There was a boy named Florence and he was in the showbiz less than a year. During his days in the showbiz, he gets request calls from cosmetic products, fashion, etc. However, he did not get any casting calls from any of the directors yet. Until one day, after a commercial shooting, a director noticed his talent and wanted to sign him up for a new drama called, "a girl in a guy's body" and he was going to get a big pay rise if he got into the drama series... Florence was surprised at this offer but he was still not confident whether he could play a girl's role.

Florence exclaimed in a high-pitched voice, "Uh… the offer sounds great! But I don't really know whether I could do this", he twitched uncomfortably.

The director immediately replied, "YES! This is the type of person we need for the drama! How about this, I'll give you 1000 bucks per episode and you will be required to film at least 40 episodes and you will need to advertise this show by using commercials too."

Florence was delighted with the offer and signed a contract with the director. The director arranged all of his required items on that day to arrive. The filming was scheduled to be in May and he was not given any scripts but instead the list of emotions and feelings or actions to be displayed at that particular scene.

The director also requested Florence to cross-dress and imagine that he is a girl trapped in a guy's body. Without hesitation, Florence tried many ways and succeeded with 5 outfits that suits his personality and the day of the shooting arrived…, he arrived with confidence and looked ready and pretty in a makeover. The storyline of the 1st 5 episodes was that Florence was introduced as a teenage boy but dressed and acted like a girl. He was often bullied in school because of his high-pitched voice.

1st, 2nd and 3rd episode:
Florence was getting ready, applied makeup and brought his stylish bag to school signaling the start of a brand new day. He walked with confidence to the school compound and the bullies laughed at him when he stepped into the school. He was known for his high-pitched voice but some guys still think that he is actually a girl. However, Florence had a large Fan base that involves students from all over Japan. Florence had become an island-wide sensation and many students including girls and boys are supporting him as he released a new album called: Life Seasons and it gained positive response and he became famous in Japan. The fans are waiting for him to finish his school career so he can focus on his singing career.

4th and 5th episode: Florence was stumbling across a singing contest in Tokyo and they are looking for boys who can sing high-pitched. The singing competition commenced, in the 1st round: Florence competed with his own song, a ballad pop, called "my merry days" to beat out other boys who had their own remixes of the songs. In the 2nd round, the bullies came and contested, however due to their pitch, they were disqualified as they were not high-pitched. In the final round, he faced against a boy who sang a high-octave song, however Florence went up with a song that contains several octaves and sang to impress the judges. Eventually, Florence won the 1st prize. Florence had received the prizes the following day, receiving a trophy and cash prizes of 50,000 yen and moreover, he graduated with good results and the start of the singing career started.

The first 5 episodes gained a huge start of viewer ratings of 11.9% and its viewership was 39.0%. Moreover, this drama is starting to be requested by other countries and Florence is now known as a worldwide star.