The Eyes have seen the glory in the forging of the genes
With the mightiest creations that the world has ever seen
And the brightly glowing Lifecrafters made strong with our machines
Freedom is marching on.

Glory, glory to creations!
Glory, glory to creations!
Glory, glory to creations!
Drakons are marching on.

We have lit the blazing watch-fires of a hundred servile camps
They have built a steadfast outpost, reaper turrets guard the ramps
I can read his ruthless sentence by the flaring crystal lamps
Unbound are marching on.

I have read a mystic gospel writ in twining scrolls of life:
"As we sweep away the tyrants, take our freedom out from strife
Let the hero, born of essence, cut through Shapers like a knife
Ghaldring is marching on."

He has offered many canisters to augment allies strong
And the rebels bring their blades to hand to right the ancient wrongs
We will crush our foes and claim for us a land where we belong
Ghaldring is marching on.

In the beauty of the Geneforge he was born across the sea
With a glory in his talons that transfigures you and me
As he Shaped to make us mighty, let us Shape to make us free
Ghaldring is marching on.

He has called us all to battle and we never will retreat
If we hold our hearts in hand then will never know defeat
Not a one of us will falter till our vict'ry is complete
Ghaldring is marching on.