After receiving the shocking news from Doctor Clarkson, "I am not pregnant." Mary repeatedly said that several times in her room when nobody's around. It's not that she didn't want to get pregnant, everything just happened so fast. It was only the third month since their return from the honeymoon.

She doubted that she possessed all the qualities that one looked for in a competent mother, or even a good wife. Ever since the incident which Pamuk died in her bed, she never thought that she could be the right woman for Matthew. She blamed herself for what happened that night. That night was totally a nightmare to her.

She was very hesitant in deciding whether she should talk to Matthew about the pregnancy. At last, she made up her mind and decided to conceal her pregnancy for the moment and tell Matthew later.

One night after dinner, Mary and Matthew were in their room. Matthew was reading some papers from the office on his desk and Mary was lying on the bed. Both of them seemed a bit tired and sleepy. Matthew noticed that she looked very pale. He stood up from the chair and walked towards the bed.

"How are you feeling, my darling? You don't seem very well" Matthew asked after her. Mary remained silent. She couldn't part her lips and speak even one word. She wanted to tell Matthew what's really going on, but when she thought about that night, she just couldn't say anything. Then there was a long silence in the room. Matthew hated the awkward silence, finally he managed to say something.

"Why are you not talking? Is something wrong, darling? Please talk to me."

Mary still didn't answer him. Matthew became suspicious of Mary's peculiar behavior. And he said, "Are you hiding something from me?" Even Matthew couldn't believe that he actually said those words, but then he saw that drops of tear ware running down his wife's face…