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For what is the world without the heavens.

What is life without death.

What is truth without doubt.

What is light without darkness.

What is Evil without Justice.

Lucius opened his eyes and reflected upon his dream. It was weird he was having that sort of dream at a time like this.

Adonis had rescued him. That he did. He lingered on the memory of his pseudo father for a long time. He hadn't seen Adonis two years before he heard the news of his death. Adonis had put him up on the Golden cult's recruitment. When the news finally came, he was overwhelmed. Whether it was rage, resentment or guilt, he didn't know at that time. The only valid thought that went through his mind was to kill the people that killed Adonis.

Was it satisfying? No it wasn't. The death of one of the only close people he had made a hole in his life, a large immovable hole, a hole that maybe that could be filled with another death.

Why did he want to kill Percy? Why should he? Kill Adonis's adoptive son? Wasn't that being counter-productive if he wanted to honour Adonis's memory?

It was simply cause and effect.

Adonis wouldn't have died if Percy wasn't a demigod. Ignoring the fact that Percy was a child of a god, the reason was enough to validate killing Percy. Of course, that's what Adonis would have wanted, someone to avenge him.


"Fredrick disobeyed orders" A voice broke through his train of thoughts.

Lucius opened his eyes. Golden eyes not even bothered to look at the source of the voice.

"What should we do?" The voice continued.

"Kill him" Lucius replied with utter disregard. "Get information then after that, he would no longer be an asset for us"

"As you wish"

Lucius closed his eyes, ending the conversation.

If something is of no use, discard it.

Luke was tired. Sweat dripped off his brow. His breathing was slightly hitched. Fredrick seemed faster now… or was he just getting slower. He rolled to under Fredrick to avoid another swerve of his long sword. This was looking bad. He couldn't make so much of a dent on the armour, and the old guy looked like he could go for weeks.

Lincoln was already out of the fight. He had the agility and endurance. But he didn't have enough sustainability. The guy was a fucking juggernaut.

He wanted to run, but in doing so, he would have to leave Lincoln behind. He had to think of a way out of this, or else both of them would probably be burned on a cross as heretics. He palmed his pockets, hoping that he had some gadgets to help him fight this resilient mortal.

A line of string, that won't do anything.

A couple of candies, unless the enemy had a serious case of diabetes, it wouldn't work.

A lighter, he confiscated this the other day from Travis. He really hoped that his brother wasn't smoking. But still this wouldn't do. He scanned around the area very quickly, hoping to eye something very likely to help him fight. He saw a café, and then his eyes darted towards the lighter in his hand. Yes, he could probably do this. He pocketed the lighter back. Inhaling deeply, he tightened his grip on his sword, and ran directly towards Fredrick. He went in blow for blow against the lumbering strikes. He could feel his teeth rattling with every hit.

The last strike made him lose his grip of his weapon and if fell a couple of feet away from the both of them.

"You can fight, filthy half-blood" His opponent half complimented. "But even you should know, that this is a lost-"

"Yeah, yeah" Luke interjected. "Words of doom and death, I get it" He dodged more swings of the large sword, before sprinting away into the nearby Café.

"It's useless to run boy"

Luke needed to act quickly. He ran into the kitchen and tried to find the stove. He did his best and tore through the kitchen, hoping that this café was a bit old schooled and used portable gas containers instead of the locked in ones. A moment later, he founded it.

"Nice" He dislocated the gas containers from the stove, placed it above his shoulders and ran as fast as he could upstairs. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world.

It was really fortunate Sir Fredrick liked to play with his prey. He saw the man from the window walking slowly towards him. He kicked the head of the container until he was sure it had a considerable opening.

Fredrick lingered on the doorway of the Café. "I won't fall for any trickeries boy. It's either you step out or I'll destroy this whole building"

Hearing no response, he raised the sword above his head, and prepared to strike, before the sensation of wetness hit his head. He jerked back, as he was drenched in something oddly familiar. He heard a whistle and turned his head up to the window. Luke was perched on top of the window, a grin on his face as he held something small in his right hand.

Fredrick looked up with a slightly annoyed frown which changed to shock a few seconds later as he realized what was in his hand.

"Sayonara" Luke grinned as he released the lighter.

Luke watched the man burn. He heard the deafening screams. He saw how he struggled to put out the flames. However ironic his last dying moments is, he was still mortal and could still succumb to immolated death.

Luke continued to watch. The sick thing was that he enjoyed watching it.

Luke stepped over the body of the singed knight, careful to only breathe out of his mouth as he did. He knelt down and forcefully pulled Fredrick's sword from out of his burnt grip.

