Niles closed the door to his bedroom, making sure it was locked tightly. As he did, he could hear Maris loudly lecturing the staff. He hoped to stay out of the line of fire by hiding in here. She had just announced hours ago that she would be taking yet another trip to Europe. This would be par for the course, except that this trip was one-way. Maris had not specified when, or even if she planned to return. To Niles, it was the last straw. It was now painfully clear that things in his marriage were getting worse, not better. And so, he had to think about his future.

As a child, Niles had learned the value of putting one's feelings down on paper. He well remembered times when he'd been taunted by a bully at school, only to come home and write a story in which he was able to outsmart said bully. He used to fill up page after page in his diary about Frasier's need to constantly one-up him. But of course, as an adult, his feelings were now far more complex. And, lately, those feelings had centered on one particular person. With all of this on his mind, he sat at his familiar desk and picked up a fresh piece of paper. Pen in hand, he began to write.

Dearest Daphne,

I love you. I know that must come a somewhat of a shock to you...

Daphne read the letter one more time. It had arrived two days ago from her mother in Manchester. Among the usual stories of her brothers' exploits there had been a mention of Daphne's childhood best friend. They'd done nearly everything together when they were growing up. Once Daphne decided to become a physical therapist and move to the US, the two drifted apart. But now, apparently, the girl (now a woman, of course) was engaged to be married. Daphne's mother had made sure to mention that Daphne herself was not getting any younger, and if she ever planned to giver poor, old mother a grandchild, she'd better get her act together.

"Oh, Mum!" Daphne said out loud, as if her mother could hear her. Didn't she understand that Daphne was happy with her life? Sure, Mr. Crane and Dr. Crane weren't exactly ideal, but she loved them both dearly. And yes, she did sometimes envy Roz's carefree life. But she'd also spent countless nights on the phone with Roz, consoling her after a nasty breakup. Yes, she was definitely better off single!

"Are you still reading that letter from your mother, Daphne?" Dr. Crane said as he entered the living room.

Daphne looked up at her boss and nodded. "I'll never understand why me mum thinks me life won't be complete until I've got a husband!"

Frasier gave her a sympathetic smile. "You never know, Daphne. Your Mr. Right could walk through that door any minute now."

Just then, there was a knock at the front door. Daphne gave a skeptical glance at Dr. Crane. The timing was eerie. She shrugged at him and went to answer it.

"Hello, all!" Niles entered the apartment, smiling, as always, at the sight of Daphne.