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Naruto x ?


Author's note


Some were in fact inspired by Friendship is Eternal, but to be fair I always had certain bits like the mindscape battle in mind planned out. I just happen to have hundred of stories and it takes a while to get to some of them. With that in mind hope you guys enjoy this latest chapter.


Story Start


A Moderate cobalt blue energy began gathering within the creature's mouth. "Everyone scatter!" A ball of magical aura shot out of the creature's mouth like a canon. The ponies dodged as the explosive ball of magic caused the roof and edges of the entrance to be caved in by rubble.

"We don't have much time. Get the elements and run." He wasn't sure what Nightmare Moon's game was, but if she was going to keep on underestimating them then they needed to take advantage of this chance.

"Y'all must of hit yer head or something. Ya think were leaving ya then you have another thing coming." Of course Applejack would argue against this. It was not in her nature to simple up and abandon someone.

"If you think we're going to let you take on big and scaly you've lost your mind." And Rainbow who'd never abandon her friends.

"We don't have time to argue." The blond remarked as the dragon resonated with energy. Apparently it hadn't quite fully settled in a stable physical form yet. Meaning there was still time for them to quickly grabbed the elements without too much incident. "If the elements are really the only thing that can stop Nightmare Moon then we're wasting time."

"He's right!" Twilight remarked, stepping forward. "Its more about saving Ponyville or Equestria. If Nightmare Moon gets her way and casts an eternal life then nearly all life on the planet could die. We have to do something and now!" Twilight's speech was nearly cut short as the magical beast seemed to finally stabilize.

"Quick! Go now!" Naruto exclaimed as he shot forward. Holding out his right arm, a spiraling blue sphere suddenly came into existence within the creature's hand. Lunging forward he shoved the glowing sphere within the side of the creature's face. The sphere of magic the creature prepared was sent flying at an awkward angle creating a hole in one of the walls creating a staircase.

Now more than ever Naruto appreciated the fact that the Rasengan was a hand seal-less jutsu. While his nature manipulation remained relatively the same compensating for the control with the fact he lacked fingers was such a pain. Meaning the same level of control for a wind natured Rasengan back when he was human was the equivalent of a regular one now.

Despite questions forming in their minds at the strange move the orange pony pulled off the others new they needed to focus their attention to their task. Retrieving the five elements they made a break to the whole the creature made.

"I won't be long! I'll be right behind you!" Naruto shouted, as he put distance between himself and the creature. Satisfied that the others were a safe distance from there he put his hooves together. Dozens of clouds of white smoke erupted across the room. When they dissipated each cloud revealed an exact copy of Naruto, their combined total taking up almost half the room.

If this creature was a manifestation of pure magic he probably wouldn't be able to beat it head on, but he could distract it long enough for the others to escape. It was times like this he really wished he focused on working on seals a bit more in regards to his knew body.

The creature proved itself deceptively fast as it claw tore through an entire group of clones. The clones charged delivering a legion of powerful punches, kicks, and Rasengans only for the dragon's scrapes and abrasions to magically repair itself. "I guess I should have realized it wouldn't have been so simple. Then again I have picked up a few things since my youth." And thanks to this new body it was possible. Like for instant this new form of his had several distinct advantages over a normal person. So combining the horses natural athleticism with his already impressive Uzumaki heritage meant taking advantage of a new found powerful breath control to use fire jutsu and such. Then again it helped that the biology of these ponies weren't exactly like the horses he remembered either.

With an exhale he let out a giant fireball that connected with the creature letting out a fiery and combust explosion. He wasn't quite sure what allowed him this new found connection. Maybe it was that gem from all that time ago. Either way, as long as he was able to fight he supposed it didn't matter. He landed on his tail before flipping back onto all four hooves.

The smoky embers of his attack soon thinned out and remaining upon the scorched marks and cracked land was the form of Nightmare Moon.

"Thou has proven to be an interesting warrior, Uzumaki Naruto. Tell us, why does thou fight so ardently for a battle he cannot win!"

"To stop people like you!" he charged forward only for the Alicorn to dodge him by turning into mist which thinned out the room of the rest of his clones. 'fast' he thought as he came to a stop and quickly spun to face his enemy. "You know my name. Should I be flattered?"

"It is laughable that thou think one is even a challenge to me. Tell me, do thou even know of the power he contains?"

For a moment Naruto paused, clearly confused by the Alicorn's insinuation. She couldn't mean Kurama could she? Ever since his awakening in this new form any attempt at the perfect cloak proved anything but ardent. Even if that was the case there was no possible way this being could know about him. If not, did she mean something else? Maybe he could keep her talking. "What do you even want? Why even try and send the world into an Eternal Night?"

"This one shall a blidge your little curiosity, if only because you and your little foals attempts at stopping me proved to be quite amusing. The peasants of your town held no appreciation for my night. For its beauty and for its importance to the world and merely shunned or ignored, and even fought its presence out of ignorant and fear. Soon all aligned with darkness was treated with contempt and loathing. The Moon…my moon treated as nothing more than a rock as everypony loved and appreciated the sun. Loved and appreciated her." Suddenly the Alicorn's powerful magical began flooding the room.

