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Story Start


Mayor Mare was by far among the most normal and stable of ponies when it came to the citizens of the small town of Ponyville. It was why Naruto had approach her not only to see how preparations were going, but in hopes of getting names or a list to which he could use to start finding element candidates. Mayor Mare was of course the picture of professionalism, dressed in a suit with a tie a shade darker than the color of her light grayish amber coat. The mare looked about in her early thirties with a nice fit figure with her light grey mane. Though what few others failed to realize was that their mayor was not as old as her coloration on her mane and tail would suggest, but the fact she hardly looked a day over thirty had them assume she merely looked young for her age. Either way the mayor was both sharp and reliable making her somepony one could count on.

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"The choir will be seated over there," the mayor gestured to the arrangement in the middle of the building. The platform to which they would be using was in the process of being set up. "Princess Celestia will be behind the onstage curtain until I introduce her." She furthered elaborated on, going over the steps she had organized for her majesty's arrival.

"What about the food?" Naruto asked her in hopes that the venue would be enjoyable. That and since Celestia had sent him as a liaison of sorts he would be able to make subtle suggestions of the Mayor on which ponies would be the best for certain positions for the celebration.

"Nopony has volunteered to help with the food yet," Mayor Mare informed him as she went over the checklist of names on the clipboard she was carrying. "There is still a lot to work out with the scheduling of the weather along with the seating and clean-up the organization will have to handle."

"Well Mayor I'll let you know if I happen to find anyone who can volunteer." He stated as he mentally began making a list of ponies who might fit the criteria. He was going to have to go down the list one by one.

Cheerilee was without a doubt one of the sweetest ponies that Naruto knew. She was also rather cute and had a kind heart. Her fur coloration was one of the more unique shades in the town of Ponyville with a cerise coat and a very pale rose with her mane a very pale cerise mane. Her outfit consisted of a very modest green and orange pattern ankle length skirt simple short-sleeved white buttoned shirt with knee-length socks and flats. Her outfit highlighted a nice figure with nice hips, but she was someone of a more reserved nature so her look was rather classy.

She was one of the ponies that he felt qualified as an element. Naruto knew Cheerilee enough that she liked spending her Saturdays in the park reading and taking in the fresh air. Because of the tight-knit nature of the town it was easy to develop a tight-knit circle of friends. "So how have you've been Cheerilee?"

"Things have been pleasant as always. How was your trip?" Cheerilee asked him, curious as to what could have brought the blond out of town.

"Interesting," he began as some ponies traveled by and waved. "I always enjoy traveling when I can." He managed to dodge the question while bringing the focus on to other subjects.

The small talk was of simple things really. Like how their day went and speculation of how the Summer Sun Festival was going to entail. It grew late into the afternoon before Naruto bid her goodbye with promises of getting together for Lunch sometime.

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Naruto concluded the day with a light meal of celery soup, something that took him a long time to adapt to as he compiled the notes he made.


A very kind and light-hearted mare that enjoyed teaching children.

Friendly and sociable.

She was a good candidate for the elements of Generosity and Kindness, but her talents lie within teaching. The only volunteer work she could conceivably do for the festival was cleanup.

Naruto decided to move to the next pony on his list Ditzy Doo. Naruto made his way to where Ditzy lived in one of the small houses that bordered near the shopping section of the town.

Ponyville wasn't a large town with a population capping at nearly 400 ponies. With Dinky in school and Amethyst at the academy there was one place where he would find his wide-eyed buddy.

So he went along one of the dirt trails towards one of Ponyville's farm. The most important crops that made up a lot of the town's Agriculture consisted of Apples and Carrots. The carrot farm owned by none other than a mare by the name of Golden Harvest or known by her closest friends as Carrot Top thanks to the color of her mane and that farming carrots was her special talent.

The trail to the Carrot farm was a nice mile and a half hike along one of the trails. He made his way across an intersecting path as Harvest's property came into sight. He eventually made his way to the porch which was a little worn down with patches of hole in the ground. Behind the tinted windows one could make out a curtain shielding the inside of the home from prying eyes with a bug zapper hanging not too far by one of the wooden planks.

