Hi everyone!

For new readers:

This is a story for Emily/Daniel fans (if there still is any of those left). It takes place after season one finale, and if you are pissed about all the bull that's going one between Emily and Daniel right now on the show, this will be perfect for you. I was a fan of the two in season one, and the story itself was started before season two even aired so it's missing a lot of the newer characters and plot lines.

Anyway, enjoy:)

p.s. skip all the rest of this note (it won't make any sense nor will it have any relevancy to you). Just read the story like normal.

For old readers:

Oh how I've missed you (if you're even still out there)! I know that it's been months since I last updated—and I cannot stress enough how sorry I am for that. It's unfair to anyone who enjoyed my story, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP. I've been really busy, but don't worry I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

Instead, in around late October I sat down to write the next chapter, and I couldn't quite remember where I left off so I just decided to read the whole thing over again and I found that I really didn't like some of it (mostly the beginning). My writing was pretty basic at parts and there were a lot of typos and I just felt that some scenes were too short and then I started coming up with all these bonus scenes and well…I sat down and went into all the old documents have been rewriting them so that they're each around 5000 words apiece. The chapters are all different now and about half of the stuff is the same, but the other half is new and there are new scenes and parts and I've really been doing this to make it better.

I'm not caught up yet (sorry) but I felt bad that people probably think I've given up, so I'm writing a note to explain. I'm going to take down all the old chapters except for the first so that it's just these two, and I want to know if I should:

a) Wait to be completely finished and then put it all up at the same time with the completely new one


b) Put each chapter up one at a time as I finish them like I used to do

I totally understand if you won't want to re-read it. It's no problem because the new stuff doesn't really change the outcome of the story. I just figured that since it's been so long everyone would have forgotten anyway…

One last thing, I want to hear what you all think of what is currently going on in the show, because I'm having mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it's a hell of a lot better than season two, but not nearly as good as season one. Charlotte has become a pointless character (with stupid looking bangs, sorry Charlie), Nolan is in love with a fundamental psychopath, Daniel (who has always had a dash of jackass in him) has become a jackass that's completely unbearable to be around, and is it just me or is there absolutely no chemistry between Jack and Margaux?

I mean…come on!

So tell me what you think!