Dad stepped forward, looking down at the floor where his son had disappeared into the floor. "What just happened?" Hikaru asked, looking with wide eyes.

Turning back, Kiyoshi said, "I have to go down there. He probably just lost control."

"Don't even try," a voice boomed out of nowhere.

The two turned to find Kaoru's body standing in the doorway. His face was screwed up into a smile that was utterly unlike Kaoru that Hikaru just wanted to punch his face in. "What the hell are you doing here?" Hikaru asked, taking a step back against the bed.

The imposter's eyes flicked down at the bowl placed in the middle of the floor. It was filled with the ingredients that they needed for the ritual. "I knew you were going to try this sometime or later," the demon said with a smile. "But you can't succeed. My link is strengthening while Kaoru's is dying. Speaking of the kid, where is he?"

Kiyoshi scowled. "He's not here. Leave my son alone."

The demon turned on Kiyoshi. "Well, where ever you put the bastard, he should be pretty weak by now because I heard that the break between the body and soul is the most painful experience for any mortal." He grinned wider.

While he was distracted, Hikaru placed his hand behind him, searching for… There, he found it! His hand tightened over the black pair of scissors and he brought them to his side.

Kaoru's body paced closer to Kiyoshi as he said, "I hope he feels every last cut as his body is ripped –"

Hikaru whipped forward, tackling the demon spawn into the ground with a loud thud. It tried to push Hikaru off with a growl, but Hikaru pinned him down and took the scissors and snipped off a thick lock of Kaoru's hair, leaving a short spot in his hair above his right ear. "Get the fuck off," it yelled.

Hikaru flew to his feet and backed over to the bowl on the floor. He quickly dropped the hair into the bowl and discarded the scissors onto the bed in exchange for the box of matches. Immediately, he lit one match and threw it into the contents. It flamed upwards.

"You little shit," the demon cried, scrambling to his feet. But then he smiled again. "It doesn't matter though. The spell calls for my name and neither of you know it."

"But Kaoru does?" Hikaru asked quickly, testing for a reaction.

Something vague flashed through its eyes. "No one knows," the demon said lowly.

Hikaru yelled to his father, "Find Kaoru! He knows its name!"

Dad disappeared instantly at the words and Hikaru turned on the demon as it yelled, "You can't do the ritual if you're DEAD!"

Hikaru's eyes widened with fear as the demon ran at him. In instinct, Hikaru raised his arms and felt power strain through him and he blasted the room with bright wide light, blinding everything from view. And within the light, Hikaru heard the demon scream.

Hikaru didn't waste another second. He flung himself back at the bed and snatched up the large kitchen knife they had prepared and raised his arm to the blade. The white light filtered away just as Hikaru found his way back to the flaming bowl.

"Blood of my blood," Hikaru whispered, swiping the knife quickly across his forearm to create a swell of blood. He tipped his arm so that the blood dripped into the flames.

The blood met the flames and it burst into green light. Hikaru raised his eyes to the demon who was plastered against the wall from the energy that had hit him. But then he peeled himself away, ready for another attack. Unconsciously, Hikaru's grip tightened on the knife.

Kaoru had his face pressed to the carpet of the living room beneath Hikaru's room. The room was spinning and Kaoru watched it through lidded eyes. Why? Why did everything feel like it was on fire?

Kaoru tried to raise his body with his hands but he felt so ill. "Oh God," he moaned, forcing himself even further onto his hands and knees. It felt as if he was being pulled from all sides, twisted and torn. He gasped as he stayed on his hands and knees, staring at the floor.

Dad suddenly appeared at his side with a shout, "Kaoru!"

"About time," Kaoru moaned, pressing a hand to his pounding temples.

"Please tell me you know the spirit's name?"

"What?" Kaoru asked, blinking rapidly and sitting back on his knees. It was so hard to concentrate on Kiyoshi's words.

He was looking at Kaoru with wide eyes. "What's wrong, Kaoru?"

"I feel… I feel…"

Kiyoshi was already grabbing at his son, helping him to his feet. "We need to get upstairs, now. Do you think you can get back into control to get upstairs?"

Kaoru blinked slowly. "What? Upstairs?"

"Shit," Kiyoshi growled, supporting his ghost of a son. He weighed nothing but Kaoru was still having trouble holding his self up. Kiyoshi reached around and slapped his son across the cheek. "Kaoru, you have to focus. Are you listening to me?"

"Yeah," Kaoru said weakly. "We have to get upstairs." But he sagged against his father as little pinpricks worked themselves up his limbs.

"You're in no condition, Kaoru. Just give me the name of the spirit. That's all we need!"

Kaoru blinked slowly, trying to think. "Uh. His name is… Oh god, what is his name?"

"Think Kaoru! If you want your body back, you need to concentrate."

"It's Tatsuya. He told me his name is Tatsuya."

And with that, Kiyoshi laid his son down on the carpet and disappeared from Kaoru's sight.

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