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His heart skipped a beat when he felt Gibbs' lips moving against his and he softly nibbled on the older man's bottom lip, smiling in the kiss at the groan he heard. He broke the contact between them and stared at the other man, hoping to find all of his answers in the steel blues gazing back at him.

Gibbs smiled freely and reached out his hand to caress the younger man's cheek with his thumb. Tony sucked the digit between his lips and swore to himself that he'd never get tired of the way Gibbs' eyes darkened immediately.

Gibbs' eyes closed momentarily when Tony's tongue swirled around his thumb and bit it playfully. The man was gonna be a cocktease, he could already tell. He pulled back his hand and cupped the Italian's cheeks, tugging him closer. Their lips met again and the kiss deepened.

Gibbs' hand moved from his cheek to his neck in an attempt to tug the man even closer to him and Tony straddled him clumsily, knocking over the lamp that was standing next to the couch. Gibbs grinned and the Italian could only stare at him in amazement. God he was beautiful like that. He let go of the finesse and shoved his tongue in the older man's mouth, instantly hardening even more at the guttural growl he received.

The silver haired man's fingers dug in the soft flesh under his nape and he gave back as good as he got, playfully battling Tony for dominance in the kiss. He backed away a little to get some much-needed air into his lungs and the younger man took advantage from the small distance between them to tug at his hoodie. He didn't cooperate and smiled when Tony got visibly impatient, glaring at the offending textile.

He covered the Italian's hands with his and gave them a soft squeeze, effectively stilling his hands for a moment.

"Tony." he breathed. "Slow down."

That made the man look up into his eyes and he instantly saw the worry and insecurity clouding the lust in his endless emerald green depths.

"What's wrong? Don't you want this?"

Gibbs reached out and swatted him on the back of his head, a featherlike touch.

"Of course I do. But does it all have to happen in one night?"

The relief was plainly written in Tony's eyes and Gibbs realized the younger man had yet to understand his feelings.

"I want you, Tony. All of you."

The Italian's eyes closed for the briefest moment, absorbing the older man's words. For what felt like the millionth time in the ten years they'd known each other, Gibbs wanted to hunt down and hurt everyone who'd let Tony down in his miserable childhood. Eventually Tony nodded, not trusting his voice.

Tony bended forward and rested his head in the crook of Gibbs' neck. They reveled in the silence for a while until - of course - it got too silent for one very chatty special agent.

"Can I still hold your hand?" he mumbled in the older man's neck. Gibbs' low chuckle didn't help getting his blood flow back up instead of down.

"Yeah", the husky voice replied while his boss' fingertips rubbed soothing circles on his back.

"Can I still do this?" he whispered now, right before his lips found Gibbs' earlobe and nipped it before pressing a soft kiss on it to soothe any pain.

A deep breath and after a few moments he got the same answer as before.

Again silence.

"What about this?" Tony breathed as he moved, rubbing his hard cock against Gibbs'. A low groan slipped from between the older man's lips and he instinctively grabbed Tony's hips, repeating the movement while he bucked up against the younger man's ass.

"Jethro..." Tony moaned softly. It felt like something had struck Gibbs. His name fell from Tony's lips as if they'd formed the word a thousand times before and he realized how long he'd wanted this.

"God, Tony", he ground out, as he grabbed a fistful of the Italian's hair and pulled his head back, licking and kissing his way up his throat to his lips where he kissed him possessively.

This time Gibbs allowed the younger man to pull the sweater from his body and he did the same to him, unprepared for the lust that flared up in his groin when their bare chests brushed together in a heated kiss.

The older man gave a little push with his hips, signaling for Tony to get off of him. They stood up from the couch and Gibbs turned his agent in his arms so the younger man's back was resting against his chest. Then he brought his hand forward and cupped Tony's hard cock, gently squeezing it while kissing his sensitive neck. Tony moaned loudly and thrust his ass against Gibbs' dick, unable to choose between the delicious friction against his cock or the one against his ass.

His boss ended up making the choice for him when he slowly unbuckled his belt, undid the zipper and pushed Tony's jeans down until they pooled at his feet and Tony stepped out of them. A thumb stroked the head of his cock through his boxers and Tony spun in Gibbs' arms to help the man out of his sweatpants. He roughly pushed them down and hooked a finger under the waistband of Gibbs' boxers, tugging the older man closer.

