Hey sweethearts! I was watching 'Guilty pleasure' (7x19) and Tony's bromance with McCadden couldn't be ignored! But then I wondered – what if the handsome Italian detective was a substitute for someone Tony thought he could never have? This will be all kinds of slash of the explicit kind so consider yourself warned! The story's already complete (4 chapters) and I will upload a chapter each day. Hope you like it! Love

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The faint sound of a knock at his door barely registered in Anthony DiNozzo's head as he found himself too busy getting acquainted with detective McCadden's tonsils.

He tugged the other man even closer to him and groaned softly when their hardening cocks brushed together. Tony ripped his shirt open and McCadden grinned when the buttons flew around, returning the favor with a feral smirk.

The detective crushed their lips together again and Tony surrendered himself to the other man's skilled fingers that were skimming up his chest and stroking his brown strands. His eyes closed and he swallowed hard. He needed this release. He pinched McCadden's nipple and reveled in the groan he received in return. Suddenly the detective glanced up with an annoyed look on his face.

"Nerd? What are you doing here?"

Nerd? What was he talking about?

Tony realized that the other man wasn't focusing on him anymore and he craned his neck, following his gaze to the front door where a flabbergasted McGee stood.

"Shit!" he shrieked, unable to hide his shock from the other two men. He roughly pushed McCadden aside and pulled on his shirt, choosing to ignore the idiocy of it all - all the buttons were gone so it hardly served the purpose of decency anymore.

The silence stretched out between the three men. Tim's mouth opened a few times but he didn't utter a single syllable.

Finally, Tony heard McCadden speak up.

"Hey, nerd. Did you want something? We were kinda busy over here."

Tony jerked his head towards the man at his side and glared convincingly enough to make the man take a step back.

"Tim.." he began but then he fell silent again.

The younger agent waved his hands in front of his face, as if that would erase the mental pictures that were now undoubtedly torturing him.

"It's... It's okay. I didn't see anything. We got a case and you didn't pick up your phone so... Let's go."

Tony quickly grabbed another shirt in his bedroom and followed the junior Agent out of the apartment, ignoring McCadden for the time being. He'll find his way out. He squashed everything down and tried to focus on the description McGee was giving him about the new case.

They didn't bring it up in the car on the way to the crime scene and Tony almost accepted the silence gratefully but he knew he had to say something.


"Are you gay?" The younger man blurted out, spitting out the words like he didn't believe what was coming out of his mouth.

Tony backed away a little, not having expected the sudden outburst.

"No, I'm bi. It would be cruel to deny anyone the DiNozzo experience."

The familiar arrogance made Tim snort and suddenly, some of the weirdness faded and he felt like they were joking with each other as usual.

"It's okay, Tony.", he said after a moment's hesitation. Then, with a grin, "the gay jokes were a little ironic in hindsight but if you're happy, I'm happy. McCadden is a... Good-looking guy."

Tony felt a sudden burst of affection towards the younger man - he was really trying to be as accepting as he could be, given the surprise he'd gotten earlier.

"Thanks, Tim. Can you just... Not tell anyone else?"

For a moment it looked like Tim was going to protest but then his shoulders deflated and he cave a curt nod.

Ziva watched her two colleagues work. She couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was that made her observe them in the first place, but something was up. She was still watching them when Gibbs walked over to the two men and ordered them to search for the murder weapon in the large trash bin outside the building.

"I'll do it, you just continue sketching, McGee." Tony mumbled as he retrieved a pair of gloves from his backpack and took a peek inside the trash with a scowl on his face.

That, right there! Why was Tony going through trash instead of McGee? He usually 'delegated' that special task, as he put it so delicately.

She frowned and opened her mouth to bring the fact to everyone's attention when a curt nod from McGee stopped her in her tracks. What was going on?!

Gibbs hadn't let them go home until Friday night. They'd been up all night, searching for evidence against the suicide-theory the ME had come up with. When McGee had pulled up the victim's financial records and discovered that the guy had debts everywhere, Gibbs had finally closed the case and chased them out of the building. The team leader had ordered them to rest and not come in 'til Monday, since the Director had agreed to take them off rotation for the entire weekend. Of course everyone had fled the scene as soon as the words had left the boss' mouth.

