So take this moment Mary Jane and be selfish

Worry not about the cars that go by

All that matters Mary Jane is your freedom

Keep warm my dear, keep dry

Tell me

Tell me

What's the matter Mary Jane...

He did his best with the products he had, but he knew it wasn't enough. Going to his closet, he found a lightweight scarf and tied it artfully around his neck. It was June, almost the end of the semester and the beginning of summer break. Nobody was going to buy that he was so cold he needed a scarf. After he'd started dating David, he'd started collecting all shapes, sizes, and weights of scarves just for this kind of occasion, sad as it was.

Sad, that was his life, he thought as he grabbed his bag and the fabric swatches he'd been going through for his final project in textiles. Heading out the door, he couldn't wait to get to class. He may be ugly and invisible, but according to his professor's, he had real promise. A chance at being a real designer, making a name for himself. Then, when he was able to be someone, then he would please David and he would finally be proud to be in public with Kurt. He just wish he wasn't such a screw up, always making David mad.

Kurt was a junior at NYU in their fashion design program. He had a perfect grade point average, attendance record, and he was on the Dean's List. Still, he was a nobody. He only had Mercedes and Rachel as friends, but at this stage in his life, he was so grateful for their presence in his life, he could cry. They were his only true friends, the two people who knew him inside and out. More so than David, even. Mercedes was at NYU with Kurt and Rachel was at NYADA. They got together at least three times per week if not more. Long ago the girls had worn out their arguments about Kurt's relationship. They'd tried to convince him to leave David, but Kurt had finally gotten them to realize he was happy where he was. David loved him and was trying to make him a better person. He was the only boy to ever have shown him attention and he was so very lucky. David had gotten a football scholarship and was a star on the team. Though Kurt wasn't allowed near him during school hours or at social events now, he knew that someday David would want to show Kurt off to his friends. If he could get his act together. He hurried toward the building with his first class. As he was crossing a small grassy area, he tripped and fell hard on his knees.

"Shit," Kurt muttered. Luckily he was wearing black jeans so a grass stain wouldn't show. Hurriedly, he picked up all the fallen items he'd been carrying with him.

"Smooth move, Hummel!" a voice laughed behind him.

Kurt closed his eyes. "Fuck off, Anderson," he mumbled. He stood with his arms full and started toward the building.

"What was that, pale face? You want to repeat that?" a voice growled from behind him.

Kurt was on the steps and turned to see a pair of angry hazel eyes. His black curly hair and weird eyebrows made his expressions seem extra harsh. Seeing the boys hands were in fists, Kurt backed up another step.

"No. I didn't say anything," Kurt mumbled, pale.

"That's what I thought," he said, turning and going back the way he'd come.

Kurt hurried into the building. The last thing he needed was to fear a beating from Blaine Anderson. The guy had never been violent toward him before, but Kurt had heard enough about him to stay clear of him. Blaine was the captain of the boxing club, the founder of the underground of the Fight Club and the sole victor of both.

Finally reaching his classroom, he sighed happily. Now began the best part of the day. Classes.

. . . . . . . . .

"Hey sweets," Mercedes said, joining him at the campus café for lunch.

"Hi Mercedes! How were your classes? Did your final suck as bad as you thought it would?" Kurt asked, biting into his cheeseburger.

"Even worse. At least it's over. Only two more to go, though, so that's a good thing. How many more do you have?" she asked him, putting her stuff down and digging into her salad.

"Three more. I had my textiles final today. It was easier than I thought it was going to be, so yay!" he grinned.

"That's because you're made to do fashion. I'm not made to do this. I'd better get into medical school, that's all I can say. Cause if I don't? Better watch it. Mercedes will go all sorts of crazy on their asses," she said shaking her head. "So what are we doing this summer? Are you heading back home at all?"

"No. Dad and Carole are taking a vacation to tour Europe with a bunch of other old people," Kurt chuckled. He remembered giving his dad a hard time about it. Finn, his stepbrother, had joined in, asking if he wanted to take a walker with him. Their very able father had come back with threats of cutting off the credit cards he'd gotten for them. They'd both shut up.

Finn was still back home in Lima, Ohio. He was going to Ohio State for a teaching degree. He'd graduate in two years since he'd taken a year off to take a road trip across the country. Sometimes Kurt wished he'd gone along, like their friend Puck had. But, no, Kurt had been accepted into the fashion program and there was nothing that could stop him from getting out of Lima.

"So, I guess I'm stuck here all summer. Maybe I'll go to Mood and see if I can get a job," he said, referring to the large fabric and notions store centered in New York.

"Boy, why the hell would you want to work if you don't have to?" Mercedes asked, seeming offended.

"Because it would give me something to do. I have a feeling David is going to be too busy to spend a lot of time with me," Kurt said. He tried to be sad about it, but there was a secret part of him that was relieved David was graduating this year and moving on with his life. He knew David had no plans to stay in the area. He'd talked about moving to Philadelphia and trying his hand at being a sports agent. He didn't know how they'd handle a long distance relationship, but they'd figure it out.

"Well, at least that's one good thing coming out of the summer then," Mercedes retorted. "Don't think I didn't notice your bruise scarf."

"My what?" Kurt asked nervously.

"That is the same scarf you wear any time you have bruises to hide. That bastard hitting you again, is he? Damn it, Kurt, you can't just stay there and be a whipping boy for that asshole. I can help you," Mercedes pleaded.

"No, Mercedes. It's not like that. David loves me. I just… have to watch what I say around him."

"Kurt that is the lamest damn excuse for allowing someone to beat the shit out of you that I've ever heard. You are worth more than he could ever give you, Kurt. There is bound to be someone else," she said.

Kurt interrupted, holding up a hand. "Stop, please, Mercedes. This is my first relationship and I am determined to make it work. If that means I need to change some things about myself, then I will."

Mercedes' eyes welled up. "Oh, sweetie. There is nothing you need to change about yourself. You are wonderful! You're smart, gorgeous, insanely talented, so much more than you give yourself credit for. Karofsky could never appreciate you enough."

"Mercedes, how many dates did I have in high school? How many through the first half of freshman year? Yeah, none. David makes me feel wanted, needed. I've never had that before, not from another man. I'm not leaving him. That's it," Kurt said firmly, his eyes serious.

"So do you want to get together with Rachel for Chinese this weekend?" Mercedes asked quietly.

Kurt nodded, effectively putting a stop to that line of discussion. He was David's and he wasn't going anywhere.

. . . . . . . . .

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