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3 years later...

Charlie and Joey had finally reached an agreement of sorts with the Braxtons. Initially with news of the birth of the twins Charlie and Joey were afraid of retaliation attacks on Brax's behalf, but he held his promise. True to his word, no one came near their children. Charlie had wondered many times why the sudden change of heart, but deep down she knew, the Braxton brothers would never step a foot out of line where Brax was concerned.

Now, 3 years on the twins were walking and talking. Charlie and Joey were in their own house by the beach with Ruby, Aiden and the twins. Ruby had started university after a couple of years of deferment. Her relationship with Aden was going from strength to strength. Initially Charlie had her concerns about Ruby and Aiden, mainly because he was the babies father but they had won out after much convincing this was what they both wanted.

As Charlie looked out to the beach where her family were playing in the water, she smiled as memories flooded back to the holiday they had 2 years ago. Joey had insisted they leave Summer Bay to get a perspective on family unity. Their return from hiding was tumultuous to say the least. Concerns over the Braxton retaliation and looking over their shoulder had taken its toll on both Charlie and Joey. The holiday was much needed and allowed for an opportunity to reconnect and bond with the babies as a young family should.

Charlie was thankful every day she had listened to Joey, and promised her she would always have her family as her number one priority. Work and everything else would sort itself out but nothing could compare to losing her family. Joey had never mentioned leaving Charlie again, they learnt to talk through their problems. Naturally there were arguments. Many arguments but the forgiving and making up was what both women enjoyed most.

Charlie took a deep breath and exhaled as she thought how far she and Joey had come in their relationship and as a family. A smile plastered itself on her face as the memories flooded through. A kiss on the lips, slow and passionate bought Charlie out of her thoughts.

"So what are you smiling about?" asked Joey, breaking the kiss.

"Just how much I love you and how beautiful our family is" replied Charlie honestly.

"Really" smirked Joey as her eyes hovered across Charlie's body hungrily.

"yeah" Charlie gulped as she noticed the change of colour in Joeys eyes.

Reaching out her hand, Joey hungrily replied "I know of something we can do that can express that" as she winked and led Charlie back inside.

"Hmmm" Charlie was lost in her own thoughts again as she thought of Joey and all the things she could do. Another kiss broke her thoughts and she was led inside. They were both happy at last, able to go on with their future with no fear. As they closed the door behind them, Ruby and Aiden chuckled from the sand where they were playing with the twins.

"Looks like we're watching the twins a little longer" chuckled Aiden.

"Yep" smiled Ruby as she realized neither Charlie or Joey were coming back. Ruby was happy and at peace for the first time in a long time, when she realized her family was finally able to move on, and create new memories together at last.

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