Story written for the het_big bang, originally posted on archiveofourown, posting it here now.

I would like to thank my artist SusanMarieR for not only her wonderful artwork but for reading over my story and pointing out the more glaring mistakes. I would also like to thank Karen for taking the time to beta read the story, even at such a late time. Thank you.

Battlestar Galactica AU: mayor changes are to the Boomer steals Hera storyline.

Main couples: Jack Harkness/Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii, Karl 'Helo' Agathon/Sharon 'Athena' Agathon

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood and Doctor Who belong to their respective owners.

It happened a long time ago, it all happened a long time ago, so long that sometimes she can barely remember it had been her life. It happened back when everything was still normal, when there was still earth beneath their feet and fresh air in their lungs, back when the world still mattered somehow, when their lives were normal, when the entire future still stretched out in front of them. When they still thought they had a choice.

She'd asked him back then, if he could see a future for them, together. He had looked at her as if she was crazy, clearly wondering where that thought had come from, and in truth Boomer was never sure. It had, after all, just been the beginning of their relationship. Who even knows if they could have made it work? So where had the question come from? He'd answered, he answered all of her questions, but she can't remember what he said and it didn't matter anyway. She never figured out why she asked. If it had been just a normal conversation between a couple, or if it had been something else. Perhaps some part of her, the unknown part that was a Cylon, had known there wouldn't be a future but had wondered if there could be one.

None of it mattered anymore anyway.

He never really answered her, and she never asked again. It hadn't mattered, not then, and before it could the world had gone to hell, and everything had changed. She likes to think of that moment, in the before, because they were still so normal. Just two people who had just started a journey together, and had many years before them. She likes to think of those two lovers who could imagine any future, except what actually came, because in the end who would have imagined that? Who would have ever thought the Cylons would come back to destroy everything? Who would have ever thought she wasn't a person, just a thing?

She supposes that doesn't matter anymore either.

She was a Cylon now, a traitor; she could never go home to the place she had called home; because nobody would ever look at her the same again. Of course, the other eight, Athena, had taken her place, her life, and she, Boomer, could do nothing about it. She could never go back to what she and the Chief once had, to what they could have been because it had been lost, scattered over the winds of time. There is nothing left except a gunshot, a whispered 'I love you' and a scream.

They were now, and would forever be, on opposite sides of a war. He'd had a choice, back then and later when he found out the whole truth, but she never had one. It had been stolen, along with everything she had, and she had never been able to recapture anything of what she had lost. Not her Cylon life from before she was Boomer, and not her Human life from when she was Sharon. (Perhaps that is why she insists on everyone calling her Boomer and not Sharon, or perhaps it was because the other one had her name and her life now.)

She runs through the hallways that had once been home, having taken her revenge and searching for the little girl. The bathroom floor is covered in cold water when he arrives in the room, staring at her thinking she is the other one, and she watches as the truth slowly settles.

There's a gunshot that shatters the silence and she watches as he falls almost in slow motion.

The gun falls too, though she does not remember letting it go, and the blood mingles with the water.

This is what is left of the life, the friends, and the love she once had.

Her former lover, the one who walked away when it mattered the most, won't make a sound, won't understand what he has done until it's too late. Her victim, once her best friend, screams once and then falls, though whether he screams in anger or surprise is something she'll never know. The small child will cry for hours, but nobody can give her what she wants. Her sister, the one who stole her life, will beg for mercy or for something she has now lost.

Boomer, the Cylon and Human, the traitor and friend, will scream too.

But nobody will hear her, nobody will care.