Naruto gave a knock on the door and called out to carrot top. "Coming!" a light, almost feathery voice had called out. Opening the door stood the form of Golden Harvest, a carrot orange mane mare with a slender figure bright emerald-green eyes and pale yellow skin. She was wearing a red top underneath overalls showing off tone legs cultivated from being a farmer. Like most farmers there were light callouses on her hands from all the farm work. Though seeing as Harvest was the only one who owned and managed the farm it was small compared to others that worked in said business. "Hey there Naruto. How can I help you?"

"Hey there Carrot have you happen to see Ditzy? She wasn't home so I thought I check here."

"No, she's out at the market to restock my fridge since she cleaned it out again." She remarked with a look mixed between a deadpan and a grimace.

A light chuckle escaped his lips. Golden invited Naruto into her home as his heavy footsteps creaked against the wooden floor board. They entered the kitchen in wear Golden was brewing some hot water for coffee. As Naruto looked around he noticed Carrot had some new wall paper installed as he continued observing the room. The table was new no longer would anyone using it and deal with the squeaks thanks to the bad leg.

"So why are you looking for Ditzy? Something up?" she wondered as she finished pouring the coffee and went to the counter and began cutting out a slice of cake. "Want some cake?"

"No thanks," he kindly refused as he began adding cream and sugar. "Anyway the reason I've been looking for Ditz is for preparation for the festival coming up, speaking of which Carrot this would be a nice opportunity to get some advertisement for your farm if you volunteer. There's still a spot for a food vender to set up shop."

"Aww, I would really like to do so, but I'm going out-of-town. I'm visiting my Grandma for her birthday, but you could always try the apples." She suggested before she turned her body sideways in the chair to still a glance behind Naruto to check the time on the grandfather clock in the hall. "Now where is that mare?" she murmured to herself.

"You know, after all this time you never brought it up and I'm been curious. How did you and Ditzy meet and become friends?"

Besides Carrot Top he was the only other pony that could be called Ditzy's friend. One would probably argue Pinkie Pie with her help on making a friend of everyone, but the eternally happy and bouncy mare would be better classified as a casual acquaintance.

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"Well it's a bit of a long story. One day I was mining my business when Ditzy all of a sudden crashed through the roof of my living. Scared the living Tartarus out of me." A pleasant smile graced her lips. "You know how she is, with that smile of hers, greeting me hello without much consideration on just what happened to her. She was about to leave when I noticed she had badly sprained her wing. I had to stop her and practically forced her on my couch." Golden continued her tale as she had insisted on delivering Ditzy's package knowing a road to Huffington through an abandoned path in the Everfree forest. "That was when I met this giant rabbit creature. I was so scared at first, but it turned out he was kind friendly. I had managed to come across his garden after being frightened by the giant serpent." She had gone on to explain how she had enlisted the creature's help to finish delivering package. "By the time I finally got back Ditzy was lounging on my couch with all my foot on the table and you know what she told me? I emptied out your fridge and the worst part is she somehow always manage to get past the locks I put on it." She finished with a cute pout.

After their conversation Naruto filed Golden's name away as the possible element of Generosity. "Carrot!" a low almost coltish voice called out before the sound of crashing echoed. "I'm ok!" Naruto and Carrot went up and helped the mare up. "Hi Naruto!" she happily greeted.

"Hey there Ditzy." He greeted the mare. Ditzy by far would be considered one of the most attractive mares If you changed a few things about her, but those quirks made her who she was and he wouldn't change a thing about her. Ditzy's voice suited the mare regardless of what others would say, there was a sort of charm to the brashness in her voice. Ditzy other features included being a few inches taller than five feet tall. Her coat coloring was that of bluish gray coat along with pale light grayish yellow mane and tail along with a pair of Pegasi wings. While Earth ponies were known for their strong bodies and connection with nature, usually resulting in them being the physically strongest and largest of ponies Pegasi were known for their light bodies and lithe form.

