Florence was summoned to court as new bullies became smarter and fabricated evidence. The bullies wanted to sue Florence for not obeying the rules of a pop star singer and spoiling the bullies' reputation. The court trial went for many months and the public seemed to think that it is true and began to protest to remove Florence from his huge popularity. Florence fans and the media knew it was absolutely false; they teamed up to work together to prove Florence innocent.

During the court trial, there were several cases when the bullies took the lead and when Florence began to prove that he is innocent. Once, the bullies lawyer said, "Did you or did you not hate the bullies, if so, I may just put it under discrimination or say that you're a bully yourself" Followed with a sharp and evil smile. Florence's lawyer immediately objected to this statement and the bullies lawyer did not even apologize for his actions and thus, the judge was more suspicious towards the bullies.

There were instances where videos and pictures were shown of Florence hitting the bullies. However, the person in the video is much more big-sized than Florence. Florence was neither that big-sized nor he was skinny. The videos were proven false as the person that looks like Florence had a much deeper voice while Florence had a much higher voice. After the court trial, he got a media press conference immediately. The reporters asked, "So is it true that you bullied people in the past" followed by a concerned look. Florence suddenly broke down and cried out loud that he never even bully people in the past. The media reported that Florence was not in any state to bully any people and didn't have the size that is needed to bully people physically.

The court trial resumed on the 24th December, just right before Christmas day. That is where the final verdict is made and Florence went with his 2 best friends to the court. The Judge said, "whatever evidence that the prosecutor has submitted, it is not enough or not accurate to prove that the defendant had bullied the prosecutor. Furthermore, the evidence was proven fabricated due to the figure in the evidence that highly does not resemble the defendant. As this is supposedly a fabrication of evidence, I fine the prosecution 60,000 yen together with a jail term of 2 years." "COURT DISMISSED!" the guards shouted.

The final verdict was broadcasted live on television, internet and radio. After this was heard, almost the entire nation requested Florence to be making a comeback. With this motivation, he went to a popular talk show called "the issues" and Florence with tears said, "I do not know how should I repay you all for all the love you had shown me for the past few months but I thank you for trusting me all this times and letting me get back on my feet again." He ended up breaking in tears and it was captured live for the first time. The show later reported that his comeback was tomorrow and the public was shocked at such an early release date that the album had 500,000 pre-orders. The show that Florence participated in had to make way for the end-of-year programs and the show will be scheduled to be shown again in 2nd January next year.

Florence later released that the album was titled 'feelings and emotions' and the album had 9 songs. The song names are, "Broken down", "the worst that could happen", "A major twist", "motivation", "keep your head up", and Happy Days", "Wonderful", "Brand new day". Florence then stated the promotional video will be released at 8am on Christmas day but the album will be digitally and physically available on as early as midnight before Christmas. His best friends came for a sleepover and they loved to play together. Sometimes, boys and girls can be best friends together regardless of whatever gossip they encounter.