Chapter thirty

Harry stared up into Severus' dark eyes while they dance and he felt it, deep in his very soul, the love he had for this man, but could he say it, could he risk saying those words again and lose him like he lost Sirius.

'Harry, love, what's wrong?' Severus stopped them dancing and put his hands to Harry's face.

'I'm scared.'

'Why, everything worked love, it's fine.'

'That's not what I'm scared about, you were brilliant, even fooled the former head auror,' Harry tightened his arms, 'I know Sev, I know how I feel about you, but I'm scared to tell you.'

'Come with me,' Severus took Harry's hand and led them out the back of the marquee, 'Nothing is going to happen to me if you say it, I'm not going to die. The war is over, Voldemort is dead, there's no more danger. But if you can't then don't, I told you that, I know how you feel, I don't need to hear it. Maybe you might need more time love, so take some time.'

Harry kissed Severus and he put every bit of love he felt for him into that kiss. It was passionate, but very loving.

When their lips parted, Harry touched his face, 'Severus, I love you, I truly love you. Now if you die on me, I'm joining you.'

Severus wrapped his arms tight around Harry, 'I'm not going to die love, we're going to be together until we very old,' Severus kissed Harry's lips very gently, 'I love you Harry with all my heart,' he put one hand inside his pocket, 'I want us to join as legal partners,' Severus opened his hand to reveal two small ring boxes, 'What do you say love?'

Harry stared at the rings before looking back up into Severus' eyes, then he nodded before they kissed again. This time when their lips parted they kept staring at each other for the longest time.


'When, you mean when can we be joined?'

'Yes, now, can we do it now Sev, I want to know I'm legally yours and your mine.'

'Well the minister for magic can perform bonding ceremony's, we could ask him.'

'Yes, let's because I want this now before my fear makes me run.'

'I won't let you run and if you did, I would follow and find you. So come on, let's go talk to him.'

Harry nodded, they joined hands then walked back into the marquee and over to the minister for magic.

'Kingsley, we need a favour.'

'If I can Harry, is this about what happened before?'

'No Minister, we wish to bond and now if you wouldn't mind,' Severus stared down at Harry.

'Oh, well, yes, I could if you're both sure, but what about rings, and vows?'

Severus opened his hand again, 'Rings are covered, as for vows, I think we can speak from our hearts, what do you say love?'

'Yeah, we could.'

'Alright, stand there and I'll let everyone know,' Kingsley stood up and pointed his wand at his throat, 'Can I have everyone's attention please,' Kingsley waited, 'It seems there is going to be a wedding, Mr. Severus Snape and Mr. Harry Potter are joining together in a bonding and they want to do it now. So please, everyone gather around the happy couple.'

'Get Hermione and Ron Harry, they can stand for both of us.'

Harry nodded and turned, 'Hermione, Ron, get your arses up here as our witnesses,' he yelled making everyone laugh.

Hermione and Ron hurried towards Harry and Severus, but Hermione threw her arms around Harry, hugging him in a Molly Weasley type hug.

'I love him Hermione, I want him forever.'

Hermione let go of Harry, 'I could see the love you had for him Harry, you were just scared, because of Sirius.'

'Yes, he was the only person I ever said those words to, then he died. I didn't want to risk it, but I can't deny it any more, I love Sev.'

'Then let's get this bonding ceremony under way,' Kingsley called then stood in front of the two men and started speaking, all about love, commitment, friendship, honesty, but most importantly, to always be there for the other.

'Severus, your vows.'

'Harry, I tried to deny the love I felt for you, sometimes I was cruel so you would never see it. But you broke through my barrier that I placed around my heart. I told you that I want to love you and take care of you, I do. You mean the world to me and I want us together forever. So until I take my last breath, you will be mine.'

'Harry, your vows.'

'Severus, I too tried to deny the love I felt for you, I was scared to love, scared to say the words. But I felt the love you had for me and it just went straight through to my very soul. I want to belong to you and I want you to belong to me. So until I take my last breath, I will love you, but I will tell you I love you every day so you know I have no more fear, you are my life.'

'Severus, do you take Harry to be your bonded partner, to live together, to give yourself to him fully, to give your heart and your soul to him from this day until your last day?'

Severus smiled at Harry, 'I do.'

'Harry, do you take Severus to be your bonded partner, to live together, to give yourself to him fully, to give your heart and your soul to him from this day until your last day?'

Harry grinned, 'I definitely do.'

'Please exchange rings and repeat these words together as you slide the ring onto your partners finger,' Kingsley waited until they both held a ring and the others hand, 'This ring I give you.'

'This ring I give you,' Severus and Harry said together.

'Is to show our bond and our love, to confirm our commitment to each other. This ring that has no beginning and no ending is a symbol of our love that has no beginning and no ending. This ring is a sign of our love and our future together,' Severus and Harry finished sliding the rings onto their partner's fingers.

'As I pass my wand over your joined hands, your bond is confirmed and your rings that you now wear will never leave your fingers as long as there is love for each other in your hearts,' Kingsley finished his wand movements and the two rings glowed brightly before fading, 'You are now bonded as partners, as lovers, as friends, as soul mates, you are joined to become one. So Harry, Severus, you may kiss your partner.'

Harry and Severus stared into each other's eyes before their lips met to loud applause and whistles from the crowd. Their lips never left the other, their arms were wrapped around the other and they didn't care what was going on or what anyone was saying. All they felt and heard was each other's love, from that moment on, their love would never leave them.

The end: