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"Hey"- human/intercom speech

'Hey'- human thought

"Hey"- computer/mutation form speech

Let's begin

Alex was 'escorted' to his testing chamber, in shackles, under threat of electrocution if he refused. Needless to say, he was going to his next test; he mused that it was a continuation of his water adaptation, as that was what they began last time. He might become another monster again, too. Maybe he could finally escape.

Approaching the door, his shackles undone and shoved into the room, the door closing behind him, he scowled at their rude behavior, but awaited the scientist to speak.

He momentarily realized his mind seems to be much clearer, and he didn't feel the fluctuation of intelligence the experiments had cursed him with. While happy he didn't have the IQ of a child, he knew he was nowhere near smart enough to outwit that damnable scientist who brought him here all those years ago. Doesn't mean he couldn't try…

The intercom in the corner of the room on the ceiling crackled to life. "Begin the test. We have a special guest here: General Ross." The infuriating condescending voice of the scientist spoke.

Alex looked at the surrounding walls as panels moved, revealing pipes that soon flooded the room with water. He sighed as he realized they were going to force him into the more destructive water adaptation form. As the water reached his waist, he already felt the biological changes taking hold within his body as the change of his skin becoming blue scales traveled up his legs. He resigned himself to his fate as a monster. For now.


A man sat in a cell, silent, alone, but not alone. In his mind, a voice whispered to him to kill.




The voice became commonplace to the man ever since the event that caused him to be sent to this place… 220 years ago. He wasn't insane! He didn't do those things! He didn't kill those people! He didn't bring about Armageddon…

220 years ago, this man was born, but he was born in a ritual, a dark ceremony that sealed a demon within him. Was it the devil? Was it merely one of his servants? No one knew, but they knew it was evil. As soon as he could walk, the demon overtook him and slaughtered everyone in the village. As he grew, so did the demon in power, and its foothold in his mind. By the time he was thirty, he had already killed over a million people, all with his bare hands. During that time, he was creating something: a tower. In the middle of the ocean. A tower that would pierce the skies. He did this for his final plan to kill everyone. While extremely farfetched, when one has a demon sealed in them, anything might be possible. Taking a single sniper rifle and using his demonic influence to arrange for multiple oil tankers to arrive at every major continent, his plan was to plunge the world into Armageddon. Using forces only a demon of its caliber could attain, he saw far beyond what was humanly possibly, and fired one bullet at each oil tanker when they were connected to the mainland, causing a chain reaction of explosions and fire to sweep across the land, devastating the world as he killed millions. For his crimes, he was sentenced to death, but he would not die. Lethal injection, hangings, firing squad, electric chair, beheading, everything they could think of to kill a person, he survived.

He couldn't be human. Even now, the monster within him cackled with glee in remembrance of that time. Its grating laugh mocked him; taunted him with the memories. Even now, he could feel its cold hands clawing at his brain, trying to overtake him for another 'session', as they had come to call it. He could already hear the servos as they raised the solid adamantium walls outside his cell, already knowing his will was weak enough to turn. He despised them and their complacent disregard for his mental strength. He despised them and their inability to try to help him. He despised them with every fiber of his being; if he could control this demon, he would paint the walls with their blood and make rugs of their skin. He didn't deny that he was being more and more wicked in his behavior and mind. He didn't care; they deserve it. Deciding fighting back would achieve nothing, the man let his inner demon take him.

As the foul black influence stretched across the surface of his skin, obsidian lines etching demonic runes upon his body, burning through his clothes until he was left with the tattered remains of his pants now made into shorts. With each footstep, a tribal marking in the shape of his feet appeared on the floor then slowly corrupted the environment, increasing its dark reach as the marks on the man did the same for his skin.

