Equestrian Heroes


Naruto x ?


Author's Note


The Fluttershy chapter is a bit on the short side, but Naruto hasn't spent as much time with her as he did the others. I don't remember how much content the Pinkie Pie chapter had, but I'm most likely going to build upon Naruto's friendship with Pinkie later in the story like I am with Fluttershy. Either way hoping things will be more distinct as time goes on.


Story Start


I'm going to guess music is the next thing you need to check." Naruto remarked as they came across a small gathering of birds and one Pegasus pony.


She had a long soft pale grayish rose mane, and wore a sleeveless yellow sweater with a long flowing light green skirt that reached down to her ankles. For all intents of purpose for Fluttershy's personality her body was better suited to a model. By far her bust exceeded most of the mares in her town to the point it seemed like her chest streamed against the sweater. She also had wide thighs and bottom that exceeded Pinkie's connecting with a thin waist that seemed prominent in Pegasi in general. Fluttershy was also a bit larger than your common Pegasi indicating that she had some sort earth pony ancestry considering she was more on the thicker side as well as the fact her wings were on the smaller side compared to Pegasi in muscle mass.

Her gentle cyan eyes trained on the avians before her.

"Don't approach her too quickly." Naruto warned them as they approached the Pegasi mare.

"Oh my. Um, stop please, everyone, umm." She softly instructed them as she stopped the rehearsal. "Excuse me, sir? I mean, no offense, but your rhythm is just a teeny-tiny bit off." The blue jay nodded. "Now, follow me, please. A-one, a-two, a-one two-three…" Before she could start, Naruto called out to her.

"Hey Fluttershy, hope I'm not interrupting." The tone he used was much softer than the boisterous or familiar ones used to greet the others.

Fluttershy turned to speak with him as her eyes lit up and a smile graced her face. "Hello Naruto, have you come to see the rehearsal?"

"Actually I'm showing somepony around town whose here to see how things are running for the festival." He explained as Twilight Sparkle strode forward.

"Hello, I hope we aren't interrupting you. I was sent from Canterlot to see how everything is going and the music sounds wonderful." Fluttershy didn't respond. "I'm Twilight Sparkle." She still garnered no response. "What's your name?" Twilight once more prompted her.

"Um... I'm Fluttershy." The Pegasus said in a meek tone that the other mare couldn't hear.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Twilight asked her once more.

"Um... My name is Fluttershy." Fluttershy said in an even quieter voice that was hardly audible as she shied away.

"Didn't quite catch that." Twilight prompted once more becoming dangerously close for the Pegai's liking. Fluttershy then made a squeaking sound as her mane covered on of her eyes.

"Let me talk with her." Naruto suddenly cut in. "She's really shy. She had it rough as a filly and I've tried to help her through it, but progress has been slow." Naruto spoke to the unicorn before he led Fluttershy away. Out of all the new friends he had made Fluttershy was one of the more recent ones. "I'm sorry about that Fluttershy I should have warned Twilight more." In response he got something in more along lines of 'it's ok'. "She just wanted to check out the music and it seems like things are going okay. I'm sure she wouldn't mind a small sample of what the birds can do."

'D-Do I have to?' she squeaked out in a soft tone.

"Come on Fluttershy it's for the festival. She's not going to hurt you. Twilight Sparkle is a nice mare and Spike is also a pretty cool little dude."

The mare cocked her head curiously. Spike? She looked around the mare and spotted the baby dragon.

"A baby dragon!" The sudden explosion of energy from Fluttershy caught Twilight and even Naruto off guard, pushing past them and leaving Spike suddenly cuddled to her chest and cheek against cheek. Those bright eyes shining with joy at her discovery. "Oh, I've never seen a baby dragon before. He's sooo cute!"

Spike now the center of attention for the first time all day, a grin spread over his lips and the short dragon inflated his chest with pride at all the attention suddenly washing over his. "Well, well, well...!"

Gushing with joy Fluttershy did a small spin in the air, holding Spike high over her head and releasing another gasp of surprise. At this point Twilight hand groaned sharply and held a hand to her face as she groaned sharply.

Naruto clasped his hand over his lips as he tried to stifle his laughter. What happened he did not expect yet so cute.

Not that it had any impact on the situation at hand, as the mare continued to heap attention upon the tiny dragoness. "Oh my, he talks. I didn't know dragons could talk. That's just so incredibly wonderful I, I just don't even know what to say!"