Ditzy's form was a bit more on the thick side with normal legs, slight pudgy, but wide hips and a nice chest. The general area of her haunches though was her best features large and spacious like a blown up bubble. She was wearing grey sleeveless dress that came down to her thighs with white splotches with a pair of block boy shorts underneath. The one feature of Ditzy that made her stood out prominently among most of the citizens was the fact she was crossed eye which mixed in with her infamous clumsiness and her simple nature earned her a lot of ire and bullying through much of her childhood. As a result she had few friends as most ponies avoided the mare because of the unfortunate bad luck that tends to occur when Ditzy popped up.

Considering his own lonely childhood Naruto had bonded with Ditzy almost instantly. The muffin-loving mail mare he personally felt qualified as the Element of Kindness, but he needed to do some more research. After helping Ditzy put away the groceries and talking a bit more, to which Ditzy happily volunteered to help clean up after the Summer Festival bid them farewell, promising to come to the party Ditzy was planning for her oldest Amethyst Star when she graduated from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.

Naruto took a brief glance at the Criteria Celestia had given him. A bond between the bearers was important. Carrot as Generosity and Ditzy as Kindness would fit two out of five of the ponies, but there was the problem of the fact Ditzy had no ties to the others. If the Elements of Harmony were to be a united force then they were going to need a connection.

After bidding goodbye to the two mares he made his way home. Remembering Carrot Top's statement Naruto decided to go pay a visit to Applejack tomorrow. Naruto made his way to his current place of residence. A large two-story building with lavish trends and with a theme one would instantly mistake as circus theme. The colors of the building consisted of cerulean, golden, diamond and silver shades for a good deal of its outline with pink and other shades of violets using for such things as the curtain and horse mannequins outfits. Columns of intersecting colors of gold and mulberry made up the solid infrastructure of the building.

The crystal like clear glasses and an orange flag on top a red shaped heart was one of the emblems above the golden horse shaped emblem above the home adorn with pink and violet hearts. This building made up Naruto's place of residence a few weeks after he arrived to Ponyville. A good deal of his money he earned doing odd jobs here and their across Ponyville seeing as his explanation for his mark didn't translate well into a working career.

"Rarity I'm home." Naruto called out as he walked further into the building. While the other homes were a bit more on the rustic side Rarity's home was more fitting of a place one would expect from Canterlot. The rooms had a small collection of, elaborate paintings hang from the walls and the fresh scent of flowers floats buoyantly throughout the rooms, with the windows covered by a pair of dark red curtains, allowing no more than a sliver of the sun's rays to filter into any room at a simple time.

"Bienvenue à la maison Naruto," a voice called out in a language known as Phrench. His roommate slash boss slash friend was rather well-known for her classiness and the fact she followed nearly all things trendy. By far she was one of the most attractive women Naruto had ever seen and one of the few to initially got a reaction out of Naruto during his adjustment phase.

Dark nylon stockings tightly gripped against her long, slender legs; a black business skirt up against her shapely hips that swayed this way and that with an almost practiced grace about them; and to top it off, a sleeveless white blouse showing just enough of her ample cleavage. Her fur was soft looking and white as snow with the faint smell of perfumes and other productive radiating off the model like mare who had a hand rested on her well-defined hip. Rarity, out of all the mares he knew, worked on not only being ladylike, but also worked to keep up his figure.

Rarity's form was the result of a combination of good genes and of conditioning that of the usual Unicorn mare didn't achieve without either hard core physical dedication or body alteration magic.

Of the three pony times Unicorns were often the most average in body size and least physically inclined of the tribes seeing as their magic had them do the least physical labor of the three tribes. As a result that often left them with the weakest bodies of the three having to rely on their magic to make up the difference.

She greeted the blond with a friendly hug, dark lavender hair framing around her stunningly beautiful face in a stylized Coiffure as it was called.

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"Hello to you too Rarity enjoy having your home to yourself while I was gone?" he lightly teased.

"Well it was definitely quiet." She replied to his teasing with a wry quip. "Did you enjoy your trip?"

"Yeah indeed, I really didn't have much time for pleasure. It was more of a business trip than anything." He answered as Rarity nodded. She then beckons him to the kitchen so she could continue asking him questions. Rarity was without a very kind hostess and great friend. Upon really thinking about it Rarity was a more than ideal candidate for the element of Generosity.

