I am sorry guys its been SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG scents I did the first chapter of this story but here we go.

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Fyora was staying over at The Darkest Faerie because her baby was due very soon now.

"Darkest Faerie read me a Garfield story please?" asked Fyora "OK Fyora I will find that Garfield book Oh my back is sore" said The Darkest Faerie as she go out of the couch.

"I found it Fyora" said The Darkest Faerie as she sat down on the couch.

This is the story of Garfield the fat cat

Once apon a time there was a silly cat named Garfield who loves lasnsa.

Garfield never likes anything but lasnsa Gafield was a real pig for lasnsa.

That silly fat cat used to sneek into the frige to get more lasnsa before breakfast.

But when Odie wasn't looking Garfield will eat his lasna Garfield was a lasnsa theif and Garfield did not notcie he was getting fat.

One day Garfield went shopping with his owner Jon at the store.

It didn't take long until Garfield found the food ile of the store alone Garfield couldn't belive his eyes walls and walls of lasnsa so that fat cat sat down and started to eat all the lasnsa in the store.

Garfield ate so much that he could not sit up anymore and Garfield was rolling all over the store.

Jon steped out of the couch ile and what did he see? Jon saw Garfield so fat he can not move.

And Jon was really a shame because of greedy behavior and when he had to pay at the check out counder with Garfield stuffted in the store's cart.

On the way home Garfield was complaining about being too fat "Well that's what happens" said Jon.

"But Jone I gotta go!" yelled Garfield.

Jon said "I bet you do but you fat cat will have to wait until we get home".

When they got home Garfield ran inside and went to the bathroom.

Woosh went lasnsa Garfield had never felt so full before and Garfield had never feel so glad to be so empty.

Garfield still love to eat lasnsa but from that day on Garfield knew better to eat more then he can hold.

The end

"And that Fyora is the end of the story of Garfield the fat cat well that fat cat learned empty and full the hard way right Fyora" said The Darkest Faerie.

"Good night Fyora" said The Darkest Faerie "Good night Darkest Faerie" said Fyora as she turned off the lights.

Few hours later

It's 5:30 am and Fyora was sleeping until she was awoke by The Darkest Faerie's screaming.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" yelled The Darkest Faerie Fyora woke up and saw The Darkest Faerie in alot of pain "Darkest Faerie whats wrong?" asked Fyora "Fyora I'm going into labor now my water just broke" said The Darkest Faerie.

2 hours later at 7:30 am

"PUSH" yelled Fyora The Darkest Faerie screamed in pain until it was over the baby was alive.

"Oh my gosh it's a girl" said Fyora The Darkest Faerie was crying as she looked at her new daughter when the baby was handed to The Darkest Faerie her daughter looks like her but she had brown hair like her father's and she had red ruby eyes.

"What name will you pick for your new daughter?" asked Fyora.

"I think Wanda" said The Darkest Faerie.

"Great name" said Fyora.