Story behind story: I always wondered why Cinderella wanted to go to the ball... I mean she didn't know the prince. It's highly unusual that she'd look for the love of the prince, I don't think she is as innocent as that. So I thought: "What could be behind this want?" I thought of many things and one of the conclusions I came up to, I thought it was worth a share, just for a laugh.

A/N: This is my first story. Please bear with my ignorance about how to do this right.

I hope you like this story :)

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By change of the century, in a maison near the grand forest of the Kingdom, a girl was born. Little did the screaming girl know, she would be the protagonist of one of the world's most famous tales. Born into a small aristocratic family that little did influence the society, daughter of M. and Mme. Reillier, the girl was taught justice and to never accept less than what she had the right to have.

The gentleness and stubbornness she inherited from her mother, whose father was a quite successful merchant. The rationality and upright posture were her father's, the only heir to a slightly decadent, somewhat depressed, family.

Thus her childhood not being passed in palaces and manors, but in mansions and petites properties of rich merchants. She got used to a liberal education, let to say what she wanted without, of course, being rude.