Only problem was she had no connection to Ditzy or Carrot Top. He went over his thoughts again with Ditzy and Cheerilee for Kindness with Rarity and Golden for Generosity. He decided to see if he could find some of the other Elements tomorrow to help narrow down his choices.

That morning Naruto woke up to the smell of breakfast. That was a smell he always welcomed as he got washed up and dressed for the day. He entered the kitchen and there waiting for him was pancakes, eggs, along with a bowl of fruit. Rarity as always had a light meal of fruit and toast with a bowl of oatmeal.

Per usual they would finish their meal before they began to talk. As usual Rarity's mane was in its usual up do, her outfit lint free and freshly ironed. There was definitely a perfectionist's mentality to the way she did things. Rarity once again expressed her interest in Naruto's trip to which he gave her an edited version of the details. "One of the main things that still needs doing is to find some volunteers to help decorate Town Hall and the area around it. The thing is the money for the decorations will be costly."

"Why I see how that would pose a problem. " Rarity paused as she began thinking about an idea that could help saw this problem. Suddenly her eyes slightly widen and her face later lit up as a thought came to her mind . "Idea!~" Rarity sang out the word in a cheerful little melody. "I have plenty of old threads and other decorations in my work room. I would be more than happy to not only give them in fact I would be more than happy to volunteer my services for the festival. "

"That's very kind of you Rarity. Finding someone for decorations was one of the biggest concerns and I'm sure the mayor will be glad to hear you'll be the one handling it." As a seamstress, Rarity knew a great deal about designs, colors, and anything within those fields. If there was a pony who you would count on for decoration then it was someone whose field was similar to that.

Naruto was now more than sure that Rarity was the Element of Generosity. Since today seemed to be a slow day, Rarity didn't have many tasks for Naruto so he carried on and made his way to Sweet Apple Acres.

The Apple farm was by far larger than Carrot Top's farm. The Apples not only harvested and sold apples but also took care of livestock. The workers consisted of Applejack and Big Macintosh with Granny Apple as the elder that oversaw the business side of things. Also cute little Apple Bloom also lived on the farm, occasionally helping out on the farm. Many of the Apple Clan were located throughout Equestria with their relatives going into the hundreds.

The Apples were among his closest friends; in fact he owed his life to Applejack and Big MacIntosh. Naruto took a glance at the porch where the apple green Granny Smith Apple would often spend her time rocking peacefully in her chair. That infamous squeak with each forward tilt that accompanied the rocking motions was one that would enter the mind and never leave. He continued searching around for hide or hair of the other apples. He knew around this time Apple Bloom would be in school which meant AJ and Mac were working the farm.

Finally he came across the form of Big Mac carrying a large bale of Hay with one arm. In terms of raw physical strength there wasn't a pony in Ponyville that could beat Big Mac; he was second to none in terms of endurance either. He was tall enough to loom over most ponies, he was easily seven feet tall. His complexion was that of a deep brilliant Amaranth. Naruto would soon come to learn that knowing shades of color was a very important part of equine culture because they, along with features or talents, played the role that names would have in identifying your ancestral heritage.

Anyway he hands down was one of the hardest working ponies in Ponyville. His red flannel shirt seared at the ends and stained with sweat. It clung to his torso accentuating his broad and muscular chest and pectorals. Despite lacking any formal training Big Mac's body was well-defined from all the farm work leading to him developing a muscular and attractive body. It was further highlighted by the holes in his jeans that showed off hints of his muscular legs. His brilliant orange mane and sap green eyes completed his farm boy look.

His rather quiet and reserved nature along with his respectful demeanor earned him more admirers than the average stallion. It would be unfounded to say at least a third of the mares, if not more of the mares, of Ponyville either fancied or were attracted to Big Mac, but seeing as Ponyville was one of the most heavily mare populated settlements in the Pony community that made the choices rather selective seeing as the Mare population heavily outnumbered the Stallion population five to one. As such it wasn't an uncommon practice for those in certain communities to have members that formed herds.