"I guess everything's in order. Keep up the good work and in that case we'd better be going."

"Wait, wait! What's his name?" Fluttershy asked the group.

"I'm Spike." The baby dragon introduced himself.

Despite Twilight's attempt to grab Spike and run Fluttershy followed after them. "Hi Spike, I'm Fluttershy. Wow, a talking dragon! And what do dragons talk about?"

"Well, what do you wanna know?"

Fluttershy was swift to trill with delight at Spike welcoming response and pulled her arms together to hug them against herself in joy over the situation, going so far as to do a back-flip in place then rushing to catch up again. "Absolutely everything."

"Just let it go Twilight. Just let it happen."

Spike however was simply happy to have an attentive audience and spoke out with joy. "Well... I started out as a cute little purple and green egg..." for an adolescent his story was surprisingly long, enough to wear it went from early afternoon to early evening. "...and that's the story of my whole entire life! Well, up until today. Do you wanna hear about today?"

"Oh, yes, please!" said Fluttershy. Suddenly, Spike found a hand, courtesy of Twilight clamped over his mouth and dragged back.

"I am so sorry, how did we get here so fast? I'm staying at the library while I'm in Ponyville and my poor baby dragon needs his sleep so we need to hurry and settle in."

Of course that was sure to get an instant response from the animal lover, "Poor thing, you simply must get into bed... "

"Yes, yes, we'll get right on that. Well, g'night!" she said, dragging Spike away before any more time could be wasted.

Naruto called out to the mare who turned and was about to make her way back to the forest."I'll see you later Fluttershy."


"I have to say that was definitely interesting." Naruto remarked as he began remembering how he met Fluttershy. It wasn't until relatively recently in fact.

It was during yet another training session where he found himself collapsed from exhaustion. The wish to gain back the power he once had driven him to near reckless levels of training. After all, being as strong as he once was in this new body was the only chance he had to survive.

He slowly began to stir only to find himself in a cottage of some sorts. He was on a makeshift bed and foudn that someone had given him medical treatment to. He looked around and saw there was a large gathering of animals consisting of birds, squirrels, mice, cats, and other creatures. "Where in the world am I?" he said as the pony he assumed was his caretaker entered the room. Upon realizing he was awake she seemed to freeze in mid-step.

"Oh hello, you helped me right?" Naruto asked as he moved up to his hooves. The mare made a squeak as she stood there. "Hello? My name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki what's yours?" the Pegasus shied away from him. The various animals let out various growls causing the blond to stumble back.

"Its okay." The Pegasus quietly assured her little companions. "M-My name is Fluttershy. H-Hello." They both exchanged a glance as blue eyes met blue eyes. The Pegasus once more shied away from him.

"Well it's nice to meet you Fluttershy. Can you tell me where I am?"

"Oh we're outside of Ponyville Mr. Naruto."

Naruto just grinned. "Just Naruto, no Mr. ok?"

"N-Naruto could you tell me why you were unconscious outside, but you don't have to answer it though I was just curious." She shied away as he turned towards her bumping into one of her animal friends before quickly apologizing to the gentle soul.

"I was training. I'm something of a martial artist and I went overboard. You really saved me though, thanks for your help." He thanked her. It seemed a pattern was forming. He would befriend a kind pony who would be willing to help him and he would bond with them.

Which led him to learn more about her. "I'm the town's veterinarian." she answered when he asked her what she did for a living.

"A vet? So you like animals than?"

She perked up at this. "Oh yes! I just love them! I love all animals, from the smallest little chipmunk, to the largest bear. Except for d-dragons. Dragons are scary, and mean." She finished her statement with a quiver.

In nearly everything she did from her demeanor to her career centered on her kind nature.

"From that moment on I've visited Fluttershy. She doesn't associate with others much and its nice to slow down and enjoy nature with someone." Naruto explained as they arrived to the library.

"I would like to thank you for all your help today Naruto. Forgive my rudeness, but there is a matter which I really have to tend to." She said as she searched along the wall for a light switch. "Now where is the switch?"

"I found it." Naruto said as he used his hoof to turn on the light.

"Surprise!" many ponies shouted out. The Unicorn was taking back by the loud noise and fanfare, with an odd pinky pony blowing a Kazoo.

"Huh? Looks like you must have met Pinkie Pie." Was the only thing Naruto could remark as every inch of the library had been covered in a traditional Pinkie Pie set-up.