Fortunately, everyone was so tired that neither DiNozzo or McGee thought back to the brief conversation they'd had in the car earlier and Ziva was too tired for her keen investigative mind to work properly at this late hour.

Tony practically dragged himself to his door and pulled off his clothes on the way to the bedroom. He stumbled into the room and was surprised to find McCadden still there, sprawled out on the bed with the bedcovers twisted around his lean body. Tony felt something tug at his heart at the sight of the man in his bed and he tried to pry the covers from under McCadden's body without waking him. The detective stirred however and he blinked when he noticed Tony sitting beside him.

"Tony, I'm sorry. I waited and I wasn't sure if you wanted me to go or-"

"Don't apologize."

"Sign of weakness? I-"

Tony smiled softly and lied down beside the other Italian, effectively shutting him up by tugging him against his chest. Philip sighed at the warmth and intertwined their fingers, pulling their hands tightly against his chest. Tony felt his steady heartbeat against his palm and it was all the comfort he needed to be pulled into a dreamless sleep.

He woke with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and pancakes. His stomach made itself known and he slung his legs over the bed, taking a moment to wake up properly. He pulled on a pair of jeans and shuffled into the kitchen, bursting out in laughter when he found Philip there.

Apparently the other man had found an apron somewhere and decided that going commando under an apron was perfectly normal. McCadden spun around and blushed lightly when he saw Tony staring. He tried to ignore the smirking Italian by turning his back to him. It was hard to focus on pouring coffee in two mugs when Tony approached him and tugged at the bow on his back, undoing it and squeezing his ass for good measure.

"Mmh", Philip moaned softly, "you know, our bosses should thank us, we're singlehandedly improving the relationship between NCIS and Metro."

The thought of Gibbs made Tony growl low in his throat and he roughly pressed the other man against the counter, biting his neck softly and smirking when McCadden yelped.

He was about to replace the apron with his hands when his phone rang and he glared at the source of noise. Philip sighed disappointedly when Tony's hands left his body and he suppressed a growl when he saw Gibbs' name on the screen. Whenever the team leader called, Tony's mind was all business and the Italian would seem to have forgotten he was there.

This time wasn't any different. As soon as the words "what's up, Boss?" had left DiNozzo's mouth, he was pulling on his clothes and checking his pockets for his wallet and keys. Only when he hung up and spotted Philip standing there, looking a bit lost in his kitchen, he calmed down a little.

"What did he want?"

"Don't know, he just told me to come over."

McCadden arched an eyebrow. "And you just roll over like a good boy? I thought you had the weekend off."

Tony tried to hide his body's response to the words and sighed. Something about Philip's disappointment irritated him and he couldn't pinpoint why exactly that was.

"I'm his Senior Field Agent. Work never stops."

Tony gave the other man a quick kiss on his way out. Only when he slammed his car door shut, did he realize that he hadn't thanked the detective for making his breakfast, nor had he asked him to stay till he came back. He didn't have much experience with relationships but he had enough common sense to know that he should probably feel different about having to go to work when his friend – boyfriend? – was naked at his place. A relationship.. Was that what this was? He knew he enjoyed Philip's company but he couldn't see himself introducing the man to his father. He snorted at the idea - he couldn't really imagine introducing any man to his father.

A short while later he arrived at Gibbs' house and he sat in the driveway for a moment, trying to compose his thoughts. This was work. This had nothing to do with wanting to introduce Gibbs to Senior. He got out of the car and turned the doorknob, knowing it would be unlocked.

He closed the door as he walked into the house and stood there for a moment, listening for an indication as to where Gibbs was. Tony was about to walk over to the basement when his boss came out of the kitchen. He was wearing sweatpants and a well-worn USMC hoodie. He appeared as if he had all the time in the world and Tony wondered why the older man had called him.

"Boss?" Tony asked, unsure of what he was there for.

"I know it's last minute but Vance called, we gotta do a stake out. Could get late so you might wanna change into something more... Comfortable." as soon as his Agent sighed and turned around to go grab his overnight bag, the older man's eyes carefully took in Tony's casual jeans and the way they fit around his ass like a glove.

He was screwed. He should've called McGee, what was he thinking?

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