"Hey there Mac!" Naruto greeted the worker as he adjusted his stride to match his own.

"Howdy." He grunted out without breaking his stride to continue collecting the hay.

"I was wondering if the Apples have any plan for the Summer Sun Festival coming up because food preparations needs figuring out since there haven't been any volunteers."

"Ah wouldn't be able to help ya, preparing for the reunion, but ah reckon Applejack would be able to aid you." He said as he placed the hay block into the pike with the rest of them before grabbing the wagon stationed by the entrance and began dragging it outside.

"Is Applejack on the farm anywhere?" he wondered as he watched Big Mac placed buckets in the wagon that was often used to carry apples bucked from the trees.

"She's in town sellin'." He answered as he finished stacking all the buckets in the cart.

"Thanks Mac." Called out with a wave as he began his journey anew back into town to find the other farm pony.

The blond made his way to Ponyville's market center the one place where one could find it all when it came to the ingredients for your meal and where haggling skills meant the difference between a nice meal or a nice little feast with spending money for tomorrow.

"Are you serious? Only three bits?" a shocked voice asked as Naruto continued to weave around the crowd of ponies.

"Yes indeed," a voice spoke with a strong and familiar Southern drawl.

"Wow, back in my old town Apples were fifteen bits an Apple. "

Naruto finally came upon the scene to see a cobalt blue gentleman in his late thirties with short and neatly groom jet black mane was purchasing from Applejack. He was wearing a dress pants and suit combo with small square rim glasses with his eye color a dull sort of gold. The voice he had been definitely younger than his voice indicated. The Earth Pony stallion picked up the barrel of Apples and went on his way.

"Yo AJ," Naruto called out to the Earth Pony. The mare in question was behind a stall selling apples. She was slightly taller than him not to mention she was physically developed like her brother from all the farm work, but more in a feminine shape. She had pale light olive coloring for her mane with the same sap green eyes that all the Apples on Sweet Apple Acres had along with a light dusting of freckles on her face. Her coating was that of a light brilliant gamboge colored marred from the sweating and hard work, not to mention there were scratches and cut on her face and body from either farming accidents or creatures that would occasionally wander in from the Everfree Forest.

All and all Applejack was a country girl seeing as her outfit consisted of a red and white checkered tie-up shirt with a chest that easily rivaled Rarity's generous bosom. The Daisy Dukes she was wearing showed off her legs thick with muscle, a defining trait of an Earth Pony. Earth ponies famed for strength and endurance were often the largest of the three pony tribes. It was also thanks to this conditioning that gave her a firm and noticeably round bottom and svelte waist that had initially gained the apple farmer a lot of admirers, but a few factors led to that thinning over time.

Applejack would only be courted by a strong and honest stallion with a worthy work ethic and considering the Apples seemed to have unusual strength even by Earth Pony standards and stubborn adherence to their ethics that meant many Stallions fell short of her standards. Despite this the Apple still had plenty of admirers who still tried to cut corners in their attempt to woo her.

In a way it actually reminded him of Rarity's own fan base of admirers enamored by her beauty, but unfortunately for them Rarity's standards were even higher by far. By the time he had gotten over there the mare had readjusted the Stetson hat on her head. "Well ain't ya a sight for sore eyes. How's your boss lady treating ya? Surprised she let ya out of the shop."

"Come now Applejack if you take the time to get to know Rarity you'll see she's a perfectly nice mare." He knew that Applejack's experience with the high life during that time she spent with her Uncle and Aunt Orange colored her perception of the high-class. "So that last customer seemed pretty happy." He said pointing his thumb in the same direction AJ's previous customer went.

"Well that fellar was telling me how they were gouging the prices in the last town he and his wife lived in. I know of the regions and Apples ain't that rare ya know. He was trying to buy mah apples for way over price and ah couldn't, in good conscious, do that to the poor fellar." She finished with a slight sigh. To be honest money was always a touch and go subject at Sweet Apple Acres. Especially considering that Granny Apple was getting on up there in years meaning that medically emergencies were another thing to be factored into their budget and with the growing repairs to the farm thanks to some of the creatures in the Everfree venturing near town now more than ever.

