I was laying on the edge of the balcony, while the old hag was knitting. Lust was pacing, trying to find a way to get Full metal pipsqueak to come to us willing. I was basically pretending to sleep, as they were just ranting on about the stupid Philosophers Stone. I honestly don't care about being human, when you have power beyond human reach why waste it? But when Lust and Dante mentioned Full metal, I cracked a lazy eye open. They were talking about finding someone, when the old hag (Dante) called me, I lazily climbed off the balcony,

"What do you want? I was sleeping ya'know." I stretched,

"I know Envy, you have a bed anyways. But Envy, I have a little task for you." My mouth dropped,

"What?! I came back from Ishbal!" I complained, the old hag held a red stone in her hand, and waved it in like candy for a five year old. I did want it though,

"Then I don't think you'll be needing this. Oh well." She sighed her voice dripping with fake sympathy. I rolled my eyes,
"Fine! What the hell do you want?!" I snatched it from her, as a cold smile spread across her face.

"Good boy, I have a little mission for you. We have just discovered that our little Edward has been frolicking with a young girl right under our noses. She is about the same age, and I think out little Edward has fallen in love with her. We can use her to create a Philosophers Stone, well we can hold her ransom. Then maybe afterwards, if she survives it here, I could use her body. I'm getting quite tired of this one, Envy will you do it? And Envy, you can't beat her up that much if she gets on your nerves. Alright?" I swallowed the little stone,

"Whatever, be back in a while." I used my stealth like speed to get out of there, before that annoying hag said anything else.