'Thank you very much for the gift'

God was he tired. He kneeled down to pick up his own sword and exhaled deeply, and began to walk slowly towards the body of the son of Apollo. Luke stood over Lincoln.

His eyes were open, but it looked like he couldn't move a single inch.

Luke collapsed to the ground. The sounds of metal swords clacking against the concrete brought Lincoln attention's toward Luke.

"Yo" Luke greeted nonchalantly.

"Someone sounds oddly cocky" Lincoln replied. "You look like hell"

"And you're a ray of sunshine"

Lincoln grunted. "What happened?" He clenched his head.

"The guy was feeling a bit hot"

Lincoln didn't get what he meant by that. Cocking his head to the side, he saw what the older boy had done to the man in gold. "That's slightly disturbing… and horrifically humorous"

"We need to move" Luke stated.

Lincoln struggled to a seating position. "Even if we were in a good state to move, where would we go?"

"I don't know…but as long as we're out of the open" Yeah, in the sorry state that they're currently in, they were no better than sitting ducks.

A few hundred meters away, the other golden cult member kept a close eye on the duo, through high powered scopes of his fully automated sniper rifle.

"Fredrick is down" he reported.

"What is his current bodily condition?" A voice buzzed through his ear piece.


"Very well, return to headquarters. The Captain won't be thrilled about losing two of his members in a single day"

"What about the demigods?"

"…Are you in a position to handle them both quickly?"

"Affirmative" Soren gripped the handle of his weapon.

"Then by all means," The voiced answered. "Quick and clean, we expect you Homebase in three hours, Overseer out" then the voice was gone.

"Roger that"

Soren held his breath, adjusted his weapon, and got the first target, the blond boy in his crosshairs. Target was one thousand and fifty meters away. A weak wind blew north east. It was an almost perfect condition for him. He finger twitched.

He was a second away from pulling the trigger…until someone roughly pinned him by the neck on to a nearby wall a few inches above the ground.

Soren coughed at the sudden whiplash as he tried to get his bearings back. His heart thumped at what he saw.

He saw eyes of psychotic malice. He was grinning. Who was this man? Soren tried to claw his way out of his tight grip.

"Your face" The man mocked. "I like that expression" His grin widen.

Soren palmed his hand to his sides, rummaging around and pulled out a pistol. Soren grimaced as he fired point blank at his attackers head.

Did it work? It should have…but the grip on his neck was still firm.

"Are you really a golden cult member?" The man chided. Soren's eyes widen in shocked at what he saw. The bullets should have been lodged in his cranium. He followed his shooting path and found where it did go to, the wall right next to them. The bullets went through his head like air.

"I thought you guys were smarter" The man continued. "Didn't you know?" He leaned closer. "Bullets don't hurt gods" Soren dropped his pistol.

Soren gasped but it sounded like a gargle. At this point, he would be taken captive and interrogated. There was only one other option.

The god smiled. With his other hand, he shoved his fingers straight into his mouth.

'Shit' Soren cursed again. The god knew what he was planning to do.

"I won't let you kill yourself mortal, we need you alive" The god said as he pulled out a small dull pill from out of his mouth, a pill that was lodged in place behind his molar, a suicide pill.

Under any circumstance, do not get caught.

"Cyanide eh? You guys are pretty devoted" The god sounded impressed. "You should have just used your pistol. Fucking retard"

Soren slumped to the ground as the god finally released his hold on him.

Soren took a greedy gasp of air. He looked up, and the last thing he saw was the sole of the god's boots.

"We're lucky" Achlys stated.

Percy nodded in affirmation. They were currently in Boston headquarters, awaiting news of his knight's encounter with the golden cult. "I'm kind of disappointed". Achlys raised an eyebrow. "I was expecting for him to have a tighter grip than…this"

"Are you sure that Lucius is leading the current Golden cult?" Honos interjected.

"Absolutely, who else would be crazy enough to destroy centuries of tradition, either than me?" Percy looked grimly serious.

"They will be a thorn on our sides if we don't handle them quickly" Tanya was by the sides, arms crossed into the conversation.

"Way to state the obvious beauty queen" Erika sarcastically replied. The knight of Tau glared at her but didn't give a second thought about it. She was used to the animosity. Hell, she wasn't supposed to now that she thought about it.

"In the long term" Percy leaned forward from his seat. "The Golden cult will wither. The organization operates on the basis of bureaucracy. With good knives ready behind backs. Lucius is not a politician. He is a warrior. He's captain because he is the strongest. Not because he is the smartest. The support from the Organization shall dwindle. And they will cease to cause more problems"

"What about the short term, then?" Percy turned his weary head to Honos.