Naruto's face softened at this. "That was incredibly honest of you Applejack."

"Why thank yah sugarcube." Applejack replies to your comment, before she frowns a little. "But ah'm afraid that ah may have to start bumping up the prices if the sales don't pick up."

Naruto then remembered why he was looking for her. "Actually Applejack that reminds me of something. I was wondering if you would be willing to cater for the Summer Sun Festival? Initially there was only going to be enough of the budget to order the decorations, but since Rarity offered to decorate town hall for free I could probably convince the mayor to use enough of the budget to cover the food bill. This could also be some nice advertisement to Sweet Apple Acres for the ponies who are going to come for the festival."

"Sounds like a mighty fine idea ta me. Heck Mac is handling the planning' for the reunion so why not. Ah'm sure there should be plenty of the family who'd be more than happy to help out. Count me in."

"This is turning out easier than I would expect. The mayor will be pleased. " he said as he placed down a bit to buy some apples.

"Why thank yah kindly partner." Applejack smiles as she scoops up at his bits in a matter of seconds she handed him the apples.

"I'm afraid I have to leave now to find any more volunteers for the festival. I'll be seeing you AJ."

The cowpony nods. "Yep, you too Naruto,"

Naruto continued his way through the busy market streets. Next thing he knew a pink blur appeared out of nowhere and slams into him hard making his back kiss the pavement. It took him a moment to recollect himself when he felt a very soft, warm and heavy body press itself against his, as two very immense and cushion pillows lay against his chest. What's more his nose could smell the odd aroma of cotton candy and cake frosting. "Hi Pinkie Pie." He greeted without missing a beat.

"Gotcha!" she replied with a giggle. "You're slipping up mister. You didn't even sense me this time."

He was so caught up in his mission he had completely forgotten about the little game between him and Pinkie. "Alright, alright you got me can you let me up now?"

Those violet orbs of hers were so full of mirth and innocence it was hard to stay mad at her. Of the other mares Naruto had gotten to know so far, Pinkie was on the shorter side with her skin a brilliant rose shade and her mane and tail a raspberry shade. Unlike the other ponies Pinkie's mane and tail was that of an unconventional puffy style reminiscent of cotton candy. Like the others Pinkie also had a desirable shape but more unique to her energetic nature. She was shorter and far less muscled than other Earth Ponies to the point many a pony or two wondered if she was lazy, but those who knew Pinkie knew there was nearly no shortage to her energy. Also with a figure like that lazy was not the word one would use. She had a nice chest for one, perky and a good deal larger than the average pair giving her a popularity similar to that of Rarity and Applejack.

One would think with all her snacking habit of candy and cake that Pinkie would be pudgy, but that was anything but the case. Her stomach was nice and flat with a remarkable waist line which in itself was a mystery was Pinkie didn't exercise fanatically or worked out like most would but that didn't stop her from having a more hourglass shape from the waist down. No, all that sugar did in fact went somewhere and it was that plump ass of hers along with her meaty thighs. If Pinkie hadn't been known as something of a loon about town she would probably have just as many admirers if not more so than a lot of the other mares. Unfortunately her highly energetic and sometimes over friendly demeanor made her off-putting to a lot of ponies. Her outfit consisted of a white T-shirt with the words "Party Girl" bold in gold stopping short of her midriff along with a pair of form-fitting Blue Jeans. A stark contrast to her usual yellow skirt or shorts she would have usually worn on her days off.

Naruto, unaware that he was starting quite attentively at Pinkie, wondered why he didn't think about asking for her health.

"Looks like someone likes what he sees!" Pinkie teased mischievously as a smirk formed on her face, very much amused by the embarrassment forming on Naruto's face.

"Pinkie," Naruto mumbled with an embarrassed blush. He still hadn't quite fully worked out his own thoughts and feelings about this situation. He would be blind not to notice how attractive the mares he associated with are, they were very much like humans and it was those similar features that helped Naruto better adapt to this society, but he was still adapting and getting used to being a pony so when it came to romance it was one of the things he had on the back burner.

