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Chapter Twenty



"But why?"

"I said no Stark and that's my final word." Natasha huffs annoyed. "No you will not build a miniature Iron Man uniform for Phil's birthday!" Her husband has the stupid idea to build a uniform for their five year old baby boy as a gift. Something she absolutely refuses to allow.

She doesn't take her eyes from her book but she knows he is pouting. The years they spent together as collogues and a couple helped Natasha learn who Tony Stark is better than anyone else. They've been together for ten years and counting and she can't believe how lucky she was to find him.

"Alright." He mumbles disappointed as he pulls his phone out. "Yeah call it off." She can hear him whispering to someone. "No she didn't like the idea." Natasha can hear laughs from the other end of the line as she tries to hold back a smile herself. This time though Tony knows better than to go against his pregnant wife's whishes.

He plants a quick kiss on her lips and walks out of the room still talking on the phone with Bruce no doubt about that. Her mind drifts back to the night she decided to give it a try and where that brought her.

Yes she made the right choice.

This is where she belongs, she thinks as she caresses her small bump while her son sleeps curled up beside her.

Her life couldn't be more perfect.

~The End~

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