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You again. I thought you had heard all there is to know about my pretty much messed up life. What? You want to know more?! What else is there to know? I have told you…hold on a sec…phone call…


Okay…I know you are probably looking at me and raising an eyebrow and saying…why the fuck is Yuusuke Urameshi blushing? Not that it's anyone's business, but that was…uuum…that was…well, you know who, on the line. He just wanted to know if I was free tonight. Like I wouldn't clear out my entire non-existent schedule just to hang out with him. Hey now…we aren't boyfriends or anything like that…yet. I mean, I can't just go around parading myself as his new fling or say to everyone 'back the hell off, because you are looking at the boy who I have plans to screw his brains out as soon as possible.' Speaking of which, people, I still don't really know how the hell that is supposed to work out.

But then again, you are probably wondering what has happened since that night we…kissed and all.

Damn face won't stop turning red…sheesh!

Anyways, since that night, as I said, we have pretty much tried to keep our…think, Urameshi, think of some snazzy word now…blossoming relationship. Don't laugh at the word now. I know it sounds all girlish and what not, but ever since I began hanging around him, things just seem to have taken on a whole other persona of their own. I mean things look so much clearer and more…beautiful and all, you know. I mean, Kuwabara, that psycho, says that I look like I am in love. Feh…love, my ass. No way in hell am I in love with anyone, let alone, Kurama. I mean, yes, I jerk off to him. Yes, we have kissed and talked and hung out. No, we haven't screwed each other…yet.

Yes, people I am still waiting for that happy day.

But I am still…if you laugh at this, I swear I will stop talking. I am still…a…a…virgin. There! Not virgin with girls. I haven't slept with Keiko yet, she has this purity before marriage thing going…good luck to her and nice virtue to have too. No, I lost my virginity to Mrs. Kinichi. Good ol' Mrs. Kinichi, who used to have a sleazy husband who never gave her any, and so at fourteen-years-old, yours truly fell into her wily clutches and never was the same again after that.

Now that I think of it, it had happened so fast, I wasn't even sure if I had passed out during the entire thing.

Now then, where was I? Ah, yes, my plans to fuck Kurama. Sorry, if you think I am going to say 'make love,' think again. He hasn't said that he loves me or anything…not that I want him to say that. Puhleeze, I am not that desperate! In fact, once this whole infatuation thing dies down, things will just go back to normal, you'll see.

And not to look like a complete and total idiot, I have plans to study the act of guys making out. So, here I am about to head out to the local….store to freshen up my knowledge. If I told you I was a nervous wreck inside, that would be the understatement of the century. One, I hope that no one from the gang sees me going in there, hence the hooded sweatshirt I am wearing and two, if Kuwabara or my mom got an inkling of this…


Fuck! How did she know that already?! Panic mode and quick excuse alert time!


Man…that woman sure knows how to give me a heart attack.


And yes, we do scream that loud to each other and our house isn't even a mansion.

I feel good today and not just because I get to see Kurama at the end of the day, but because… I don't really know how to put it. I just feel this sense of …eagerness and anticipation, ya know? Like something big is gonna happen.

~ Like I am about to lose my virginity all over again. ~

"Why are you so red-faced, Yuusuke?"

"Huh? What…what are you talking about?"

I stare blankly at my mother's curious look and shrug before reaching for the list and opening the fridge to reach for something thirst-quenching. I can't help thinking of something else that could quench another kind of thirst right now. Something thick and salty and…

"Don't forget the cream."

I almost choke on the orange drink in my hand and cough as it goes down the wrong way.

"Kuso! What is with you today, Yuusuke? You are acting all jumpy!"

I bet my face is as red as a tomato now. I can't believe myself sometimes. "Uh…nothing, mom. I will just be on my way now. Bye!"

I race out of the house and into the seemingly sleepy street. Only a few neighbors' dogs are out and Mr. Chung, still mowing his lawn at this hour. I know it's only mid-morning but then again…

"Hello, Yuusuke."

I flush and turn my head around quickly, finding myself tongue-tied at the sight of the boy I was beginning to crave like a drug. He is dressed in dark slacks and a white, buttoned shirt, hands perpetually inside his pockets as he strolls down his driveway towards me. His beautiful face is wreathed in a smile and I can't help myself from smiling a bit, too.

Oh, man…I hope no one comes…no one I know, comes now and ruins this moment for me.

"Hi." It comes out as a croak and I have to clear my throat. "Hi." I say a bit louder, watching him stop inches away from me.

God! I just want to kiss him right now, but if I don't want to give my mother…who I know is watching me right now or anyone else for that matter a heart failure, I will have to restrain my raging hormones at the moment. And boy! Are they raging or what? I have a hard-on the size of god-knows-what and he hasn't even touched me yet.