A beast stalked the halls as this man turned demon wandered ominously. Blue scales, webbed, clawed hands and feet, navy blue mop of hair, wide pointed snout, large blank black eyes, three rows of teeth, gills twitching on the sides of its throat, a shark tail swaying behind it and a large fin grew out of its back, thin yet strong enough to cut steel. Curiously, around the beasts torso was a rope of electric-blue beads, like frozen water, yet they shimmered as if they held the liquid. It wore the tattered remains of Alex's pants, the lower halves gone because of the thick scaled legs that form, special 'frills' of scales on the calves for shredding. It had almost a blade-like extension on the forearms, ending in a sharp point at the elbow. It stopped, staring at the black figure before it.

In front of this shark-creature stood what was once a man, now turned gateway for a demon that brought about the End of Days. His skin was as black as the granite floors they walked upon, his eyes as white as the small specks within said flooring, the only thing standing out being his lavender shorts and the silver clasps on his wrists. As the dim lights slowly turned off from the farthest edges of the hall towards them, this dark figure was obscured more and more in the darkness until two white orbs floated in the dark.

The dark influence his trek here created from his footsteps reached the generator for the entire building, and then snuffed it out, thus causing the power to fail. Around them inside the facility, experiments and tortured individuals escaped.

Joshua fled with Briggs and Rusk, Jackie escaped, taking all his cameras with him, various other individuals ran from the place that brought them so much pain, including some individuals that would pique your interest, but that is a story for another day, and Alex… Alex was facing the demon container. His name was Anders, Michael Anders, but he preferred to be called Nighter. The demon made him do terrible things, things he would rather forget. And now… he was facing someone with a burden of his own, a burden of madness, a burden of a forgotten past, a burden of revenge… And he might kill him.

"Run." He said, and he exploded with darkness, every entrance and exit of the facility burst open with blackness, a battered and heavily injured Alex cast out, now human again. He was heavily burned, and even missing some skin and muscles in some areas on his body. He coughed blood and winced, gritting his teeth as his advanced regeneration began its work, as he already felt the tingling sensation around his wounds and his body overall, due to the burns. As he stood up, he looked at the night sky, and cried. Not in anguish, not in pain, but in pure happiness; he was free! Free from that hell! Free from the scientist who started it all! Free from so much pain…

He was going to get as far away from this place as he could, and never look back. As he limped across the night desert, he didn't see the figure stepping out of the darkness of the building. Nighter walked again.

(With Joshua, Briggs, and Rucks)

"Holy shit, we're free!" Joshua whooped as he ran through the desert, happier than he had ever been.

"Fuck yes!" Rucks agreed as he ran alongside Josh, finally free of the hellhole.

Briggs merely grunted in agreement, running on all fours like an animal, as it proved much faster than running with just his legs, as he was keeping up just fine with his comrades, not having to worry about getting sand on his body, thanks to the body-suit.

"Where do we go? What do we do?" Josh asked after a while. "While the shit Michael did killed a lot of people, there's still civilization and plenty of people, but I think they're confined to just the America's and a small faction in the other countries. I heard there were some environments that completely changed and are uninhabitable, due to their extremes."

"I think we're better off going to one of the small, possibly more understanding countries. The U.S.A. is full of hypocrites who would see us as monsters, and some of the major countries would be too wary of us to live out our lives. How's Italy sound to you guys?" Rucks asked, already musing on their mode of transportation.

Again, Briggs grunted. He seemed to be concentrating hard on something, as he was silent, his comrades glad to be free of his cynical comments for at least a while.

"Ah, Italia! Come vorrei che il mio paese di origine! (Ah, Italy! How I long for my home country!)" Josh cried, showing his heritage from the boot-shaped country.

"…I have no idea what you just said, but ditto!" Rucks cried back.

Briggs' eyebrow would be twitching if he had one.

"But how are we going to get there?" Josh asked.

"I have an idea; we might need to sneak on a boat. Or, if we can bull shit our way through, we can just buy a few tickets there." Rucks explained.

"How? I might be able to get a ticket, but Briggs is in a full body suit and you don't have skin on your arms; that's going to raise a few eyebrows."