Jethro wrapped his arms around Tony and pressed soft kisses on his cheek, jaw line and neck. The younger man tilted his head, surrendering to the overwhelming sensation of being kissed by Gibbs. His hand traveled up the older man's back to his soft silver hair on the back of his head. He stroked the smooth strands and eagerly returned the kisses. Gibbs began to shuffle in the direction of the stairs, unwilling to let go of Tony for the slightest of moments so they ended up feeling the steps with their feet while their lips stayed glued together.

Tony broke out laughing as he nearly tripped over his own feet and was saved from a face-plant by Jethro tugging him against his chest – chard. As he felt his boss' hard dick press against his ass, Tony felt delirious with joy. He turned around and wrapped his arms around Gibbs' neck, pulling the older man impossibly close. Their noses touched and Tony nuzzled his cheek, trying to convince himself that this was, in fact, really happening. The unmistakable smell of sawdust mixed with Gibbs' natural body scent would now be forever imprinted on Tony's memory. The Italian nipped at Jethro's jaw-line, his neck where he pressed the softest of kisses and his collarbone, which he bit softly to coax another moan out of the older man. He kept up the torturous pace and dipped his head to reach Gibbs' pecks.

If Tony kept kissing him like that, he was going to lose it within the next few minutes. Just when he thought he couldn't take it anymore, Tony looked up at him and went down on his knees. Gibbs squeezed his eyes shut as the younger man mouthed his cock through the fabric of his boxers and his fingertips dug in the solid muscle of his thighs.

"Tony." he rasped out, his fingers knotting in the younger man's hair and tugging softly to capture his attention.

"Hmm?" Now he was cupping his balls through the boxer shorts and downright scratching at his legs. The different sensations shot a flare of desire down his spine to his cock and he thrust his hips forward without a second thought. The wicked grin he got in return weakened his knees and he grabbed Tony's hair tighter – this time however, for an entirely different purpose.

Tony's breath hitched in his throat and he slowly tugged Gibbs' boxers down until they pooled at his feet and the older man stepped out of them. He dipped his head and licked at the precum that had already gathered on the tip of Jethro's cock. He moaned in appreciation as he parted his lips and took the swollen flesh deeper in his mouth.

Gibbs had given up on breathing altogether and was now focusing every working brain cell on holding onto his sanity. Suddenly, keeping himself from thrusting into the wet heat of Tony's mouth seemed like the most difficult thing he'd ever had to do. He forced himself to relax his fingers and comb through the brown strands of his Second in Command. Hauntingly green eyes met his and he felt what must have been the millionth burst of affection towards Tony that night. He'd admitted his feelings to himself a while ago but only now, as the younger man was staring back at him with a vulnerability that wasn't carefully hidden for once, did he realize how deeply in love he truly was. He pulled back and smiled at the sound of protest that came from Tony as he did. Tugging the younger man up by his arms until they were standing eye to eye again, he reached out and brushed away a stray lock of hair from Tony's forehead.

"I love you so much." He whispered. He'd probably regret it if he didn't – if he knew Tony at all, the younger man was still not convinced that he was looking for something serious. Judging from the way Tony's eyes widened almost comically, he'd guessed right. He leaned in and captured the Italian's lips again, begging for entrance by nibbling his lower lip and licking it to soothe the slight sting. Tony's hand came up to cup the back of his head and he opened up, meeting Gibbs' tongue with his own. The older man groaned low in his throat as Tony finally let down his walls.

Tony pushed the older man onto the mattress and swallowed thickly when his cock bounced against his taut stomach as he fell onto the flat surface. Gibbs could feel himself grow impossibly harder as Tony circled the bed – as if he was sizing up his prey. God, he'd gladly be the Italian's last meal. Finally the younger man joined him on the bed and straddled his thighs. He surged forward and attacked his mouth in a brutal kiss. Grabbing the younger man by the hips, he flipped them so he was lying on top of Tony and he thrust his hard cock against Tony's with a muffled moan. The younger man wrapped his legs around Gibbs' waist and arched his hips to hear that delicious sound again.

"God, fuck me, please!" he moaned desperately when Gibbs reached down and tugged his boxers down to palm his aching dick. His mouth fell open when the older man pumped it a few times and rubbed slow circles across the slick head with his thumb. Desire flared up in his stomach and he gasped in an effort to keep from coming on the spot. Gibbs smirked in a way that should be illegal and he stroked the younger man's swollen flesh harder. Tony gripped the silver haired man's wrist and squeezed tightly to stop the movement but Gibbs massaged his dick further and leaned down until he was covering Tony's entire body with his. He kept stroking Tony's dick with one hand and reached up with the other, pushing a finger into the younger man's mouth. The Italian sucked hard and swirled his tongue around the digit, sending a surge of excitement to Gibbs' dick.

