Equestrian Heroes


Naruto x ?


Story Start


Naruto led the two away from Ponyville center of town as they went deeper into the forest. They traveled down a dirt path, walking past tall trees. "You're going to love Sweet Apple Acres. They not only have the sweetest apples, but also carrots and even grapes." Naruto informed them as they approached the farm.

A loud Yee-haw could be heard along with the sound of dropping apples. They were soon approached by a mare with pale, light grayish olive mane that was a bit tasseled and sweaty. Her eyes were that of amoderate sap green with a light brilliant gamboge coat. She was wearing a Stetson hat and adorned on herside was three apples, her cutie mark. "Hey there Sugarcube," she greeted Naruto. "Thought y'all weren't joining us till later."

''We have a newcomer and thought I'd give her a tour." Naruto said as he stood aside.

Twilight stepped forward and began to formally introduce herself. "Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle, and I'm-" she was suddenly cut off.

"Howdy there, name's Applejack, proud member of the Apple family," Applejack introduced herself as she shook her hoof vigorously. "Nice to meet you. So, what can I do you for? "

Twilight Sparkle cleared her throat. "Well, I am in fact here to supervise preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration. And you're in charge of the food?"

"We sure as sugar are!" Applejack proudly declared and then offered. "Would you care to try a sample? "

"As long as it doesn't take too long... " Twilight Sparkle found herself covering her ears as the loud sound of a triangle ringing soon filled the area. Applejack turned towards the farm and took a deep breath. "Soup's on, everypony!" her voice rung out through the acre. "Y'all lucky ta come here first," said Applejack. "Yer just in time fer the Apple family reunion! Now, why don't I introduce y'all to the Apple family? "

"Thanks,but I really need to hurry…" she tried to kindly rebuffbut Applejack wasn't taking no for an answer.

"This here's Apple Fritter. Apple Bumpkin. Red Gala. Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Brioche, Apple Cinnamon Crisp... " she paused, taking a deep breath and hollered to the ponies she lived with.. "Big McIntosh, Apple Bloom and Granny Smith. Up'n'attem, Granny Smith, we got guests."

Sitting on the porch in a rocking chair was a mare with light lime green coat and a light gray mane. "What…? Soup's on?" she slowly stirred then yawned. Her light brilliant orange eyes began to stir before she grabbed her cane. "I'm up, here I come, ah'm comin'... "

"Trust me Twilight, you haven't had pie till you had an Apple family pie." Naruto gushed as he eagerly went over to where the family was gathering.

"Okay, well, I can see the food situation is handled, so we'll be on our way." Twilight Sparkle reacted with a nervous laugh. The sheer number of ponies, noise and such were overwhelming. Twilight wasn't a sociablepony so she wasn't used to such gatherings. Despite how appetizing the gathering of food was on the table Twilight steeled her resolve. "I have many things to do so I really can't stay. The Apple family made an "Awww" of disappointment. The filly known as Applebloom walked up to her. She was a little filly with amaranth colored mane with a bow on it with a pale, light grayish olive coat.

"Aren'tcha gonna stay fer brunch?" she said with big, teary gamboge eyes. Twilight Sparkle looked into those eyes. Those soul-crushing eyes of sadness.

"Fine, I suppose I can stay for a bit." Twilight admitted in defeat. After the meal the three of them left Sweet Apple Acres.

"Man that was good. Not as good as gems but good." Spike said as he pat his stomach.

"Like I said, the food is great."

"So how'd you manage to meet the Apples. You seem to know them pretty well."

A sigh escaped Naruto's lips. "It happened when I first arrived to Ponyville." He said as he began thinking back to when he first arrived.

He was heading to the Everfree Forest. Back where he first awoke in this world. He looked and saw nothing but twisted trees and such. As he continued deeper in he noticed many various foliage. Among them was trees with monstrous-like jagged structures that came together to shape monster-like faces. As he continued on dried twigs and leaves crunched under his hooves. He even found himself coming across a large river to which he traveled along it.

A sigh escaped his lips as he couldn't recognize any familiar signs where he woke up. Arriving at a small cliff, he stopped to see if he could catch a glimpse of some sort of movement. Suddenly, he heard what sounded like a stampede beneath him, actually causing him to lose a bit of his balance.

"Crap!" Naruto stumbled and fell over the edge. After tumbling down and landingwith a thud he let out a groan and began coughing. He exhaled and clutched his side. He was a little bruised but no worse for wear.
''AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the cry rang from a far out distance. "SOMEPONY HELP ME!"