"So! Did you enjoy checking me out?" she teased earning an annoyed sigh from the blond. With someone who didn't have much dating experience she sure was an expert at teasing him. She and Rainbow Dash had that much in common at least.

"Yes actually, feels like someone might need to go bra shopping soon." He shot back in hopes of embarrassing her but instead she reacted in typical Pinkie Pie faction.

"You really think so?" she asked, groping her breasts and began fondling them with up and down motions.

Naruto's blush intensified. Only Pinkie Pie could turn his pranks and verbal jabs back on him. Then again it was one of the things he liked best about her. She was a completely honest and sweet mare that saw the best in everything.

She was the Element of Laughter bar none. He didn't even really have to think about who'd he pick for that one if he was honest.

"Hey Pinkie who do you think is the most loyal pony in town?" he wondered as he began to notice a trend in his choices.

Pinkie pulled out what she called her thinking cap, which was essentially a mini graduates hat and began thinking. "Well there's the Apples who are very loyal to their family, oh and Cheerilee she's so nice always doing her best to educate the little colts and fillies, and there's Mayor Mare whose always doing her best for the town, and the Cakes they're super nice and awesome and always dedicated to each other, and Shoeshine always take time to listen to those she cares about, and Note Worthy is…"

"Pinkie calm down." He forcibly placed his hand over the mare's mouth. "Pinks!" he called out as she insisted on talking through his hand. She titled her head quizzically and finally stopped talking. "Who do you think among everyone that, no matter what, values being loyal to all else? Can you remember anyone making a major decision to standby someone else?" after he asked that Pinkie immediately began talking to which he had to remove his hand.

"…here so she could stay here with Fluttershy because Fluttershy is so sweet, but really sensitive and…"

"Wait…start again. Who are we talking about?" he asked.

She looked at him as if he just told her a bad joke. "What do you mean? Rainbow Dash silly, don't you remember?"

Naruto literally face palmed at the fact he didn't realize this himself. Of course…without Pinkie's help it would have probably taken him weeks to realize this seeing as Loyalty was one of the hardest traits to figure out or test. Unlike Generosity, Kindness, or Honesty you couldn't easily test or see that being exhibited as an everyday trait. Loyalty itself was something one could only show during a major event or decision for it to truly be any test of that characteristic.

Rainbow Dash was one of the first ponies he had met. Who he owed his life too and as time went on he got to know a great deal about her. She was close to the Pegasus known as Fluttershy who was truer to her name than most. In fact Rainbow Dash moving to Ponyville was a result of being close to Fluttershy, one of the only two friends Rainbow Dash had made at the academy with her being Fluttershy's only friend. Considering Rainbow Dash's own dream one would think she would have a better chance at achieving it by staying in Cloudsdale's but her concern for the other Pegasus saw her moved to this very town.

"Thanks Pie!" Naruto scooped the mare into an energetic hug causing her to let out a little yelp in joy. He was almost sure now.

Generosity = Rarity

Loyalty = Rainbow Dash

Laughter = Pinkie Pie

Honesty = Applejack

Kindness = ?

In fact even if the mares minimally knew each other it was better than his alternative choices. Seeing as Rainbow Dash spent most days either working or snoozing she didn't socialize unless it was to buy groceries or find out what was going on in town. Pinkie Pie knew all of them because of her nature and once in a while Applejack surely had sold her apples to the other mares. At best they would be casual acquaintances with Ditzy when she delivered their mail and only Applejack and Rarity would have had any contact with Cheerilee due to their younger siblings being in her class.

If one would really think about it who else in Ponyville would really fit the trait of Kindness other than Fluttershy. She was extremely soft-spoken and loving with her talent of taking care of animals. He couldn't think of a kinder talent than working in the medical field.

He decided he was going to pay Fluttershy a visit tomorrow and see if she was willing to volunteer for the festival. He didn't even need to ask Pinkie Pie as the moment she saw Twilight in the town she was going to insist on throwing her a party. Everything was coming along he would just need to send the Princess a letter on his thoughts on who the five elements were.