Naruto found himself cursing as he was suddenly ensnared by vine like shaped tendrils of magic. Like leeches they were draining him of his energy. Despite his training he still felt himself caught off guard by some of the thing magic could do. If he didn't break free quickly she was going to kill him.

"Does thou think of me so barbaric?" the dark mare let out an amused chuckle. "I will succeed Celestia and become the Queen of this world and this queen wouldn't mind a King." Nightmare Moon removed her armor piece by piece in a slow fashion that made Naruto anxious and fearful at the dark mare's advances. Even with his time here and urges he hadn't really thought about that sort of thing, let alone romance. Being a whole new species wasn't something one who heartedly threw themselves into in a matter of a few days.

Even now the reason he was able to adjust as well as he did was because of how human like the ponies were here. "Tell me Uzumaki Naruto, do you not have desires? Desires that have gone on…unfilled." She whispered in his ear as she trailed around him. Naruto couldn't help but shiver, the more he adjusted and became used to this form the more apparent certain things became. "Join me and I can give you your greatest desires. I can even help you get home."

Before Naruto could even protest or question how she could possibly know the Dark Mare pressed her lips against his. Home was only one place and it was her.

And with that a memory came to mind. He was gently rocking back and forth as the little bundle in his arms fell back asleep. A hand touched his shoulder. He loved up and it was his beautiful wife.

"Hinata…" He whispered as to not disturb the baby.

"You have an important meaning tomorrow… why are you up?" She asked softly.

"Its only fair I do my fair share if you can lose some nights of sleep he said as quietly as he could. Hinata just smiled and kissed his cheek.

They walked the baby back to the nursery. Naruto laid Neji gently down in the crib. The baby, named after a dear friend. Hinata tucked a thin blanket around Neji. The couple stood there watching the sleeping child. Hinata wrapped her arm around Naruto's and smiled. It was clear that the baby was fast asleep and showed no signs of waking up.

"Honey lets go back to bed." Hinata said softly. Naruto just nodded and let her take his hand. They went back to their bedroom and Hinata started to take off her robe. Naruto hugged her from behind and buried his face in her hair.

"I love you." He said into her hair. Hinata blushed a little and smiled. Hinata moved out of Naruto's arms and turned to him. She put her arms around him and kissed him on the lips.

"I love you too." She said pulling out of the kiss. She let her fingers graze over his cheek.

Nightmare Moon hissed angrily when his response was to bite her lip. How dare they ungrateful nave do something like that to her? Refuse her? And after going as far as offering herself, a pony no common mare could ever hope to court. Either way getting hold of that gem was still possible. The mysterious pony had unusual power and bravery, even for her to consider the proposition and since he wasn't going to willingly give in to her, she would just kill him and rip the power from his body.

'The body can still be used.'

The thought crossed her mind for some reason. For a moment she wondered the reasoning before decided to deal with it later. Suddenly her hold was broken as an explosion of power radiated from the orange pony. He jumped back as his eyes now adorned a rather sharp look. 'Even in my memories you're supporting me. Saving me from the darkness. Hinata…I won't give up. I'll never stop being the man you believed in.'

"This has gone on long enough." She remarked as her horn glowed with magic. "If thou does not want to join me, I'll simply crush thee." She remarked as she reassembled her armor in a burst of magic and sent a focus blast of magical power in his direction. Naruto rolled to the side, quickly dodging it and charged forward, ramming into the dark mare sending her tumbling back a few steps.

Using her wings the Alicorn prevented herself from being knocked over. "You'll have to do better than that."

"How dare thee. This one will take enjoyment from your suffering like the finest wine." She said as she charged forward with incredible speed. With a leap her hooves came down where the orange pony once was, leaving a rather considerable dent as the floor beneath her cracked.

Naruto was sure as he was now, in straight battle of speed the mare would easily stomp him, but thankfully his natural agility, reflexes, and experience allowed him to keep a step ahead of the dark mare. Not to mention he was sure the mare had little experience fighting an opponent with a human mind set.

"Thou is only delaying the enable. If thou believe he can defeat me then…" during the dark mare's boasting Naruto took the opportunity to charge and slide kick the legs from right under her, rolling to the other side of her as she fell. "Thou is truly testing thy patience." She growled as she took to the side.

"Glad I rolled to the right and not to the left. I have to say dying by being crushed would have sucked. So tell me, are you the same as you were a thousand years ago or was your flank always that fat?" hopefully Nightmare Moon was the kind of fighter that got sloppy with angry. There was also the fact that it had been in grinded into his head insulting a woman's looks was a quit way to piss them off, especially if you insinuated they were fat. The fact that the next blast of magic nearly took his head off pretty much gave the blond the indication that that may not have been the best idea.

"Thou's body may be strong, but what is the condition of one's mind?" faster than the eye could blink the entire area was filled with the cobalt blue aura of Nightmare Moon's Magic. Her horn glew with an ominous cobalt blue aura that set off her monstrously large wings stretched themselves. Naruto's eyes met the cat-like blue eyes as the world seemed to fade to darkness.