"In the short term" His face grew forbidding. "The golden cult is dangerous. As long as Lucius maintains resource and manpower, our current plans must be put to a halt."

He and Achlys stood up. "There's another name for the Golden Cult that has been lost through the ages. I came across reading a reference about it when I was little" All the other occupants looked towards him. "This name, after hearing it, would give an idea of why we shouldn't underestimate them" A moment's silence passed. "They were once called, God Eaters"

Luke Castellan grunted in pain as an unfamiliar girl did first aid on him. He and Lincoln had just entered a large corporate building, and were then whisked away into the sterile infirmary.

"You suffered some fractures but nothing too serious. You'll be in fighting condition in a week or so. But now you just have to rest up, and not do anything strenuous" She stood up from the chair besides Luke.

She looked a bit younger than him, a head shorter with brown hair and sea blue eyes.

"Are… you a demigod?" The blond asked the girl.

She looked at him as if he was joking around. "I guess I am" An eyebrow was raised.

"But I've never seen you at camp"

"It's probably because I'm not a Greek demigod" She answered cleanly as she stepped out of the room.

"Wait" it took a moment for him to process the rather vague information. "What?"

She was already out, and of course she wouldn't hear him. Either that or she just directly ignored him. That would be rude.

"If that's your way of flirting" Luke turned to the voice. "You better up your game"

Luke had almost forgotten the other boy in the room. He looked rather run down. Band aids plastered on his beaten face. And a slight painful expression telling Luke that just moving a bit was excruciating.

Ignoring the previous joke, Luke asked "Mind telling me what was that all about?"

It was a brief explanation, which led to more questions. Luke wasn't one to pry but albeit he caught the gist of it.

Luke sighed.

"Overwhelming, isn't it?" Lincoln sympathized.

Luke shook his head as he combed his fingers through his hair "No… that's not it"

"What is it then?"

He furrowed his eyebrows, staring into the floor. "Disappointment… maybe, fed up"

Lincoln looked confused "I don't get your meaning"

"I've been living a demigod life for as long I can remember." His voice sounded reminiscent. "The Greek world was the only world I've known and would have known if not for his intervention. I just thought maybe…just maybe that after the Greek world, I was done. Enough, no more deaths, no more fighting. And now I'm hearing this. There's more? What kind of bull shit is that?"

"Necessary bullshit" Lincoln suggested.


Lincoln gazed at the son of Hermes. His eyes looked weary. Luke was just a tired soldier, who's grown tired of living on the battle field. He was probably here, trying to stop everything that was going on with the last of his convictions.

Lincoln respected that…even if what he did previously was questionable.

"I think we need to get a move on" Lincoln announced, looking a bit anxious on idleness. He was still a demigod first and foremost.

"That would be good…if you know where to go?"

It hit Lincoln like a truck. This was a new building for Agritech. Of course he wouldn't know where to go. He cursed himself. He should have asked Dyrena earlier when she was patching up Luke.

"Well, there's no harm in roaming around is there"

"What is our next move, my lord?" Achlys asked the young god-slayer. The others were already gone from the executive room, leaving both Achlys and Percy alone.

Percy clasped his hand together, his sea green eyes glared into what was in front of him, seemingly deep in thought. "A game of chess"

Odd, he ignored the question.

"Is there something on your mind?" The spirit asked as he set up the game board. "It is unusual to see you this-"

"Unfocused" Percy interjected, taking a seat across the other.

"Uneasy" Achlys finished.

That was a bit of a ridiculous notion in Percy's perspective. The boy was never one to be …anxious.

"I've come across an unusual development during my stay at camp and it irks me to say… it troubles me" His eyes narrowed, as if he felt the words he used were incorrect.

Achlys felt like he knew where this conversation might be going. "Is it a girl?"

Outside of the room, Erika Medici was just about to enter when she overheard the word 'girl'.

Uncharacteristically, she leaned in against the door, in hopes she could get a gist of what they were talking about.

"My, my, miss Medici" Erika cringed. It was a voice that she more or less hated. "I'd never thought you would stoop yourself low as to eavesdrop on our lord's conversation" Achelois stood a few feet away, hands on her hips with a smug smirk glued on her delicate face.

In a show of inhumane speed, Erika leaped and tackled the goddess to the ground, a hand clasped onto her mouth to avoid making more noise.

"They're talking about a girl" the agile female whispered, eyes darting to the door hoping the occupants haven't heard a squeak.

The goddess's expression turned from blinding rage into urgent curiosity in a matter of seconds.

