The Marlinspike Chronicles

Volume One – Thunder

The thundering clouds gathered over the dark night that had already covered Marlinspike in a blanket of thick dust. Positives turned to negatives as the lightening ignited parts of the grounds unknown to the inhabitants. Thunder and lightning storms where prone to these areas and the inhabitants where profoundly, typically used to this kind of activity.

Marlinspike Hall took the battering this time but the hall still had a lot of life left in it even though it had been standing for goodness knows how many years and nothing would ever be able to tear that palace down.

As the trees sighed strongly in the pouring rain sleep turned into nightmares as the imagination felt as real as life.

Tossing around in bed Tintin desperatley tried to get lost into the nightmare and find something better to dream about but his unconscious mind was in disagreement as he was pulled deeper and deeper into a world of hate that collided with nasty past memories that had been long since forgottern.

As the dream started to unfold Tintin found himself back in his childhood running for his life in the middle of a dark damp forest were running just seemed the only way out. His feet pounded against the ground as he desperately attempted to gain ground one the dark figure that was following close behind them. Grasping his fathers hand tightly, not wanting to lt go, they ran faster through the pouring rain as the dark figure that was following behind them pulled out a sharp knife that sparkled dangerously in the rain. His father suddenly fell from underneath him and fell onto the muddy ground.

"Father!" He yelled leaning down to pull him back up

His father looked up at him and grasped the boys sholder with a grim look on his face.


Tintin stated blanky upon his father untill the beat of the shadowed figure's footsteps brought him back into reality making him want to get as far away as possible.

Looking back at his fathers terrified eye as the dark figure grasped him Tintin ran for his life but then the unthinkable happened. The next thing Tintin heard was the most earpeicing scream lifted the forest from its foundations causing Tintin to turn around but thhis was the worst mistake he made because as he turned round he witnessed the blade of darkness that the figure was holding sink deep into his father's chest.

He held his hands to his mouth trying his best not to scream but then the figure turned to him, seeing his saddened face in the mist that had come upon the forest, and grined, showing no remose for the horrific killing he stood up and began to walk in the opposite direction.

Unable to hold it back Tintin fell onto his knees and screamed amongst crying untill his voice was raw.

Suddenly Tintin jolted upright in bed with the Captain beside him. Breathing deeply he fell into his sholder as the sweat rolled off his forehead and onto the Captain's sweater.

"Are You okay Landlubber?" The Captain asked with a glint of a fatherly tone to his voice

"I'm Fine ... Captain...It was...Just A Dream worry about" Tintin stammered through his heavy breathing

"I don't suppose you want to talk about it?"

"Eventually ... But .. Not now"

The captain slid his arm around Tintin pulling him closer and a thought triggered in Tintin's mind. He father may be gone, took in the most unfair way possible, but he Had the Captain. He felt so much like a father to him and keeping that thought in mind he allowed the captain's arms to wrap around him


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