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One day at Fyora's castle Luna jumped on her and Leon's bed and Luna said mommy daddy its summer time no more school!

That great Luna said Leon as he got up just let sleep in for 5 more minutes said Leon.

But daddy you said we'll be going camping for a week with Alica,Kate,Rose,Jessica and,Samatha.

Honey you said that said Fyora to leon Leon woke up and said ok Luna let's go pick up your friends and Fyora said and next month you will see your new brother or sister Luna and have a good time at the camping trip the other male faeries will take their kids there too.

At the store

At the store Fyora was getting a few more things for the baby until she felt a kick and Fyora said hello in there I do not know what you'll look like but I will be happy the way you are.

At The Darkest Faerie's castle

At The Darkest Faerie's castle The Darkest Faerie was waitting at the door for her best friend Fyora to come because they were having a sleep over and The Darkest Faerie was also waiting to go out for pizza with Fyora and her 2nd baby just can't wait for it so her baby was kicking crazy as if he/she was saying mama feed me...

The Darkest Faerie said hold on sweetheart I'm waiting for Fyora to come so I can go get pizza but her baby still kickied in her stomach.

Then Fyora came at the door so The Darkest Faerie opened the door and said Dearess Fyora.

That did not surprsie me said Fyora oh come on I was just joking said The Darkest Faerie.

So shall we go out for pizza? asked The Darkest Faerie yes said Fyora and off they went.

End of chapter 1...