The bright haired boy sat up as the teacher slammed a ruler on the table right in front of him, he'd fallen asleep again all them late night's working and doing his head in but he needs the money for school and food. Naruto lived in a small apartment just near the gate of the hidden leaf village, he got detention again and as he exited the class room in his wheelchair, he broke his lower spin in a car crash that killed both his parents

he saw all the other kids running around and having fun, gangs of boys and groups of girls some kids like Naruto didn't hang out with the gangs or the groups because he couldn't walk, he still had felling in his legs and waist he was just unable to walk and they where bullied cause of that too, Naruto wasn't watching where he was going when he bumped right into a tall boy and fell back abit just grabbing his wheels in time to stop him falling back with his wheelchair

"hey neji this little punk annoying you?" neji could see the fear written all over the boy's face and laughed "see what he's got on him" in seconds neji's gang was all around him, grabbing at him and pulling him to his feet and holding him up, searching his pocket and taking his old school bag off him "he's got little money and some gum neji"

Neji laughed hard "the kid is poor, hey kid! Where's your money your parents gave you?" Naruto just looked down, neji grabbed naruto's face and pulled him closer "I'm talking to you!" Naruto laughed and looked up at neji "I know, I'm ignoring you" neji punched Naruto in the stomach and then kicked him in the head as he fell to him knees then down on his stomach, as Naruto gasped for air one of the other gangs walked over and another tall man with pitch black hair said loudly

"leave him alone he's with us!" neji and his gang slowly backed off "fine, but you cant protect him forever we will get him" neji threw naruto's old and ripped bag on Naruto just before he passed out he looked at the black haired boy and saw his eyes went red then black then everything went black

Naruto woke up in his bedroom half dazed as he looked around the room wondering how he got there "hey, your finally awake" Naruto started at the boy then sat up fast "who are you, how did you get in here, how did I get in here..?" the boy sat on naruto's bed and pulled naruto's shirt off making Naruto blush slightly "h-hey!" sasuke put his hand on Naruto stomach where neji had punched him, "ahh..." Naruto groaned and pushed sasuke away "I found your address in your bag and my gang bright you here, I'm sasuke"

Naruto smiled happily as no one had ever been this nice to him, sasuke got up and looked around naruto's small dark and messy apartment room "do you live here by your self?" he nodded and pulled his wheelchair closer to him and pulled him self into it then holding his stomach "want to join my gang? Neji won't beat you up again"
"b-but why? You picked on me last year and at the start of this year but are you helping me now?" Naruto asked
Sasuke laughed half hearted "fine, don't ill be back in the morning to pick you up" then sasuke was gone, Naruto rubbed his head "was I really hit that hard?" he spoke softly to him self and wheeled him self to the window and watched the sun set falling asleep in his chair

Naruto felt him moving slowly and he felt bumps as he wake up the sun hit his face, he groans softly "hey your finally awake" Naruto tilted his head back and looked up to see sasuke in his bathroom with him the sun shining in thought the window near the sink "mmm...what are you doing?" sasuke turned the taps in the bath on and looked at Naruto "I'm going to bath you, your smelly, now .strip" as soon as sasuke said strip naruto's face lilts up bight red "ummm..." was all Naruto could say

Sasuke has always known Naruto was gay and that he had a crush on him so as he walked closer to him Naruto blushed more, sasuke had a thing for Naruto too but he would never admit to his gang that he was gay, sasuke unzipped naruto's pants and took his shirt off too then pulled Naruto up out of the wheelchair "NNNAAH sasuke!" sasuke smiled and pulled naruto's pants down and off with his boxers all in one swift motion, sasuke smirked when was saw naruto's length, Naruto on they other hand was blushing badly sasuke sat Naruto the bath "wash up ill get some clean clothes" sasuke left Naruto bathroom and looked down at the pointy thing sticking up in his pants "cute dobe"

Sasuke waited for his length to go soft before he carried clean clothes into the bathroom for Naruto, Naruto had dozed off in the bath with his hands over his length. Sasuke smiled and took his hair and pants off so he didn't have to go home and change later, picking Naruto up and holding him against his warm body as he dried Naruto off "s-sasuke harder" Naruto moaned in his ear sending a shiver down his spine, smirking as he looked as Naruto then carried him out of the bathroom and lays him on his bed "Naruto wake up" sasuke was going to play a trick on Naruto, he quickly laid on Naruto as he wake up Naruto blushed "you passed out in the middle of us having sex, dobe" Naruto blushed worse "i-i-i we had sex?" Naruto said before fainting, sasuke smirked while laughing hard getting off Naruto and dressing him and pulling him up into his wheel chair

"Naruto wake up dobe" sasuke turned his head to see his gang waiting "are we taking the tool with us Boss?" sasuke remembering that Naruto had said no to joining his gang but he didn't care "he's not a tool, he's apart of our gang so treat him better, or you will deal with me" Naruto listen to the convection happening in front of him sasuke turned back to Naruto and smiled "hey your awake finally" Naruto lifted his head and looked into sasuke eyes "I'm sorry about tricking you before but it was just too funny" Naruto looked down as sasuke wheeled him outside, Naruto started wheeling him self then he tugged on sasuke's shirt, sasuke looked down at Naruto "what?" Naruto pulled sasuke's head closer and whispered in his ear "did we really have sex?" sasuke laughed loud "no Naruto, I was having fun with you Naruto"