The cry caused Naruto's head to jolt up. Regardless of his situation it wasn't in his nature to ignore someone in help. He ran to the source of the voice to see a little filly being pursued by a wolf-like creature. It had glowing slime green eyes and its body was made out of wood.

Looking over the side,Naruto saw he was too far too up to climb down in time. He took a few steps back and took a leap, landing on the creature. It let out a yelp just as Naruto let out a hiss. The pain coursing through his leg definitely felt like he sprained it from the force of the jump. He leaped up off the creature and hobbled to the little pony.

"You alright little one?" he asked as the little pony nodded? Tears were flowing down her face and she was downright terrified. "Come on, let's get out of here before he wakes up?" he suggested. "What's your name little one?"

"A-Applebloom mistah."

"What are you doing out here this far?"

"I…I was playing near my home and the log broke and ah went tumbling into the forest and got lost." She explained as her tail continued to quiver. "I've never seen ya before mister. Are you new to town?"

"Indeed I am. How far is your place?" as long as he kept her mind off their current situation, the little filly would realize. He wasn't sure what kind of animals were in this world, but the animals he encountered had a sixth sense to fear.

A piercing howl echoed through the air causing the little pony to let out a cry and cling to him. Out from behind the trees several Timberwolves began to appear. They definitely had a pack-like mentality like the wolves he knew. "Applebloom run."

"But Mister."

"Run now!" he ordered her. As hurt as his leg was, or was it hoof? It didn't matter; he wasn't in much of a condition to run. "Go now!" the filly hesitated before taking off. Some of the wolves attempted to chase after the smaller meal only for Naruto to charge forward and ran into the wolves. He let out a grunt, a resounding pain coursing through his head. He recovered rolling away as the creatures nipped at him.

"I may be a horse now, but I can still fight!" the declaration was more for himself than the animals. Some of the wolves charged and Naruto attempted to punch them with his good hoof only to meet with a solid thud as a pair of claws tore through his back. He hissed as blood began to mat his back fur and he landed on his hooves.

He jumped back on his hind legs narrowly avoiding teeth sinking into his neck. The pack began to thin out and surround him. He was barely missing being pounced on as they tightened the circle and began driving him deeper into the forest. What could he do in this unfamiliar body? What good was his stamina if he couldn't properly utilize its strength? The wolves took charge and leaped.

If he couldn't out power them maybe he could out run them? Right when they were about to tear him apart Naruto replaced himself with another one of the wolves. He nearly dropped from the sudden bout of exhaustion. Damn. Even his chakra control was off. He didn't bother to wait, taking off at break neck speed. He turned, seeing that the Timberwolves were not going to quit in their hunt so easily.

One wolf leaped and Naruto catching sight out of the corner of his eye reacted out of instinct and shot his back feet out. He unlike most people had used to animal like instincts so it was almost natural that he would react to them. The force of the blow nearly broke apart the body of the creature. Using his agility, Naruto took any opportunity he could to strike. After all, he may not have been a scholar, but he was a battle genius and his experience in fighting allowed him to stay ahead of the creatures. As their numbers dwindled so did his stamina.

Naruto felt like he his limbs wereon fire. At this rate if he kept going he was going to be seriously injured or worse. "Even after all this time. I'm still a stubborn idiot but…" an image of the village came to the mind as well as his family. "I lived a good life and accomplished quite a few things. I've always managed to survive and I sure as hell don't plan on dying to wild animals."

Just as the creatures charged two figures leaped over him. A pony in a Stetson hat and the other wearing some sort of object he didn't recognize. One had a crimson coat and the other was orange like him, both with a gamboge colored hair or manes as they were called on horses. With impressive strength they sent two of the creatures flying with their hind legs.

The creatures seemed to rethink their strategy from having to deal with one injured adult to having to deal with him and the addition of twoother adult ponies. The creatures found themselves driven back and away as the two Earth Ponies proved to be more formidable than the pack was willing to deal with.

"The Apples were rather thankful that I saved Applebloom." Naruto's memory of that day had come to an end. "As such I've become an unofficial part of the family." They had found themselves back in town at the end of story.

"Well that was indeed arather interesting story. Though we really do need to focus on our business." Twilight Sparkle spoke up after a rather lengthy silence. Mainly due to being stuffed from pie. "Now our next order of business."

Spike pulled out the list and read it. "Hmm, there's supposed to be a Pegasus pony named Rainbow Dash clearing the clouds."

"Well, she's not doing a very good job, is she?"

A sigh escaped Naruto's lips. "Rainbow is…well she's a rather interesting character. She can be a bit difficult to get along with if you don't know her, but she's a good pony at heart. Our first meeting was definitely interesting." He said as he began to remember how he met the rainbow manedPegasus.