"Hmm, you might have a point. Can you sneak in somewhere and steal me some bandages? As for Briggs… I have no idea." Rucks offered.

"Bring me a coat." Briggs said plainly in his croaking voice.

Joshua nodded and, once they made it to a city, told them to wait in a nearby alley and left to bring the supplies.

(One hour later)

Josh came back with a long brown coat hanging off his arm and a large roll of gauze in his hand, as well as some plane tickets in his pockets. "I jumped some guy and used his money for the coat and tickets. I had to steal this stuff from a clinic. Here." He explained, offering the coat and gauze to his comrades.

Nodding, Rucks and Briggs took the offered supplies and went to work. Rucks managed to wrap the gauze around his skinned arms, turning the stark-white bandages red with his fresh blood. Briggs put on the jacket and that's about all he did.

Josh and Rucks both raised an eyebrow at him. "That's all you're going to do?" Josh voiced their question.

"I've been watching while we waited. This generation is weird. I've seen a bunch of kids dressed in different colors of the suit I'm wearing, so I'll be fine." Briggs explained dryly.

Josh and Rucks blinked owlishly at him. "This generation is weird…" They said together.

"Wait, if it's okay to wear that, then why'd you ask for a coat? You have other clothes on so you don't need it." Josh asked.

"It's cold." Briggs said simply.

Josh and Rucks deadpanned at him but decided to leave it at that and Josh led the trio to the airport.

(With Jackie)

Jackie was running through the desert night as if the devil himself was on his heels, using the tentacles of his backpack to go faster than he would on his own feet. As he ran away from his prison within a prison, he mused on what he should do with all these cameras, and just what to do with his life now that he was free.

He wondered if he could make a new home for himself, with his security to protect him in case the main scientist somehow survived that flood of darkness and the explosion afterwards.

He ran towards the nearest town and looked for a relatively nice abandoned building and set up shop there. He found his new home and he would make sure no one would find him here.

(With Michael)

"YoU cAn'T hIdE wHaT yOu ArE mIcHaEl…" An all-too-familiar voice whispered inside Michael's head.

Michael grit his teeth and grasped his head. "Shut up! I'm not a monster! You're the monster! I just want to live a normal life! If I wasn't born to that bastard tribe, I might've had a normal life! But I wasn't, and I'm willing to live with my past, but you destroy my chances of trying to be normal!" He yelled back at the darkness inside him.

"NoRmAl, NoRmAl, NoRmAl, Is ThAt AlL yOu EvEr TaLk AbOuT?" His demon asked, mocking him to no end.

Michael growled like the demon he held and roared to the sky. "SHUT UP!" In an explosion of darkness, the sand around him was turned into what could only be described as black glass. It was hard and cold, yet there were some areas where it lifted off and wisped in the air like flames around him. The same markings from before appeared around his eyes, hands, and feet, but only went that far, then slowly receded.

As the desert sun began to rise on the horizon, the demon within him roared at the light and was silenced, but a wing of its form burst from his back, shielding him, but more importantly it, from the sunlight, saving him from the harsh rays as he began his trek towards the nearest sign of civilization.

(With trio of new (At least to you guys) experiments)

"I'm telling you, Flock, I sssssaw a ccccity nearby." A man hissed to his comrade in freedom.

"And I'm telling you, Scaler, fuck a city! I just want to go in a forest and make my nest of birds in peace! And my name's Jacob, not Flock, Zachary." Jacob glared at the snake-like Zach. The third of their group was quiet the entire time, his snow-white hair covering his right red eye, his left green watching them both calmly. While this description of his head alone would make one think it was Alex, it was not. In fact, this was his so called 'big brother', though he was more of a predecessor in terms of an experiment. This man alone held the odd blades Alex could sprout from his body, but he could not adapt to the environments like his successor. He was also Alex's complete opposite; he had kept his sanity during his time in the facility, he was built, strong, tough. His name was Volf Ludving; they took him from Bavaria, Germany, when he was two. He was twenty-three now.

