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Last time on "Try Me":

"You know," Kurt noted quietly. "The Karofsky D-day is just around the corner."

"I know," Blaine sighed.

"Any idea of what you want to do? Do you want to let me fight him? I think I'm ready," Kurt continued in a soft tone.

"Honey, I just can't agree to put you in that kind of danger. He beat you up so badly before and I couldn't just sit there and watch him do it again," Blaine said. "I do have a plan, however, and it will include both you and I."

"Ooh, are you going to tell me?" Kurt asked eagerly.

"Well, it starts with…"

. . . . . . . . .

"Make sure not to straighten your leg out all the way," Blaine instructed, watching Kurt kick sideways at the punching bag. "Good job. Now do twenty front kicks."

"Twenty?" Kurt gasped, sweat pouring down his face. But immediately he rotated his body so he was facing the bag. He lifted his knee up, straightening his leg and then thrusting the ball of his foot at the bag.

Each time he did it, with a small hop in between; he hit the bag harder, picturing Karofsky's face and the faces of all those who had bullied him through his life.

Blaine watched him hop kick, hop kick, over and over. He'd really improved over time. It turned out, he had a better base of muscles to start out with than either of them had been aware of. Watching the muscles in his thighs and calves contract did things for him. But he was concentrating on the training right now. Kurt amazed him at his dedication. He'd known he was a perfectionist when it came to schoolwork and his clothes and things, but when it came to training, he was something else. Every ounce of his concentration went into each move, committing it to memory, practicing every day.

Paired with the boxing they were also working on, Blaine no longer worried that Kurt couldn't defend himself. In fact, he now worried about anyone who crossed him.

Kurt was trying to convince him to let him in the fight club that Blaine still attended. Blaine didn't think his heart was ready for it, though he really was. Blaine's heart just didn't want to stand there and watch his boyfriend get it as good as he gave it. He and Kurt did plenty of sparring, just the two of them. Kurt was getting harder and harder to fight. Soon, he would have the reputation for being a scrapper.

The good part about their fighting was the sparring usually ended up in bed, or on the floor, or against the wall. With Kurt in such excellent shape now, their lovemaking was usually exhausting. They loved it.

"Alright Kurt, great job. Stretch it out and we'll head back to the apartment," Blaine said. He'd had his own workout between Kurt's so they were both tired and sweaty.

. . .

"Damn that feels good," Kurt moaned as Blaine massaged his shoulders in the shower.

"You did really well today, Kurt. I'm proud of you. You are a true ass kicker," Blaine said, nuzzling Kurt from behind. He trailed his hands down Kurt's back, feeling the muscles moving under his skin.

Keeping one hand firmly on Kurt's hip, his other trailed lower until a finger was teasing at his entrance before gently pushing inside.

"Ah!" Kurt cried out at the burn. At the same time, though, the burn was pure pleasure, like fire in his veins. "More," he whispered.

"You sure?" Blaine asked. He felt Kurt's frantic nod against him and slowly eased in a second finger, scissoring them open and closed.

The third finger brought a new stretch and burn, Kurt's moan was guttural and full of need.

"Blaine, please, I need you," Kurt rasped.

"Kurt, baby, there's no lube," Blaine moaned desperately in his ear.

"Please, just take me. I need you in me," Kurt pleaded.

"If it's too much, just say so," Blaine said. He stroked Kurt's weeping cock and then his own, trying to gather up as much lube as possible.

"Now," Kurt insisted.

Blaine lined himself up and pushed into Kurt, attempting to be gentle. As soon as the head of his cock was inside, Kurt shoved his hips backwards, taking all of Blaine at once. A ragged cry flew from his lips, matching the deep groan from Blaine.

All at once they had to have each other, take from each other. Every time Blaine would pound into Kurt, Kurt would slam his hips back into Blaine, unable to get enough. Soon they were growling and shouting, slamming and pounding into one another.

Kurt had never felt so taken over with such raw emotion before. He had to have Blaine, had to have the pain of being thrust into. And from the sounds Blaine was making, he, too, was caught up in the feelings.

The shrieks ripping from Kurt's throat were getting louder, more intense. Suddenly, he shoved his ass hard back against Blaine, screaming as he came so hard it felt like the come was ripped from his body. Moments later, Blaine slammed into him, biting him hard in the shoulder with the force of his orgasm.

They were both gasping for air as they tried to recover. Blaine surprised Kurt by biting him in the other shoulder hard but then Kurt cried out even louder as Blaine pulled out of him.

"Are you okay, baby?" Blaine asked, holding Kurt's weight against his body.

"Mm, yeah, I'm okay," Kurt hummed, his brain fuzzy from the intensity of the experience. "You?"

"A little chafed, to be honest," Blaine admitted with a chuckle. "But other than that, I'm amazing. That was amazing. Come on, let's get you rinsed off and into bed."

. . .

By the time they were in bed, both of them were feeling the spontaneity of their actions. Kurt even broke down and took some ibuprofen just to help with the soreness.

"I told you it wasn't good that we didn't have lube," Blaine said, holding Kurt in his arms, gently stroking down his back.

"But it was so good, Blaine. Wasn't it," Kurt said dreamily.

"It most definitely was. You just have to be ready tomorrow by six in the evening," Blaine reminded him.

"I know, I know. I was trying to forget for a while," Kurt pouted. "This night was too perfect to interrupt with thoughts of that asshole."