"Come for me", he panted hotly in Tony's ear before he licked it. Gibbs watched the younger man carefully and just when Tony started jutting his hips, forcing Gibbs to speed up, the older man thrust his slick finger inside Tony's ass without warning. Tony's eyes flew open and he let out a wordless scream as he came all over Gibbs' hand. His boss kept stroking and spread the cum all over Tony's shaft. The added lubricant fried his brain and he mewled as Gibbs leaned down and licked his cock clean.

"Ah, Gibbs! Please, just – fuck!" he felt a thrill throughout his entire body as the older man reached into the nightstand next to them and retrieved a small bottle of lube. As he squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers and ran them over Tony's hole, his dick physically ached to be inside of the younger man. Soon he was thrusting three fingers into the wanting hole and Tony was arching his hips to take more. He angled one finger and rubbed his prostate just to drive the Italian insane and it looked like it was working – Tony was now moaning a constant stream of expletives and a thin sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead.

"What do you want, Tony?" he asked in the husky voice he knew would drive the younger man insane. He took his cock in his hand and slowly let the head slip inside. Tony didn't look like he was capable of answering and Gibbs gave his balls a soft squeeze to demand his attention. Tony's eyes flew open and his bruised lips parted to suck in some much-needed air.

"Do you want me to make love to you?" Gibbs asked patiently without moving as much as an inch while Tony kept trying to take in more of his cock. He smirked as he took the younger man's hardening cock in his hand.

A stroke.


Another stroke. Finally Tony seemed to call on whatever presence of mind he had left and he reached up, cupped the back of Gibbs' neck and jerked him down until they were nose to nose.

"F-fuck… me!" he panted hard and Gibbs smiled, pressed a soft kiss to his nose and sat up a little.

"Fine." He grinned as he angled his hips and bottomed out in one hard thrust. Tony's hands flew to his biceps and he held onto the older man as he tried not to lose consciousness. Nothing had ever felt this good. As his boss began to take him in a steady pace, Tony forced himself to keep his eyes open and watch the desire on Gibbs' face.

Jethro moaned softly as he thrust inside again.

"So good…" he mumbled against Tony's lips. He changed his angle and tried to hit the younger man's prostate every time he rammed his cock into the tight hole. He slowed down after a while until he pulled out. Tony pouted in protest but he moaned louder when Gibbs flipped him on his stomach and pulled him up until he was on all fours. Then he drove back in and dug his fingertips hard in Tony's ass. The younger man pushed harder into his hands and his breath hitched as Gibbs tapped it softly.

"Hmm, like that, do you?" the older man whispered and let his hand come down harder, marking the tanned skin. Reaching down, he started to stroke Tony's cock again and moaned when he found it rock hard. The Italian couldn't seem to decide on what he should focus as he kept thrusting into Gibbs' hand and then pushed his ass against the other hand. The older man got the hint and spanked him again, surprised when he felt Tony's cock harden just a little more in his hand before he came all over it in hot spurts. Tony's high-pitched ecstatic moan would've been funny if it wasn't so damn arousing and he felt the slow burn of his own orgasm boil in his stomach. He thrust slower now and reached out, holding out his hand in front of Tony's face. He growled low in his throat when the younger man licked the cum off his fingers and sucked on the digits. He grabbed Tony by the hips and gave a few more thrusts before he buried himself as deep as possible with a possessive roar.

He narrowly avoided crushing Tony as he fell down on the mattress, trying to calm down his racing heartbeat. He reached out and tugged the younger man closer until Tony was lying with his head on his chest and his tanned arm across Gibbs' stomach, fingers playing with the silver hair on his chest.

He kissed the Italian's hair and inhaled deeply, trying to memorize everything in that exact moment. his arm tightened around Tony's waist and the younger man let out a happy, relaxed sigh.

As Tony looked up and their eyes met, the younger man's mouth arched in the most genuine smile he'd seen in weeks and it did nothing to slow down his heartbeat, in fact it did funny things – along with his stomach.

"Hey", he suddenly glared at the younger man, whose eyes widened at the sudden raise of his voice.

"No more T-Cad, understood?" he growled as he tugged Tony closer. It only made the Italian's smile grown in a full-blown grin and he snuggled deeper into the comfort of Gibbs' arms.

Then, when the older man started to drift off:

"Hey, what about Tibbs?"

The soft tap against the back of his head couldn't have felt more like a loving kiss.

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