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Naruto x ?


Story Start


Each breath came out as a frosty hue as he carried forward. Naruto could feel his energy dropping at each step was a struggle not to stop. His feet crushed dead leaves and twigs that littered his path. This area was filled with dying plant life. His exotic yellow hair swayed slightly in the breeze, his body marred with blood and his neck covered in bruises. There was long, razor like scratches littered across his black and orange tattered clothing. No matter the pain that was coursing through him, he couldn't let that thing win.

He felt the air grow colder. Far behind an exhausted Naruto walked a few more steps. "Huh, so this is what it feels like." He had heard people often complained about him having too much energy, but it looked like in this one situation it was failing him. Taking another step he promptly collapsed in exhaustion.

Naruto took another step, almost losing his balance and falling over. Ombra was drawing closer, he could sense it.

He could feel the darkness creeping up on him. He was here. He turned around and stood his ground. He would fight until the bitter end.

Lord Ombra rose from the darkness, forming a looming humanoid figure. Darkness incarnate, all one could see was a cloak and faint images of a humanoid form. His movements were fluid, like a liquid and his very speech was that of a groan. "End of the line. The darkness will always consume the light."

"Not if the light evaporates everything." Naruto remarked as a sphere of light erupted from his chest. Both of them charged forward, ready to destroy their long time at long last.

He jolted awake with a heaving breath and slackened form. His steps were awkward as he stumbled in the darkness. Reaching out he pulled the light switch as he looked at himself in the mirror. There before him stood not a human, but a horse or to be accurate a pony. His body was now covered in a thick orange fur that covered his form, with the exception of his hair, referred to as mane and his tail. They were both a bright brilliant yellow that was the same as his hair. Though that wasn't the only featured that stayed the same, he at least still had his cerulean blue eyes.

It had been six months since he woke up in this strange new world. Lost and confused, he slowly but surely began adjusting to this new life of his. Naruto decided to forgo making something to eat and decided to go into town. The sound of his hooves left the sound of soft clattering as he walked along the rocky path from his shack and into the town of Ponyville. As expected the town was far more lovely than usual, seeing as everyone was preparing for the Summer Sun Festival. He was so lost in his thoughts he wasn't paying too much attention to what was happening until he bumped into someone. "I'm sorry," he immediately sputtered as he quickly gripped up the checklist the Unicorn was holding. After a quick glance over Naruto realized he didn't recognize the Mare, which without a doubt was thanks to Pinkie's 'Welcome to Ponyville Party.'

Her eyes were a moderate shade of violet with a moderate sapphire blue mane with moderate violet and brilliant rose streaks. Her coat was a pale, light grayish mulberry shade as well.

"Its okay, no harm done." The Unicorn replied.

Naruto took a step back and took notice of her companion. Without a doubt he was a baby lizard, most likely a dragon considering his features. It was unusual to say the least, light mulberry scales, moderate harlequin spikes and even pistachio eyes. He had only seen dragons from afar since he arrived to this world. They were certainly different than the dragons his people were able to create out of the elements as he soon learned were akin to serpents then dragons. "My name is Naruto and nice to meet you. I haven't seen you around before so am I wrong to assume you're new to town?"

"Indeed I am. My name is Twilight Sparkle and this is my assistant…"

"…the name's Spike." The rather chipper dragon cut in.

"…and we've come supervise preparations for the Summer Sun Festival are going. I hope I'm not being rude, but we're really busy. I have to find my way to Sweet Apple Acres to check on how the food preparations are going."

"We'll I can show you," Naruto eagerly volunteered. At the very least it would take his mind off the dream. "I know most of the places in town and I'd be happy to help." He volunteered. He watched as a look of uncertainty crossed over the Unicorn's face.

"I wouldn't want to impose." The Unicorn kindly responded. While she didn't mind his offer, she really didn't want any distractions while preparing for Nightmare Moon's return. Despite Celestia rebuffing Twilight's warning the Unicorn was not willing to let her findings go.

"I'd be no problem."

"Come on Twilight what's the harm?" Spike insisted, garnering the Unicorn's attention. "Besides, won't we get things done faster with a guide?"

Twilight realized she couldn't argue with the logic. The sooner they went to the locations and assessed that all the food and items for the festival were ready the sooner Twilight could go and prepare for Nightmare Moon's return. "Alright Naruto looks like I'll be taking you up on your offer. The first stop on our list is Sweet Apple Acres."

Naruto nodded and with a suggestion of 'right this way' the trio went on their way to the apple farm.


Chapter End


The old version of the story was a bit too much. So I decided to completely reboot the story and to bring back the original Naruto so I hope you all enjoy this reboot. My plans is to essentially have each chapter of Twilight meeting the rest of the Mane Six and Naruto's relation to them and also relating a bit of his past/character with each chapter.