I notice him reach out for me and then pull his hand away. Yeah, we both know that we can't do this in public…at least in our neighborhood. He just smiles and lowers his lashes and my face flares up again. Did I mention that Kurama looks almost unreal when he smiles?

"Where are you going to, just now?"

"Huh…oh…I have to go to the…to the…" Where the hell am I supposed to be going to anyways?


"…to the store." I finish with a well-placed scowl towards my mother, who is now standing on the porch.

Kurama chuckles lightly and turns around to wave to my mother, who responds back with a giddy smile on her face. Man…can't she give it a rest, already?

"I won't keep you, then…"

Oh, no! You can keep me for as long as you like!

"…I have to take my mother's car to the dealer's right now, but we still have our date tonight…right?"

Like I would forget so soon. "Right! To meet you at the park where we…" I couldn't finish.

Kurama smiled again and did reach out to squeeze my hand gently. "Hai, the place where we first kissed. I will be waiting for you. See you tonight…"

"Yeah…see ya…" I mutter like a dazed schoolgirl, my hand still tingling from his touch. I watch, like a drunken idiot after him, wondering what will happen tonight. I had a feeling it wasn't just going to be another necking session.

With feet that seem to be floating on air, I almost run to the grocery store, wanting to buy what my mom needs before she decides to call the cops on me. Believe me, I am a warrior at the store. I find what I am looking for and then I am out in no time. Which is exactly what I do today, even going as far as walking down the Feminine Hygiene section and grabbing the tampons she wants without gagging. It is then that I passed the Condom aisle…and I freeze in my footsteps. I do have condoms at home. I mean, you never know, right…but…

"Can I help you find anything, sir?"

I blink and turn around to find this,, obviously gay guy, standing beside me and my first thought is to walk away and ignore him, but I figure that he might be the one to help me in my new experience.


"Maximum pleasure or off the charts?" He asks me with a knowing grin.

Hell…off the charts!!

"No…I don't think I need anything, now. See ya!"

Chicken! Nothing but a goddamn chicken, Urameshi! Nice going! But, I can't help it. No way in hell am I going to ask some guy to tell me about how guys get it on…so to speak. I pay quickly and step back into the outside, only to notice two things.

One…I have a ton of stuff to carry.

Two…I suddenly wish I have a car, because I have no intentions of walking into the porno store with my arms filled with tampons and oranges. And as Fate would have it…

"Urameshi!! Hop on in!!"

Kuwabara to the rescue. Why do the gods hate me?

"Whose car did you steal today?" I ask dryly, already dumping my stuff into the back of the sleek black convertible.

"If you must know, my uncle is in town. So, he let me borrow it. So, where to? Back home?"

I sit beside him and bite my lower lip, wondering how to tell him this. I have to go the store and there is no way I am going to let Kuwabara figure out what I am planning to do. If he knows…Kami! I won't hear the end of it for…years!

"I just need to stop by that new shoe place at the other side of town." Good thinking. The porno store wasn't far from there and if I can sneak around the building…

"Cool! I was planning on going there, myself!"

"What the hell for?! Don't you have enough shoes, already?!"

"Don't you?!"

I glare at him and he glares back before we both turn our faces away with loud snorts. "Listen, if you must know, I need to pick up some new tapes from the store. Those ones you got last week sucked big time!"

"Oh yeah! Well, I would love to see you pick up some decent ones, Urameshi! I have been the one spending my entire allowance on you and what do I get in return…nothing!"

Is it just me, or is Kuwabara sounding like my mom?

I close my eyes and tune him out, allowing the image of the Kurama to fill my mind. I suddenly feel this sense of peace and giddy joy, something that I am yet to explain to myself. All too soon, we arrive at the small, almost hidden store and I find myself unable to move. I am now getting cold feet. How am I going to go to the gay section without Kuwabara raising hell about it?

Oh, please, dear god…something happen soon, please!!

"Hold on a sec, Urameshi…gotta get this phone call."

I watch him pick up the cellphone…yes, Kuwabara's uncle's car comes outfitted with it, and I almost cannot believe my good fortune. I listen as he yaps on with someone and then he snaps it shut in irritation. I try to keep a blank expression, but it's a bit hard to accomplish.

"My uncle needs his car back. Man! I guess I have to take you back home."

"No! I mean…why stress? I can just walk from here." I grab my stuff quickly, before he can even say a word and wave him off with the brightest and fakest grin on my face. It is clear that he is not very happy with the turn of events but he goes off without much of a fight. Letting out a huge sigh of relief, I stare at the store and take a deep breath.