Erika let her go and both females leaned in to hear the conversation.

"It surprises me that you know what's going on with me most of the time Achlys" Percy said, moving a knight to take a pawn. "More than I know it myself"

"Its simple human nature my lord, you see more of other people than you do your own" Achlys looked up from the game board. "Mind telling me who this girl is?"

Percy thought about it. "Her name is Helena. I've meet her at camp. She's very aggressive and to a certain degree sensitive even on trivial issues such as eye contact… and she's very confusing." Percy explained, sounding so unsure.

"Did he say eye contact?!" Achelois gasped out as her eyes lit green with jealousy. Erika shushed her. The goddess face twisted in irritation but they both continued to listen.

"And I've come to a problematic situation, I suppose I would say"

"And what problem would that be?" The spirt was genuinely curious.

Percy took a moment to phrase what he wanted to say as he held a chess piece between his fingers. "I've come to care for the girl"

Outside, Achelois fumed in anger. "No" She pulled Erika from the door. "This can't be happening". Erika looked perturbed but continued to keep silent. "I was satisfied in only you being the rival for our Lord's affection, there cannot be another girl. I just can't let this happen"

"You're overreacting, Achelois" Erika tried to calm her down. "Calm down"

"You calm down, you naysayer. Didn't you hear how Lord Perseus sounded? It was dripping in affection. I'm not going to stand here and let him be stolen by anyone"

Erika crossed his hands "Don't you hear how crazy you sound right now?"

The goddess scoffed, "You can stay here and wallow like you always do while I'm going to get to the bottom of this" She disappeared, leaving a tang baroque scent behind.

Erika stayed deep in thought. The goddess was only being crazy as usual. If she knew one thing is that Percy was oblivious to girls. Yup, it was going to be all right.

Percy turned his head towards the door, hearing mumbles of conversation "Was that Achelois?"

"Ignore her, my lord" Achlys suggested after confirming the goddess's voice. Even if the spirit did acknowledge her capabilities, she was far from good company for the young Lord.

Percy turned back to the chessboard.

"Oh" The spirit exclaimed. "Have we come to an impasse?"

Percy stared at the chess pieces stuck into a similar movement pattern. "We have a draw"

Achlys hummed in agreement. "As for your earlier problem, my lord, I do not think that this 'caring' of someone should pose such a predicament for you"

Percy didn't look at him "Why shouldn't it be? Will it not affect my concentration? I do not trust my emotions that much Achlys"

"We are not monsters Perseus" Achlys told him. "We may have to act like it, with how we do things, but we are not evil, caring for someone should not be a weakness for you, especially you"

Percy stood up "I am not saying we are evil, I am just saying that wouldn't something like this affect our goals?"

"It is called development, my lord. It leads to both ways, either you take this as motivation or you take this as a weakness"

Percy's face twisted as if he had tasted something sour "I don't see anything good in this Achlys. My emotions are, much to my dismay, fragile to say the least. But I unfortunately cannot stop caring because evidently you cannot take emotions away"

Achlys smiled. "Although I did say to look it at both ways, my lord, I suggest looking at the bright side to this problem"

Percy looked to the spirit in slight uncertainty. "What good can it bring?"

"Caring for someone brings many things, Perseus. You would grow to be more compassionate. It's better to be a righteous king than a tyrant. Even you must know that, you're familiar with Machiavellian's works right?"

Percy nodded a reply. "That it looking too far in the future, Achlys, and honestly I don't see myself living in the world that I am going to create"

To create a new world would require a sacrifice. He humbled himself in the fact that he probably wouldn't live long enough into his war. It would be foolish to think that'll he'll come out unscathed. He was half sure that he would die when all of this was done.

To his surprise, Achlys unsheathed his sword, and kneeled in front of Percy. He adjusted the sword, so that the tip was pointing to his heart. The hilt was towards Percy.

"I would gladly give my life to see you take your throne above this World my lord. There would be no other ruler suitable to lead humanity to an era of prosperity"

Percy stared at the death spirit, who was again proclaiming his undying loyalty to him. Percy was incredibly blessed and proud to have him.

"Stand up, Achlys." Percy told the Spirit, a ghost of a smirk went through his lips "You look undignified kneeling in front of me. And besides, you look better standing beside me"

The spirit chuckled. "I apologize, my lord. I may have been too exuberant"

Percy looked away from him as the spirit stood up.

"There are many good things when you come to care, my lord. Loyalty and devotion is one of them." Achlys sheathed his sword as his face contorted into an enquiring gaze. "Tell me one thing, my lord"

"What is it?"

"Have you been hurting?"

