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5 weeks had past since the tragic events underground; Terra had discovered that if Slade was a certain distance away from her, he couldn't control her. She had used this information to her advantage, by getting away from him.

The Titans hadn't seen Slade for awhile and most of his minion robots had been destroyed causing light to once again reside in the city. Some of the people had come back, but others decided that they'd had enough of the crime in the city and those people moved.

The Titans had now gone back to their tower, but it was still empty. It would always seem empty; always feel like something was missing no matter what.

Raven sat on the ground in the room that had the design of an outdoor campsite. She looked around at each perfect little detail that the team had added for that demon.

Raven used to think that she was the demon, but now she knew what a real one was like.

Her eyes met the heart on the table. She crept over to it and gently picked it up. She examined her reflection on the polished glass as she traced the outline with her fingers.

She starred into it wondering what it was, obviously it was a cute little jewelry box, but where had Terra gotten it?

Raven knew that after Terra's betrayal Beast Boy had valued the thing quite highly and she remembered the image of him curling around it in dog form to grieve.

She also remembered the conversation they'd had in this very room.

It was a short one, but to Raven it now meant the world.

"She wasn't important," Raven whispered.

"How can you say that? She wasn't just some bump in the road!" BB shouted.

"No, she wasn't. You loved her, and I get that, but you deserve someone who loves you back, and she didn't."

Her words may have sounded heartless, but if she had been brave, if she hadn't now just admitted it to herself, she would have told him how she felt.

Now when she finally felt ready to tell him that she could be that girl who loves him back, he's gone.

Raven set the box back on the table and doing her best zombie impression walked outside.

The wind nipped at her exposed calves as the dirt blew around in the air.

At least the fog was gone; all of the Slade-bots had really polluted the air.

Raven was surprised that they'd been able to take out all of the bots, but apparently along with their grief was pent up anger. That anger was especially directed towards Slade and his apprentice.

She closed her eyes as she sat down in the soft dirt she rubbed the rock behind her, she couldn't believe that they had left the grave alone. Why did Terra get to make the grave? That was their job, not the murders.

Raven didn't know if his body was really down there or not, Robin had his speculations, but he wasn't very sure about anything.

"Hi Raven," Terra mumbled sitting down next to her.

Raven had been expecting this, for the last 5 weeks Terra had came here, and for the last 5 weeks Raven had attempted to kill her.

Terra was mentally ill; well that's how it seemed to Raven. Because despite the fact that she had, had 10 near death experiences due to Raven's anger she wouldn't stop coming.

Terra glanced at Raven.

Raven glanced back.

"Hey Rae-Rae," Beast Boy whispered sitting down next to the two girls.

"Terra, why does Rae always ignore me?"

Terra closed her eyes feeling the wind wisp at her hair.

"He's just your imagination, he's just your imagination," Terra whispered to herself.

"No I'm not Terra," Beast boy whispered shimming closer to her.

"Raven, do you ever feel like you can see him?" Terra asked wanting to not feel so alone anymore.

"No," Raven shouted standing up and quickly walking away.

On the other side of the gate was Murakami School. She stood on both sides.

Looking at her younger self she tilted her head to the side. Terra walked closer to that gate and held on to the bars separating them.

The girl on the other side didn't yet see her; she was still too busy with her friends. Terra ran till she reached the end of the fence then she turned so that she was on the other side.

The girl's resemblance to herself was just to overwhelming to move on.

"Terra?" Why she asked if the girl was her, she didn't know. Obviously she was her, but if she was Terra then who was this girl?

The girl's eyes darted up and then she too looked in the mirror. Those blue eyes grew wider as she looked at Terra.

"Who are you?" they both asked simultaneously.

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