This is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done.

The first thing that hits me as I walk into the darkened place is the heavy smell of some weird perfume that almost makes me choke. It's not that I haven't been in a porno store before, but not this particular one and I am almost getting dizzy with the strange and almost heady aroma. I stagger and bump into a row of dildos, feeling myself redden in embarrassment as the image of me going down on Kurama fills my head. Arranging them back up quickly, I walk towards the back of the store…well, where the sign clearly says 'Boys/Men'…and I don't mean the bathrooms, either.

I gape in silent awe at the huge selection of movies and 'equipment' for 'the most satisfying time of your life.' Man…I never knew guys could do stuff like this….and OH, MY GOD!! What the fuck is this position called?!

"Perhaps I can help you with something. You look…fresh to me."

Fresh?? Am I that obvious?! I spin around, unaware that I am still holding the tape with two guys in police uniform 'upholding the law' (my grocery bags had been left by the checkout counter for convenience). The guy is pretty…short and has spiky black hair with a bandana of sorts tied around his head. He has these kind of eyes…you know…these eyes that look like they can see right through you and I knew that lying to this guy is all but hopeless.

"Yeah, I am fresh; so?"

"So…you might need an introductory lesson. I wouldn't recommend that…" he points to the one in my hand. "That's for the advanced. Here…try this one."

He hands me a tape with the picture of two guys just necking, only to turn the back to see the hot and heavy action that eventually goes on. 'Deuces Wild.'

No kidding.

"I'll take it!" I need to get out of here. The air is beginning to get too stifling for me.

"Wouldn't you like to see the other collect…"

"No, thanks! This will do just fine. Could you like ring me up or something? I have to leave…now!"

I have a feeling my mother is going mental, now…or maybe that's me.

Costing me just three bucks for two days, I practically run back home with my hidden treasure, almost spilling the groceries in the process. Dumping them onto the kitchen counter, ignoring my mother's glare of disapproval, I realize that I have only about two hours to spare before I have my date with Kurama. I run up to my room and lock the door behind me, pulling down the shades to give myself that sense of seclusion and quiet. Slipping the tape inside its allotted slot, I sit down and prepare myself to be grossed out in a major way.

An hour and a half later, here I am panting and whimpering like a baby. Kami, if watching alone can do this to me…not to get my hopes up, but I am now so ready to jump Kurama's bones, I just hope and pray he is ready to do the same to me, or this night was going to be one painful one for my body.

Oh, crap! I have only half an hour left!

Gotta take a quick shower!


I am still halfway dressed in only my slacks, my chest still bare and dripping with water, hair plastered to my scalp, when I hear the knock on my door. Freezing my movements, I growl in annoyance. Trust my mother to think up something to ruin my evening.

"Mom…I am going…Kurama?!"

I watch the figure before me as if in a daze. He is still dressed in what he had on this morning, but he smells…different. I am drinking in the sight of him as I watch him do the same to me. I know, because his eyes always seem to go a bit darker whenever he looks at me…in that way.

"Hello, Yuusuke."

And so does his voice. It goes a bit deeper too, you know.


"Our mothers have decided to spend an evening in town together and so I figured that I will stay here to keep an eye on you. Your mother approved of the arrangements." He adds with a light smirk.

Keep an eye on me? I am hoping it will be a whole lot more than just eye contact.

"So…uum…have they gone?" Why is my voice trembling so much?

"Hai, they have." He walks even closer to me and trails his fingers down my bare chest. I groan and close my eyes, the feather-like touches almost driving me insane with need. "We are alone, Yuusuke." He whispers against my ear and I shiver, my body already craving and needing more than just this. "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

I must have nodded, for the next thing I know, I am being pushed back into the room, the door slamming shut behind us. Kami, I love it when his wolfish aggressiveness comes out. I notice that he is now standing still and has an eyebrow quirked up in amusement. Blushing furiously as I realize that I haven't exactly pulled out the tape and the packet is still left on the floor and that my sheets are still messed up, I move quickly to clear them away, only to have his hands stall my movement.

I don't even bother trying to explain my actions. They will only come out sounding like some weak excuse. But I don't think he wants to hear them either. He just pulls me even closer and holds me.

Yep! Just wraps his arms around me in a light hug and then…AAAARGH!!

"What the fuck was that for?!" I am rubbing the area on my left shoulder where he has bitten me, glaring at his smirking face…no…his wolfish face.

"I told you the full moon was coming out soon, Yuusuke…"

"So, did you have to bite me?!"

"Do you want me to kiss it to make it feel all better?"

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