Tamaki walked through the hallways at school before classes, looking down at his camera as he got ready to videotape his journey to his locket. The camera's record light glowed a satisfying red as he switched it on and moved it to chest height to begin his walk.

"Hey Tamaki!" Hikaru greeted, suddenly appearing before Tamaki's camera.

"Oh hey," Tamaki replied, zooming in for an annoying close-up on his friend. "Did you finish the history project?"

Hikaru looked sheepishly at him and shuffled the textbook in his hand. "Not exactly."

Tamaki looked up from the camera to look at his friend. "You're kidding, right? You know that that project is worth like 100 points."

"Yeah, but I was really busy last night…" he trailed off, looking uncomfortable.

Tamaki turned his attention back to his camera and moved the zoom back so that he could see the whole busy hallway around them. "Hey where's Kaoru?" Tamaki questioned, suddenly concerned. The twins were usually attached at the hips and they had been that way since Kaoru had come back from the hospital.

Hikaru looked behind him with a worried look. "I don't know," he said sadly. "He seemed kind of out of it this morning. I don't know if he's mad at me or…" He turned back to Tamaki and offered a small smile and shrugged.

Tamaki flipped the camera off.

During 2D art, Tamaki turned on his camera subtly. He was trying a different type of filming where he captured people acting naturally. So he set the camera down onto his desk quietly, where he sat in the back of the room, and aimed it at their art teacher at the front of the room.

"And here we have…" the teacher began, changing the slide on her weird power point tutorial.

But Tamaki immediately lost interest and turned his camera to survey the students. This was the only class he shared with twins, so he immediately sought them out. Hikaru sat only a few desks away, so zoomed in. He chuckled to see Hikaru with his head down in his arms; he was probably sleeping under there.

Then he turned to the other side of the room where Kaoru sat near the window. He zoomed in and stared at his screen. Kaoru was sitting straight up… staring out the window. Tamaki was so confused that he looked up from his camera to look at Kaoru with his own eyes. Because of his camera and videos, Tamaki was observant and he knew for a fact that that was not how Kaoru usually… sat.

He shook his head at himself. He was probably just imagining things.

"Tamaki!" the teacher suddenly snapped, drawing his attention to the front. "Put that dang camera away. I tell you almost every other day."

Tamaki smiled as the class giggled and stared at him. But he noticed… Kaoru was still staring out the window.

He closed the view window.

Tamaki set his tray down at his table but still held his camera in his hand; he was the last to join them but they had barely started eating. "About time!" Hikaru cried, punching him and shaking the camera.

He chuckled and turned the camera on Haruhi. "How are you doing today, Haruhi?"

"Get thing off me," Haruhi said in a threatening voice, taking a bite of mashed potatoes.

Kyoya stopped sipping his orange juice when the camera was turned on him. "When are you going to cut the crap?" Kyoya said gesturing to the camera.

"Aw, come on guys!" Tamaki exclaimed. "You enjoy the videos I make."

"Yeah, but not every waking minute of the day," Haruhi said. Mori and Honey nodded their agreement.

"Oh, come on," Tamaki complained, panning the camera around the table while his friends ate. But he stopped on Kaoru who was sitting quietly, sitting straight up. He was staring at his own food expressionlessly, not even touching it. His hands were lying firmly in his lap. Kaoru just stared.

Haruhi threw her hand in front of the camera and said, "Tamaki, seriously. Turn it off and eat."

He smiled and turned it off.

After lunch, Tamaki followed Kaoru out into the halls, turning his camera back on. "Hey Kaoru!" Tamaki called.

Kaoru stopped stiffly but turned and waited for Tamaki to catch up. Tamaki raised his camera.

"Are you feeling okay?" he asked, genuinely concerned.

Kaoru eyes traced over Tamaki's face with no emotion. "Yeah, fine," he said slowly. "Why do you ask?"

"You just seem… off today," Tamaki said.

Kaoru's face flickered with an unreadable expression. "Well, I'm fine," he said shortly.

"Oh," Tamaki said, not knowing what to say. But then he asked, "Are you sure?"

Kaoru's face turned downward into a scowl. "When are you going to get it that I'm fine? And get that camera out of my face."

"But you know that I videotape-" but his voice faltered. Kaoru had turned his gaze directly on the camera, and at that exact moment, the camera screen went fuzzy until the entire picture was just static lines.

Tamaki looked up, opened mouth, but Kaoru was already walking away.

He turned the camera off.

Tamaki caught up to Hikaru after school before he met up with Kaoru. "You have to get a look at this," Tamaki urged, walking with his friend.

"No, Tamaki," Hikaru denied. "I'm not watching one of your videos again."

"No but this is important. This is about Kaoru."

Hikaru stopped in his tracks and looked at him seriously. "What about him?"

"Just watch," Tamaki said. Tamaki went through each video, showing Hikaru each thing he found weird. With each piece of footage, Hikaru begin to look more and more terrified.

"See what I mean?" Tamaki asked.

"I've got to go talk to him," Hikaru said urgently. And then he was gone, pacing in the direction of Kaoru's locker on the other side of the school.

Tamaki looked down one last time at his camera footage before shutting it off.