The question really surprised him. Percy knew what he was talking about immediately. He looked to the second in command. "I… have not" Why did he not realize it sooner. His head never hurt anymore. There were no more migraines. The last time he had poked needles into his back was during the summer, during his quest.

"It seems another good came from caring" Achlys stated with certainty.

Percy had no reply for that. The sudden intrusion of Helena, his long lost twin, into his life and also the convenient absence of his occasional pain was only a coincidence. There was no way it would disappear just like that. Talk about a case of Duex Ex Machinae.

Or was compassion really stronger than guilt?

He couldn't ponder on the question much longer. Because as he continued to deliberate on what having Helena meant for him, the door groaned opened.

Percy did not even show a single twitch of surprise. Albeit, he was marginally annoyed that someone had interrupted him in the middle of his contemplation. He swept his irritation as easy as it came to him and turned to stare at who had come.

It was his Equitem, the wild god Caelus, who was looking back at him with a hint of excitement in his kinked smile. It clearly looked like something good had happened.

His voice sounded low "I got one of them"

Yes, that was certainly good news indeed.

Percy stepped outside, with Caelus along the office lighted corridors leading Percy to his new prisoner. The god slayer couldn't say that he was unused to sadism, his and others alike. It was impractical to enjoy inflicting pain. It was an indecent habit to have.

But at times like this, it can come in really handy.

Jason Grace trained for almost a week at the wolf house before the first signs of trouble approached. But before that, it was just regular training non-stop, emphasis on the regular. It was no different from the training he did back at Camp Jupiter. Aside from the marauding wolves that growled out less than polite comments on his fighting stances and whatnot, everything seemed pretty much like a normal training regime.

He wouldn't say he wasn't appreciative of the fact. Lupa, the wolf goddess herself had taken up a task to train him. Anyone would be honoured. But the fact that he hadn't met with the wolf for over a week was bothering him.

Jason knew that the wolf knew better than him. She was wise and a powerful entity, he shouldn't even feel like he was getting over his head by thinking that this was all a waste of time. But he did, and he wasn't proud about that at all.

He was supposed to be learning new things, he was supposed to know more, delve into the unconventional information of Greeks and the bad blood between them and his people. Reanimating his life he had at New Rome wasn't something he should have been doing.

Maybe he wasn't ready yet? Maybe the wise wolf was just biding time until he was?

But Jason Grace knew he wasn't going anywhere if he waited.

At dinner, when the pack gathered to feast on hunted meat, Jason gazed around hoping catch a glimpse of the She Wolf, but to no avail. The goddess was nowhere to be seen as she did for the past week. Jason half thought that maybe she was avoiding him on purpose, but immediately withdrew his assumption. The She Wolf wouldn't waste time for his sake.

Jason saw another human, a girl, ways younger than him. He was surprised at the appearance of another person, and then promptly scolded himself for being shocked. He'd never actually thought about it because during his time at the Wolf house when he was younger, he was all alone with the wolves.

Jason watched as she nimbly bit into the rabbit's meat. Her white blondish hair was messy, and her face was half covered in dirt. Exactly how he used to look like during his first days here.

The girl must have felt someone was watching him because she scanned through the pack with the alacrity of an eagle, found the suspect, and mustered her best wolf's stare.

It was cute and not at all menacing, but Jason averted his gaze, he didn't want to weird the poor girl out.

The night went out as usual, the wolves dispersed into the forest, even the girl was gone. Jason was tending to the dying fire in front of him, not that sleepy yet.

"If you have time to play with fire this late, then you haven't been training enough"

Jason stopped poking the ashes. He knew that voice well enough.

He stood straight from squatting causing him to stumble a bit "L-Lupa"

"It's a beautiful night isn't it?" The large wolf sat in front of him, beginning to relax. "And aren't you a bit too old to play with fire?"

"Well, I was just… You know… Uh" He really had nothing to say about that.

"I think it's about time you stop being uneasy around me Grace. It doesn't suit you"

"Then maybe you should stop appearing out of thin air all the time" he mumbled out softly.

"Would that help?" She responded with a playful tone.

Whoops, she heard that.

"Come, sit with me Jason, the stars should be beautiful tonight"

He took a spot next to the Wolf and true to her words, the stars shone bright that night, without the polluted city lights to obscure the sky, the stars lit up across the night in an abstract painting of dotted patterns. He could even make up some of the constellations that they thought him back at camp Jupiter.

"Astonishing is it not?"

"Yeah it is" the boy breathed out.

There was a moment of silence as they appreciated the view.

Jason turned to the she wolf "Where we're you, this past week?"

