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Seeing the tyrant the team ran back to Ops to get Eric and Nell.

''Run.'' Kensi said

The Tyrant looked at them and raising his left arm his fingers fired at them like they were tentacles.

''Does any one have a gun.'' Chris said as they dodged the tentacles

They started firing blowing of peaces of the tentacles, the Tyrant roared and charged them managing to grab Eric by the head.

''Run. Me and Sam will get Eric.'' Callen said

They started firing, after two clips the Tyrants hearth and head it let Eric after that they joined the rest of them iun the Weapons Room.

''How do we kill it?'' Callen said

''Rockets.'' Chris said as he watched the halls

''How do we get out of here?'' Deeks said

As they talked Hetty walked up to a wall and reveled a passage to a tunel.

''Whats that?'' Callen asked

''This is our way ou.''

''Good. Now lets just prepare this for him. And you better grab your assult rifles and all the ammunition you can.'' Cris said has he grabed C-4

After a long walk threw the tunel they arrive at a warehouse.

''Whats this place?'' Deeks asked

''This is the our temporary base of operations.''

Chris and Callen went out side and saw the majini attacking people.

''Thats an El Gigante.'' Chris said showing it to Callen

While they were talking something was watching them. On a rooftop a majini wearing a black army suit and wearing a gas mask was aiming a sniper at them.

Victors Base

Victor was walking threw is traing room when he saw Wesker.

''Wesker.'' Victor said as he started to load his revolver

''How is your plan going.'' Wesker said grabing his gun

''It's going well.'' he saig getting back up

''Good. What about Chris'' Wesker said raising his gun

''He's being chased by your Tyrant.'' Victor said firing his

Wesker dodged and fired his, Victor jumped and kicked Wesker into a table.

''Looks like your getting old Albert.'' Victor said firiring his next shoot

Wesker grinned and tackled him into a pilar, Victor used one arm to grab Wesker and started to punch him with the other. Wesker took several hits before aiming his gun and firing several shoots that Victor dodged using a knife that he had grabed from the table, he stabed it into Weskers back and kcked the gun out of his hand and fired another shot that Wesker dodged just before throwing Vitor into a pilar.

''Give up Victor.'' Weker said aiming his gun

''You win this time.'' Victor said with a friendly smile as they chaked hands