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Chapter 4 - The Encounter

The girl had her best gown on that helped pop out the green eyes of hers. The woman had made it to the villa a couple of hours earlier, roughly at tea time. By that time, the governess came to her room, where she found the girl leaning on some information about that woman. Soon, she left the papers be and the governess did the girl's hair.

When the clock let out eight chimes, she left her room, heading to the dining-room, for it was dinner time. A malicious sparkle shone in her eyes and was easily mistaken for an entertained glimmer. Ah, but she was entertained! Finally, she found a purpose in life. A wicked smile was formed into her face, though, she quickly suppressed it. If she wanted her plan to work, she had to be, or seem to be, sugar sweet.

She entered the room and saw who was supposed to be her new "mother". Her ash blond hair seemingly hurtfully tied in a high up-do, her ice-blue eyes piercing any soul and the woman had a bird-like nose, pointy. With her best sweet, welcoming smile, she stalked up to that woman and took her hands bowing.

When back up, she didn't free the woman and pronounced in a kind and gentle way: 'Welcome, mother.' – She tried hard to say it without spitting the word mother. – 'My father told me wonders about you; he could not stop mentioning how wonderful you are.'

'Oh,' the woman let out, pretending to be surprised.

The girl evaluated her enemy again. Her quest would be harder to fulfil than she had expected.

That woman smiled, not really meaning it, for it didn't reach the eyes. 'And your father informed me, you would be difficult. He said you were still deeply hurt by your mother's death.'

The girl had some trouble keeping smiling sweetly. 'Father has been absent these past few days. While he was on his way to fetch you, I decided to overcome the sadness that had rooted within me and to lift my mood up to be able to, later on, live in harmony.'

Now it was that woman's turn to weigh up the girl, who stood in front of her and finally let her hands. The result to which the woman came did not satisfy her.

'I am glad,' the woman voiced without a feeling.

Somewhat disturbed by the encounter, the girl turns to meet her stepsisters. If it weren't for her little investigation and a hurried note sent by her father, she received the day before, she would've remained ignorant of their existence and would have been shocked by that fact that they were present and that her father didn't tell her anything.

Now, the girls were the split image of their mother. Their features consisted as hard of lines as their mother's. One of them was more alike, in hair- and eye-colour, while the tones of the other were a little darker. Her names Dabnise and Anise, respectively. Their father, and that woman's husband, died in a very peculiar way; as white as chalk in a fancy and infamous inn was he found at their late hometown.

The moment their eyes met, tension built up. Ignoring that woman's daughters glares; the girl approached them, and did a little reverence.

'I welcome you, sisters. I hope we get along well.' Her smile as sweet as honey.

Anise, who seemed to be the nicest of the duo (or trio, if you included that woman), replied with a smile. 'I—we do so too, Ella.'

The girl raised an eyebrow.

Dabnise shot: 'Isn't that your name?'