Lupa kept her gaze to the stars, "I have been…busy"

Jason shifted in space, mouth slightly curving into a frown at the ambiguous response, which didn't go unnoticed by the goddess.

"I apologize for the vague answer Jason. But understand that some things need to be held under discretion"

It did not help to ease the young demigod. "I understand Lupa. You shouldn't have to apologize to me" Even so, gods rarely did apologize.

"You are definitely one of my favourites Jason Grace" The goddess suddenly said in response, in a tone that was half proud and half motherly.

Jason tried to hide his flush of embarrassment, it wasn't everyday a goddess proclaimed you were her favourite. It was even more surprising considering from whom the assertion came from

"You… shouldn't say that" He muttered just loud enough for the goddess to hear.

"And why shouldn't I?"

Jason inhaled "Because…because you're a Goddess. You shouldn't show favouritism, you should know that"

Her eyes glinted in the night "I am not a normal Goddess, I don't think you need a clue to know that Jason"

That was true. While di immortals had close to none contact with the demigods at Camp Jupiter, the first goddess that the majority of demigods in the legion met were Lupa. She was the anti-thesis of how the gods acted. Maybe that was why she really didn't care about the other gods, because the gods didn't care.

There was silence again, filed only by the sounds of crickets and the soothing breeze of the nightly wind. It gave him time to calmly be left with his thoughts.

The winds shifted. The sound of the crickets stopped and before Jason even realized it, he was on his feet. In a blink of an eye, he sheathed his sword and faced himself towards the intruder.

He couldn't see that well in the night, but he saw the silhouette very clearly. It was approaching closer to them. It looked male and he looked like he was carrying something behind his back. Maybe he was a lost hitchhiker? That was possible, but who hiked in the dead of the night?

"Calm Grace" Lupa assured him.

Jason looked to Lupa. She was seamless in sensing threats and really if she said it was safe, it was safe. Looking back to the shadow, he reluctantly put his sword down, but did not sheath it.

The figure came closer to the fire, giving enough light for Jason to see who the intruder was.

The man was not carrying something behind his back. He was carrying someone, a sleeping young boy with permed hair. The guy himself was wearing some sort of dark heavy overcoat. He had a buzz cut and two tattoos under both eyes.

"Honos" The she wolf calmly regarded.

Jason kept his gaze on the strange man. "You know this guy?"

"Yes I know him" She answered, "what an unpleasant surprise"

"You, surprised? Surely you jest" The man set the boy down, careful not to wake him up.

"Why are you here? And who is that boy?" Lupa did not want to waste time.

"Him, a demigod probably" The man looked down. "He's someone I found along the road, I would have guessed he was heading here. If not I can take him -"

"Leave him" Lupa interjected. "Why are you here?"

The man ignored question. "So you are playing caretaker for demigods now? I wouldn't have guessed, how quaint" The man, who Jason was now sure a god, looked at him. "Who's this? Are you one to play with food now?"

"Leave the boy alone" The goddess growled. "Tell me now why you are here?"

Honos sighed. "I came without animosity. And yet I am treated like this" He looked at the wolf, he was unfazed. Jason moved his eyes to Lupa, whose claws we're halfway bore.

"The boy shouldn't be here to hear this" His calm tone turned stern.

"What you have to say to me, you can say in front of him. Otherwise leave" Jason stayed unmoving.

"Very well" The other god looked somewhat unsatisfied. "I came by my own accord, what I am about to say, I say because I used to once call you a friend." He paused. "I need you to stay out of this"

Jason's face contorted into a look of confusion. Stay out of what?

"I'm afraid you have to be more specific, Honos" Lupa replied.

Honos sighed "You've been overextending your boundaries, Lupa. If it was anyone else, we wouldn't have minded, but you are posing a slight problem to us right now with how you handle things and I ask you peacefully to back away from this"

Jason was lost, what was he talking about.

"Who am I posing a problem to?" Lupa inquired.


"It is very relevant, Honos. Someone had decided to upset a very delicate balance. Di immortals wouldn't have time to see to it, so I am personally investigating the whole ordeal"

Was Lupa talking about the attack on camp? Did this guy know anything?

"So it is safe to assume that your stance is not neutral?"

"Oh, I'm still neutral. I have no affliction with the gods"

"Then would you resign your 'investigation'?" The god asked again.

"No" She declined.

Honos face twisted in irritation. "And why is that?"

"This balance affects the lives of millions, not just the gods. It affects mortals and demigods alike"

The god's face grew dim. "I see. It is unfortunate we have come to this conclusion." He clenched his fist. He turned around facing away from them. "I presume you already know who's coming back?"

"What are you talking about?" Lupa sounded irritated. She really did not like not knowing.

"Kronos is rising"

Jason's eyes widen at the statement. "That's not possible!" He practically shouted.

"Jason!" The wolf chided.

Jason looked at the god as he cocked his head, he was grinning, as if he caught the demigod in an elaborate trap.

"W-what are you smiling about?"

The god chuckled, "It is ironic. I thought Lupa was fighting to keep the balance between the Greeks and Romans. And here is one demigod who knew about both"

Jason's throat went dry. How did he know about that?

"I used Saturn's Greek name and you did not seem confused. So, it was the obvious conclusion… little boy" He drawled out the last part of his sentence

Jason clenched his teeth in anger and pointed his blade at the god. He felt stupid and livid at being played easily like that.

The wolf stopped him. Jason saw the perseverance in her eyes. Don't be stupid, she said wordlessly.

"This was a fun little meet up, Lupa. But I have other urgent matters to attend to"

"Are you working for Saturn?" The wolf stopped him in his tracks.

"You know I'm better than that" He said as a matter of fact. "I'm not stupid enough to go backwards"

"Were you the one that attacked the Camp then?" This time, Jason asked him as he inched forward for the answer.

He grinned. "I'm not sure, maybe"

The way he answered it made Jason's blood boil in rage. If it wasn't for Lupa, he would have gone and attacked the god already.

He watched helplessly as Honos walked further into the darkness of the forest. He listened as the footsteps grew quiet and disappeared altogether in the night.

Lupa looked to Jason. His face was casted downwards. "Why…why did you let him go?"

Jason gave the wolf a glare that surprised Lupa. She never expected to be at the receiving end of a glare that she thought the demigod.

"He obviously knew something about the attack. You're strong, you could have pinned him down and force him to give us answers"

Lupa waited for the demigod to calm down, before answering. "Don't mistake my attentions Jason Grace" She used a tone that made the boy flinch. "I would have done what you wanted also"

"Then why didn't you?"

"I didn't do it, because he wasn't alone"

Jason stared at the Wolf. He noticed the heavy change in atmosphere, it was windy again, and he listened to the absent sound of insects. He felt stupid "I-I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"You can apologize another time Jason Grace" Lupa moved in front of him. "Take the boy with you. I need to make sure of what Honos said was true. I may be gone for a while, but when I come back" The wolf began to walk, "We start training"

The darkness was a never ending intoxication. He felt the surmountable tendrils of darkness withering and slinking across his kingdom of death. He felt uncontrollable power surging within him as lives continuously sink into his world. He was connected to this world, as a soul would connect to the body. A body would not work without a soul, but a Soul would continue living without the body.

And as such, Hades would die without the underworld, but the underworld would continue. It was an expanding vastness of truth similar to space and time. And like space, the darkness was an infinite being that worked with him. No, he did not consider to have control the darkness and vice versa, the darkness did not control him. He was the darkness, and the darkness was simply an embodiment of his will. He flowed with the darkness. It was a complex relationship based on will.

The god of the underworld breathed in the continuous flow of uncorrupted darkness. Death was purest beget of all lies above the surface. The god considered himself humble of all the other Olympians. None could imagine beholding the power he had on his fingertips.

Hades held uncontrollable power. He knew in his very heart, that if he would fight anyone of his brothers, they would fail, because above all else, he was the most powerful among all of them.

But an entity of death had no such ambition, no such quall for the thrill of ruling. Despite everything, Hades was Just and righteous. If he let power be the best of him, then the darkness would have already consumed him a very long time ago. He would be no different than the previous owners of hell.

His visitor shifted in his seat, looking uninterested.

"Did you invite me to the underworld for coffee and cookies? Or did you really have something to talk about?" the visitor was sipping purple liquid from a champagne glass.

Hades turned to face his visitor. "I thought you would be happier to get out of that place for a while?"

"You've took me to hell from another different kind of hell. I can't say I'm ecstatic"

"How long was the sentence again?"

The visitor groaned. "I didn't come here to discuss that"

"Very well" Hades sat down on his obsidian chair, face to face with the god of wine, Dionysus.

"So why did you invite me to your pleasant home?" The god of wine sounded sarcastic.

"You know why I called you here"

"Please don't look down on me, Uncle. I don't need vague answers. I'm an Olympian. My stature is equal to yours"

"You are in my domain, you respect me as king here and I shall treat you equally. And know this I am being generous with my hospitality. You very well know how much I am a threat to you"

Dionysus clicked his tongue as he avoided death's glare. "Fair enough"

Hades crossed his fingers together "Excellent"

"So… what did you want?"