Naruto wasn't sure how long he had been unconscious, but looking around the area he was now he knew for a fact that it wasn't the physical realm. Considering Nightmare's Moon haughtiness he expected to wake up in a dungeon within a castle or something. The last thing he expected was a lifeless gray rocky terrain.

'Is this…the moon?' he wondered to himself. He looked up and sure enough it was the night sky filled with the white twinkling lights of the stars themselves. Other familiar celestial bodies filled the area including what he learned not so long ago were constellations. Since he was in the mental plain he didn't need to worry about whatever measures one would have needed to survive out here.

Naruto tried calling to Kurama but received no answer in return. 'I'm alone…fantastic.' He sarcastically remarked. There was nothing he could do, but to simply keep walking. Time did not exist in this type of realm. How long had he been walking?

That was yet to be determined. The landscape seemed unchanging with craters and the same dull colors. He kept going until he saw the faint glow of magical aura. Naruto readied himself for a fight until he heard the faint sound of crying. His eyes widened briefly in confusion before he went closer to the origin only to find deep within the crater the cage.

The cage contained what looked like a small pony. "W-Who are you?" the pony shy away, a quake her voice. There was so much fear in cyan eyes. Her mane was a very light azure mane and a light phthalo blue coat.

"I won't hurt you. My name is Naruto what's yours?" he asked as the pony frowned at him.

"I won't fall for thou's tricks again! Just leave me alone." tears began to whirl up in her eyes. "Where are you Big sister?T-Thou is so sorry please don't be mad at me anymore. I don't like being alone." The tears slid down her face. "T-Tia…d-don't you love me anymore?" she asked in between sniffles.

Naruto nearly broke down upon seeing how broken this pony was. Was this…was this the strong face behind Nightmare Moon? Did that make her like him? A Jinchuuriki, but one overtaken by their prisoner. Having long embraced the willpower of making a mindscape his own Naruto easily bypassed the cage. He then pulled the pony in the hug causing her to gasp.

"You're not alone anymore." He whispered into her ear. "I won't hurt you. I'll do everything I can to help you."

For the first time the little mare felt something other than loneliness and despair. For the first time in a thousand years she had done something she thought she lost the will to do. Smile.

"Excuse me?" Naruto asked, missing what the mare had just said. He suddenly pulled back, realizing that he still had her in his arms, legs, hooves…whatever the hell one wanted to call.

The pony the let out a rather bashful like gasp. She took a moment before composing herself. "My name is Luna." She introduced herself a little more confident.

"I see." He figured it had something to do with the moon. Everything was starting to make sense now. "A nice name for such a cute pony." Naruto remarked with a grin. In his mind the compliment was more along the lines of how one would find something Kawaii.

Luna on the other hand took it completely different and began blushing. "W-Who gave thou permission to be so familiar with me? I am a Princess and over a Millennia old." She remarked with a bit of a tempos' huff.

Naruto's chuckle as he offered her a hoof. "Its time to go?"

"Go?" she blinked. "Go where?"

"Back to Equestria. One way or another I'll get you out of here."

A downcast look formed on Luna's face. "I-It's no use. I've tried…I've tried for so long but she won't let me. It won't let me." As soon as she finished that sentence utter fear came spread across her face. "She's here." She remarked as a pool of darkness seeped across the rocky landscape. It slowly pulled up and formed into the shape of Nightmare Moon.

"I don't know how you managed to find your way here human. One way or another that pathetic life of yours will end now." As Nightmare Moon spoke twin voices echoed from the creature's mouth and one of those voices Naruto remembered all too well. The voice of the same creature that attacked his home.

"Ombra!" he whispered.

Meanwhile in the waking world the six ponies had stopped their trek within one of the rooms of the castle. "What's taking him so long? He should have caught up by now?" Between the trek and having to escape the dragon the amount of energy spent was starting to wear on them. Rainbow Dash anxiously walked back and forth. "I knew we shouldn't have left him."

"Rainbow, have fate in him. Naruto would attempt to part the oceans themselves if it meant keeping a promise." Rarity remark.

"Oh…I hope he's okay." Fluttershy softly stated.

Meanwhile Twilight had gathered the Elements close to her and concentrated, trying to figure out the mystery of some kind of spark.

"What's taking so long to find that spark?" Applejack wondered.

"What if the spark is like a really big…BOOM!" Pinkie Pie theorized causing Twilight to briefly lose her concentration.

"Girls…trying to concentrate here." Twilight remarked. Even if she wanted to ignore it she was just as worried about the blonds as the others.

"Well there must be something. Maybe books or something to get those ol' hunks of junks working?" Spike suggested.

"It could be worth a try." Rarity agreed. Anything beat standing around and being useless.

"We'll be right back Twilight."

Just as the others were preparing to leave the hall so Twilight could concentrate in peace, an explosion of power ripped the foundation of the floor from right under them. Everyone let out a cry, Pinkie and Rarity leaped for the exit where Applejack was. Rainbow flew over and snatched up Spike, but Twilight who was in the center of the room didn't find herself as lucky. "Twilight!" they all cried out and any attempts to go and help her were blocked out by a think cobalt mist. The last thing they saw was a screaming Twilight and the five elements descend into darkness.