Hello! This story is for the Divergent fans out there, BTW this is not going to be FourTris! I support that couple; it's just that there are way too many! Anyway, this takes place after the war, KK? Enjoy!

In an instant, my world came crashing down. Right in front of me was the guy who said that he loves me, who saved me from dying, who betrayed me. Right in front of me was Four. I saw the whole thing. He had pinned Lauren to the wall and had kissed her. Did he really love me? Or was this some sort of joke? Should I get revenge? I do know all of his secrets. Wait, but if I were Four, then I wouldn't like that, but then again, if I were Four, I wouldn't have done that. It felt worse than being shot by that bullet. I sprinted past them, Four didn't even notice, he was too busy. I felt tears gather, my vision was getting blurry. I will not cry, not over this. I need help, so I go to the only person I can trust now.


When I reached her door, I tried to make myself somewhat presentable. I wiped my eyes and straightened out my shirt. I weakly knocked on the door. I stand there, staring in front of me for about 3 seconds then she finally opened the door. She looks surprised but then quickly lets me enter. We both sat down on the bed, we stayed silent for a bit, Christina looked deep in thought. I observed her room, there wasn't anything special about it, and it was just like the rest of the dauntless rooms. After the war, we all went back to our factions and the faction-less got re-tested and sent into different factions. We had picked new leaders, and everything was back to normal. Christina finally asked me something.

"What happened?" Cristina asked, facing me. Worry laced with her words.

"Four." I said, and then broke down. She hugged me; she probably didn't know what I was talking about. I calmed down after about two minutes of crying.

"Now, what really happened?" She asked, once again facing me.

I explained everything, she looked like she was about to break the whole dauntless compound.

"Calm down." I said to her when it should have been the other way around.

"That low-life, son-of-a-" Cristina said, exasperated.

"Christina, calm down." I said and she eventually did as asked.

"I can't believe it; I know how much you love him." Christina said.

Do I love him? Did I ever really love him? Ever since we got back to our normal lives, there was something different about him, it felt like I didn't care for him anymore. But of course, I had brushed it off and now I'm here wondering why I hadn't accepted my feelings before. Christina checks her watch.

"Hey, do you want to go and eat dinner? Maybe some cake will get it off of your mind." Christina suggests. I nod.

"First, we have to…clean you up." Cristina said, trying not to make it sound bad. I probably look like a hot mess. Today before work, Christina had insisted that I wear make-up, of course I refused, but then she forced me and had put it on me herself. I'm guessing that I have black-stained teardrops on my face. I wash my face and brush my hair from the tangles; after all, I had run all the way here. I go into the living room, where Christina was, waiting for me. When she saw me enter, her face lit up. I smiled, a weak one, but it was still a smile.

"Tris, go sit down." Christina deadpanned, not letting any room for argument. I did as told.

"Why?" I ask, sitting down.

"Wait here." She said before going into the washroom, she comes back a minute later, holding a black case. She stands in front of me and grabs a chair, she

took out eyeliner. I didn't like make-up but I knew that protesting wasn't going to make a difference.

She crouched in front of me.

"Eyes closed please." Cristina said and I did as asked. I felt light pressure on my eyelids. I also felt something tugging lightly at my eyelashes, probably mascara.

"You know you're not going to make me pretty." I said.

"Who cares about pretty, I'm going for noticeable." She said, then I remembered when we were still initiates and we had gotten new clothes, she had said the exact same words. The tugging stopped and I opened my eyes. She stood up and I did too. We walked into the hallway, as we turned a corner, I saw the person I didn't want to see the most.

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