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Family Ties 2: Forever

Chapter 1

The two shots were aimed at the brass hinges and the door came visibly loose. Cobra stood back, raised his leg and swiftly kicked down the door. Powdered concrete came billowing out from inside. Jaguar produced a grenade from his webbing and pulled the pin. Keeping it tightly in his hand for a few seconds while he directed his aim he threw it in through the doorway and round the small corner. It was only seconds after he had let it go that the loud explosion of the grenade could be heard and yet another cloud of dust, smoke, powdered concrete and brick drifted out of the door. All four soldiers ran through the cloud and made their way inside, laser sights and torches attached to their weapons dancing round the long corridor and bouncing of walls and dust particles. Kicking down doors in the corridor, they found it virtually empty.

"Over here!" Lynx called. The other three soldiers made their way over to Lynx, they looked through the door and found that it led down a long flight of stone steps; some were wearing away from use and age. At the bottom was a grey metal door.

"They have to be down there!" Jaguar told them. "They're clearly not up here. Let's go. Cobra, the honours, please." He said indicating to the explosions expert of their four man team. Cobra made his way down the stairs carefully, minding out for tripwires and motion sensors. He found none and was down at the bottom of the stairs in no time. He placed the magnetic explosive near the lock on the door and set it to explode within fifteen seconds, that allowed him to get back up the stairs and then move back a couple of metres out of the way with the team.

The beeping of the charge could be heard momentarily before the explosion. The door swung open, barely hanging onto its hinges from the force of the blast. Some of the metal had been torn from the door leaving a rugged and sharp edge. They moved through the door carefully. Shooting the people who had come to see the commotion had been easy and swift, they searched the small room for anything on what they were looking for.


The next room was more promising, it was filled with computers whirring away and men wearing shirts and ties were sat at them typing away. All their screens were filled with code. Each man received a shot to the head and were killed instantly. What they were working on was illegal and a threat to national security. Jaguar was following orders and found the main computer and fired off several rounds into its motherboard. All the computers shut down automatically and a siren started going off. The men ignored it, knowing they had to complete their mission. In the next room was a tidy office, it was painted a neutral magnolia and had bookcases lining the left and right walls. On the back wall was a small slit window that led to the outside, it was not big enough for anyone but a small child to fit through which is why they found the boss of the corporation they were getting rid of sat at his desk. He looked as if he was trying to hide behind his large computer but it wasn't doing him any good. He was a large man with thick rimmed glasses; he wore a suit and had very little hair. Beads of sweat dripped down his face from his forehead and he was shaking slightly. Tiger pulled a weapon from the holster at the side of the right leg and shot the man in the shoulder with a tranquiliser. He would go back to HQ for interrogation. This was only the first part of the mission. It was from here that a nuclear bomb had been programmed so that it was untraceable. However, they had not been very good at hiding their own tracks as many of their finances had large sums of money that seems to have come from nowhere and were being spent on electronics.

The man slumped in the chair and Jaguar radioed the HQ to tell them that the mission was accomplished and that they needed someone to get Granger out from the basement of the building.

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