"Well, then, let's go to sleep and dream of our naked bodies rubbing against each other's for the rest of our lives," Blaine said. He began humming a song into Kurt's ear, soft and sweet. Tired from their lovemaking, Kurt quickly fell asleep, the sound of his soulmate echoing in his ear.

. . . . . . . .

"Are you ready for this?" Blaine asked him again.

"Geez, Blaine, it's not like we're international spies or something," Kurt giggled as they circled the block again.

"He'll be ready to leave soon. We have to catch him before he catches up with all his buddies," Blaine said, smacking at Kurt.

"Okay, Mr. double oh seven. Well, my inner GPS readout says his car is just about ready to leave for the diner on seventh," Kurt told him.

"And where did you come up with that, my little sidekick?" Blaine asked, refusing to acknowledge the butterflies in his stomach. He would freak out if anything happened to Kurt.

"I was with him long enough. I know where he would go to get his evening fill of cheeseburgers every day. One of the annoying, and really disgusting, tidbits of knowledge I hope to forget quickly," Kurt said with a roll of his eyes.

"I'll hammer all of that knowledge out of you eventually," Blaine winked at him.

"Hm, sounds good to me," Kurt grinned. He loved it when Blaine was playful and flirty like this.

Soon, Karofsky came walking out of his house and got in his Honda Civic. Without paying too much attention to the cars around him, he drove off. Kurt directed Blaine along a shortcut. Blaine let Kurt out of the car near the diner.

Rubbing his lower back, he went over and over the plan in his head. He was still sore from yesterday's shower activities, but he couldn't let that distract him. He'd taken a long hot bath this afternoon and Blaine had massaged his tight muscles to make sure he didn't cramp up. As much as he loved the animalistic sex they'd had, he wouldn't make it a regular thing. At least, not without lube, he thought with a grin.

Steeling his nerves, Kurt waited until David pulled into the diner, his back turned at an angle so it would seem like Kurt couldn't see him. Hearing David get out of the car, Kurt quickly walked away from the diner, sensing the other man following him. This was the plan, this was how it was supposed to go. He wasn't supposed to get nervous now.

The walking path that led toward the park started near the diner and seemed a perfect place for the plan to fall into place. Kurt made sure they were well away from the diner and the public eye when he slowed his pace.

"Hey, Kurt, nice day for a walk, isn't it?" Karofsky said from behind him.

Acting skills, don't fail me now, Kurt hoped.

Turning with a gasp, he arranged his features in a mask of fear. "David? What are you doing here?"

"Well, I was just on my way to beat up your new little boyfriend. Didn't he tell you?" David sneered.

Kurt shuddered away from him, making sure he was still making his way toward the park.

"Aw, is he keeping secrets? Not the best way to start a new relationship, now is it?" he said, his lip up in a snarl.

"What are you talking about?" Kurt said quietly, worry lighting up his face. "Please, David. Please don't hurt him."

"I wouldn't be too worried about him right now, Kurtie. I'd be more worried about you. You've caused me a lot of problems. Not to mention, since you went away, I've had a lot needs that haven't been taken care of," he said, licking his lips as he leered at Kurt.

Kurt couldn't help himself. "What? You think I'd let you touch me? Seriously? I've discovered what an orgasm is. And it wasn't something I ever experienced with you, trust me," Kurt said.

"You little fucker!" David said and rushed after Kurt.

Kurt turned and ran as fast as he could toward the clearing. It wasn't too far away. But David's legs were longer and the next thing Kurt knew, he was tumbling head over feet. And like it was just yesterday, Kurt felt the familiar feeling of David's boot connecting with his rib, and then his cheekbone. But unlike those times, Kurt was stronger now. He hopped up, sizing up his enemy.

"Oh, what, does Kurtie think he can fight me?" Karofsky said scornfully.

"Try me," Kurt growled. He knew just how to bring him down in that instant.

Front kick; leg out, knee bent, kick and connect the ball of the heel at the target. Jaw, hop, gut, hop, jaw, hop, ribs, hop. With a tremendous leap that surprised even him, his heel connected with Karofsky's nose, which seemed to explode under the boot of his heel.

David collapsed, cradling his ribs and his nose. Kurt eyed the distance to the field and screamed. Next thing he knew, cops were running down the path. Thank god, he thought. This was all supposed to happen in the field where he and Blaine would have the alibi of an evening picnic. Instead, he told the cops that he'd run to the diner to pick up some burgers. He told them about David's history or abuse, his threats to beat up his new boyfriend. Thanks to Kurt's fair skin, the cops could already see the bruises forming. David wasn't so lucky and, other than his nose, there was no evidence of Kurt's attack.

In the end, David spent several nights in jail before being served a restraining order. Once Karofsky's parents found out, they took back his car and credit card, all of which was still in their name. They approached Kurt and apologized to him. That had meant a lot to Kurt and he felt like he could move on from there. David moved away and was never heard from again.

The day Kurt graduated college with his degree in fashion, Blaine bent down on one knee and asked him to marry him.

"I will endeavor to make you happy every day of my life just as you have made me extraordinarily happy simply by being mine. I love you, Kurt Hummel, will you marry me?"

"I will!" Kurt yelled, loud and clear, pure joy lighting up his bright blue eyes, a wide smile on his face.

That was the expression, Blaine determined. That was the expression that he would put on Kurt's face every day of their lives.

That is the key, after all, to living happily ever after.

. . . . . . . . .


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