"The Olympians are in danger"

The god of wine looked at Hades "I kind of knew that already"

"Then you must know that Zeus is incapable of addressing this issue"

Dionysus scoffed. "Incapable is one thing. Zeus is oblivious and even if we bring them up he'll disregard them as always"

"We cannot count on Zeus now. And the majority of the Olympians stands firm with Zeus" Hades leaned forward. "That is why I require your help"

"I don't see how much help I can be here"

"There are many things we have to consider. But one important priority is the demigods. We need to keep them together. Our preservation depends on their unity"

The god of wine laughed.

"We don't deserve their loyalty Hades. The Olympians treat their sons and daughters like crap. They'll unite, sure. But against who?"

Dionysus saw the god of death twitch. "Its times like this I curse our nature"

"The Unity of the demigods is not the only thing of concern. I heard your father's waking up from his beauty sleep"

Hades frowned. "That is true. I cannot track his movements in Tartarus. He is invisible until he shows up"

"And he has a spy in camp" The wine god added.

Hades raised a questionable eyebrow. "Interesting, do you know who it is?"

"Of course I don't know. I cannot suspect anyone without facing consequences. Distrust in children is distrust to parents. And I really like not being hated by anyone"

"But what if you didn't have the consequences, who would be your suspects?"

The god of wine kept quiet, sipping on his disgusting grape juice before answering.

"The Son of Poseidon would be the most suspicious. His motivations are unclear and his history is Vague to say the least"

Hades had met the Son of Poseidon. His aura was unlike that of a regular demigod. He smelt the scent of many deaths on him. Unworldly deaths, as if he had killed gods before.

"But" Dionysus continued. "He's at the worst possible place to be a suspect. If we we're to suspect the boy, we would be facing Poseidon's wrath"

"I'm not afraid of my brother"

"Don't be immature Hades. This is not about who's afraid of who. We're in the brink of a war, having you and Poseidon fighting each other would be playing into the hands Kronos wouldn't it?"

"So we let the boy be?"

"Look, we don't know if the boy is innocent or not, in this case, without any sort of evidence we won't ever know."

Evidence, they only needed evidence.

"What about the attack on Camp Jupiter?"

"I'd rather Bacchus handle that" Dionysus scowled. "Let the Romans handle their problem. We have our own shit to handle"

"It's surprising how out of touch you are with your roman side"

"It's not surprising at all, Bacchus can drink, and I can't, so naturally" His voiced was laced in jealousy.

"But what if the attack on Camp Jupiter wasn't a roman problem?"

"You expect the boy to have done it?"

"He was there during that time was he not? Was that just a mere coincidence?" Hades inquired.

"We better forget that possibility." Dionysus disregarded.

"You were the one to suspect the son of Poseidon first, why let him go now?"

"He's just a boy. He wouldn't be able to surpass the veil that easily"

"But what if he did? What if it is connected then?" Hades pressed.

"Then we're in deeper trouble than we realized. I didn't want to consider that possibility is that because if we acknowledge the boy has somehow looked through it, then how long would it be before the veil comes crumbling down on us. Our alternate selves would be fighting again with us. We'd be vulnerable. They'd be a civil war, we would have practically handed Kronos his throne on a silver platter"

"It's better to shove it under a rug, I presume"

"Unfortunately" Dionysus responded. "It is simpler if we assume our stances and not mix blood together"

"How simple minded of you"

"What can we do? Our choices are limited as it is"

"We shall wait and see how this unfolds then"

"As we always do" Dionysus stood up, preparing to leave death's palace.

"I have one last thing to discuss with you. It's been in my mind for a while"

Hades explained his plan to the wine god. Hades watched as Dionysus as his smile turned into full blown laughter at the end of his explanation.

"What do you think?"

"I think it's a crazy idea" He chuckled. "But otherwise a good one"

"I have the same sentiments. Would you support it?"

The god of wine thought about it. "As much as I don't like it, I support it. But you would need more support from the council before you should keep considering that idea"

"I have my ways, Dionysus"

"That you do" Dionysus was still chuckling. He turned away from the Lord of the Dead. "I can't wait until you bring the plan to the rest of the council" Then, he disappeared into thin air, leaving behind the smell of grapes lingering behind in the room.

His plan was a crazy one. It was unlike for the lord of the dead to come up with the plan. But his plan would give the Olympians an even ground to fight anyone on, potential firepower beyond measure. Zeus would likely be against his idea, but he would understand the necessity of the plan.

The plan was the formation of the first Olympian army.

It was crazy indeed.

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