Chapter one

After everyone finished cheering and celebrating, families started to drift off home. Neville and some of the da didn't, they stayed and helped the staff look for anyone that might be under the rubble either dead or they hoped alive and just injured. Harry did tell Neville that Snape was really helping and he would explain more later and asked if they could get some people to go into the shrieking shake and retrieve his body. Neville nodded to Harry then got some friends and headed outside. Harry had spoken with Bill Weasley for a few minutes, then Mr. Weasley before he watched as he took his family home, Hermione going to the Burrow to be with Ron.

Minerva McGonagall stepped over to Harry who was sitting at one of the tables, drinking a cup of tea. She could see he was tired, a few injuries and a lot of blood over him, it got her wondering what Voldemort did to Harry this time. But she figured now it's over, she had time to find that out.

'Alright Harry, time to see Madame Pomfrey.'

'I always planned to Professor, she's just been a bit busy.'

'Well she's got time now, so we'll go see her together.'

'Alright, I know that face, no use arguing with you,' Harry gave his professor a smile then pushed himself up to a groan, 'Oh blimey, I've been sitting too long.'

'That and you have some injuries that you are now feeling, so let's go.'

Harry nodded then walked with Minerva McGonagall up to the hospital wing where they saw more beds than ever before and every bed had someone in it. Two other healers were also with Poppy Pomfrey, all three of them going from bed to bed tending to the wounded.

'I was hoping you two would come see me, so which one first?'

'You go Professor, I'm just going to sit right here.'

'Alright, just don't go anywhere Harry or I'll go find you.'

'I'll be here,' Harry watched as his professor and the healer walked over to a bed. He spotted some of his friends in other beds, so he got up and walked over to one, 'Hey Susan, how you doing?'

'I'm good, but they told me he's dead, you killed him. Is it really over Harry?'

'Yeah, it's over, I just saw Kingsley and some aurors taking his body away. The three of us came upon you and saw what was happening, then Hermione saved you.'

'Oh, I didn't know who it was, can you tell her I would like to see her when she has a chance?'

'I'll tell her, but he's dead too, Greyback. Hermione flung him out the window and for whatever reason, he never levitated himself.'

'He kept telling me he was going to keep me and change me, I'd rather die than be one of those even if Professor Lupin was nice, most aren't.'

'You don't have to worry, you're not going to change, just like with Bill Weasley, you never got bit during the three phases of the full moon.'

'Hearing it from you makes me believe it, thanks Harry. Madame Pomfrey said I would have some contamination, some small werewolf traits, but I won't want to bite anyone or change.'

'No you won't, but now rest okay,' Harry leaned over and kissed her forehead as that was one part of her face that wasn't scared, then he moved over to another bed, 'Hi Cho, what happened?'

'Part of the wall fell on me, Madame Pomfrey said I can't move for at least a week, and I need a lot of potions,' Cho sniffed and gestured Harry closer, 'I can't feel my legs, she said they will heal, but I'm not sure, will they Harry, tell me if they will?'

Harry sat gently on the bed next to Cho, 'If Madame Pomfrey said they will, then they will. She never lied to me, maybe just exaggerated the time I had to stay in here, but that's all.'

'Thanks, I believe you because you never lied to us, but did Colin really die?'

Harry nodded as he sighed, 'Yeah, he did, but he shouldn't have snuck back. He didn't have enough experience to go up against death eaters.'

'Harry, we didn't have enough experience to go up against death eaters. You taught us really well and advanced magic, but they were using the unforgivables.'

'I know,' Harry sighed heavily, 'Not really a fair fight was it Cho, but I'll tell you something,' Harry leaned closer, 'I used an unforgivable on a few.'

Cho smiled, 'Really, you did?'

'Yeah, I did, I just got so angry I couldn't help myself.'

'Don't tell anyone, but I really wanted to kill them Harry. I saw them do some terrible things. I know you've seen things, death, torture. How do you live with all that?'

'Time,' Harry took Cho's hand, 'family, having people you care about around you. That's who you need right now, you're family and your friends. You know if you ever want to talk, I'll be here for you and you do need to talk Cho, and it's better if it's to someone that can understand. But you have a lot of people that do understand now.'

'Yeah,' Cho looked up and down at all the beds, 'Do you know how many died?'

'No, a lot though, but considering how many supporters he had, we did come out of this pretty good. I wish no one died, but when you get into a fight like that one, death is just part of it. But we survived Cho, a lot of us and we can go on and think of this, he's gone so we've got a good chance at a decent and safe life now.'

'Yes, we do and even though I did help, you did kill him. It seemed it was always going to come down to you in the end.'

'It was going to be either him or me to kill the other. That's basically what the prophecy said.'

'But I heard rumours that it was broken, the night you're godfather died.'

'It was, but Dumbledore was told the prophecy by the seer, so he told me.'

'Alright Harry, you're turn,' the matron said walked over to him.

'I'll talk to you later Cho and you will get better, trust Madame Pomfrey,' Harry leaned in and kissed her forehead, gave her a small smile, then followed the matron to another bed with screens around it and waited to see what problems she would find.