Zach had the decency to look sheepish, well, as sheepish as a man with no facial muscles can look. Blasted snake DNA. "Whatever. All I'm ssssaying is that you go your way, and I go mine. We never sssssee each other again; agreed?" He offered his clawed hand, showing the green scales, light-green underbelly of his palm and forearm, and black nails for claws.

"Agreed. Good luck, you bastard. What about you, Volf?" Jacob shook his hand and asked their third part member, only to find he was already on his way into the city. Shrugging his shoulders, they parted ways from Jaco, Jacob sinking into the forest, and Zachary continuing his trek towards civilization.

Thankfully, Zachary managed to steal a hoodie from the facility before he left, so he wouldn't alarm any normal humans with his appearance. Volf didn't need such disguises, as he was the least physical deformed of anyone, excluding people like Joshua, Alex, and Michael. They walked amongst the humans, none of them even turning a head to look at them curiously. Odd. They were walking down a slanted sidewalk from a hill when they heard a shout of 'Look out!'

Whipping around faster than some expected, Volf thrust his arms out, catching the runaway rolling couch in his hands.

"Whoa! How'd you do that?" Someone asked.

"Uh…" Zach interjected, answering for Volf. "He drinks a lot of milk?" He offered.

The people seemed to believe it. Is this generation that stupid? "What's up with your face?" Someone else asked.

Cursing to himself, Zachary answered. "Uh, I'm on my way to a costume party." He offered. Again, they believed him. He fought the urge to sigh at their sheer stupidity. Waiting for the movers who let the couch roll away to take the piece of furniture, they went on their way about the city, marveling at the sights they were deprived of inside the facility. Well, Zach did, Volf just eyed them curiously.

Zach's yellow, slitted eyes took in everything as he smiled, somewhat menacingly given his face, at the prospect of living in this city.

(With Jacob)

Jacob had sauntered into the forest, looking for either an abandoned shed or a large tree. Thankfully, he found what appeared to be an abandoned lighthouse… in the middle of a forest.

Shrugging that weirdness off, 'Soil erosion or some shit', he went inside, finding it immediately to his liking. Seeing as no one was around, he reached behind himself and undid a pair of straps on the back of his shirt, letting his obsidian crow wings burst from his shirt, the grey feathers at the edges shining in the moonlight. "Ah, much better." He muttered to himself. He popped a few joints and rolled his neck and shoulders as a pair of robins landed on his shoulders. "Hey there. Care to give me the lay of the land?" He asked them, and they seemed to understand him. Within a few tweets, he had understood he was in the state of California, near the border to Nevada, hence the desert trek here. He offered them a place in his new home, as well as for any other of their avian friends and neighbors. Watching them fly off to 'spread the word', Jacob set about refurbishing the lighthouse for his tastes.

(With Alex)

The white haired teen was already within city limits, walking amongst the people, cradling his arms in paranoia and fear; what was this place? Who were these people? What are these giant… things people kept going in and coming out of?

All kinds of questions buzzed in his head as he walked through the city, slowly grabbing his head and gritting his teeth in pain as everything was getting to him.

(With Michael)

Michael was taking his time walking through the desert out of Nevada; he had a lot of thinking to do. Where would he go? What would he do? Could he lead a normal life now that he was free of the facility? Would this damnable monster within him let him be? He highly doubted it, but one could hope. Due to his own pace, the sun was already setting in the desert, the wing of his demon receding into his body as he could already feel it fighting him for control in the night, in the darkness. Seeing no use in fighting it, he gave control over, falling unconscious as his body remained standing, under the control of his demon. He was tired… so, so tired… He just wanted to sleep… for a little bit.

Back in the facility, as the smoke settled, and the rubble laid in its piles, the structure of the building finally falling down on itself, a pile shifted slightly. A muffled cough sounded as a gloved hand popped out, reaching around for a set of glasses. As the head the glasses belonged to rose, the top scientist cough at the dust around him.

End Ch. 6

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