Eddi was beginning to panic. She'd just had a run-in with a patient and she needed comoxadin…

No Eddi, you can't, you promised Luc you wouldn't.

She needed to find him as he was the only thing stopping her from taking them again.

She desperately ran out of AAU to the café. Nothing. Outside; still nothing. She checked Darwin and Keller; he was nowhere to be seen. She looked in the locker room and he wasn't there either.

It wasn't until she checked outside again that she found him. He was sitting on one of the benches, head in his hands. He looked upset, tired and on his knees rested a piece of white paper. "Luc! Hey, what's up?" she asked as he looked up. His face was definitely tear-stained, Eddi could see that and he quickly tried to hide the paper that had rested on his knees.


"Doesn't look like nothing." She mumbled. "What's that?" she asked, pointing to the paper.

"A patient's notes…"

"Can I see?"

"Why?" Luc asked.

"If you've got nothing to hide then you'll let me see them!"

Luc sighed and reluctantly gave her them.

Eddi scanned the page.

For the attention of: Mr Luc Hemmingway

Radiotherapy, CTU and Chemotherapy scan results are as followed:

She carried on reading. As she got further and further down the page, she got more emotional. "Luc, you're going to… to die?" Eddi whispered as a tear floated down her cheek gracefully. "You told me you were getting better!"

Luc sighed. "I was told I was… I've just been for a scan, the tumour is bigger now and inoperable so…"

"How long?" Eddi asked, a lump rising in her throat.

"A week… tops."

"One week? Is that it?!"

"Eddi…" Luc started, softly.

"No, Luc. You promised me that you were getting better! You said you'd never leave me! I won't be able to cope if I lose you forever!"

"Eddi, look…"

All of a sudden, Luc couldn't breathe. His chest felt heavy and his head hurt. His vision started to go blurry and he could hear Eddi shouting for help. "Eddi, don't forget I love you… Always." He smiled for one last time and then his entire world was plunged into darkness like no other.

Darkness that, for once, he couldn't conquer.