First Name: (Your character's first name, no Japanese first names please)

Last Name: (Your character's last name, Japanese last names are allowed)

Nickname: (Any nickname for your character to be called)

Age: (Preferably 13 to 18 but any other age is okay)

Gender: (Don't make me explain this)

Hometown: (Can be from any Region but explain how they got to Unova)

Season Preference: (Does your character like summer, winter, autumn or spring?)

Normal Clothing: (Please try and make it detailed)

Formal Wear: (Please make it detailed and actually makes sense)

Beach Wear: (Doesn't have to be detailed but nothing too revealing please and by that i mean no see through bikini tops)

Nightwear: (Self Explanatory)

Appearance: (Make it detailed please and if needed use examples)

Personality: (What makes your character tick? Is he/she aggressive? Does he/she like their Pokemon?)

Family Members: (If deceased mention it.)

Pokemon: (Pick 8 including a starter Pokemon. Place them in order of when you catch them please. Don't add your moves that for me to decide. No more fire starters please. Also you must have at least Fire, Grass, Water, Electric and Flying in your team the rest can be anything of you're choosing)

Nicknames for Pokemon: (Again Self Explanatory although this is optional)

Battle Call: (What does your character call out when they throw that Pokeball? Be creative on this one please.)

Skills: (At least three please)

Achievements: (Don't have to be Pokemon related)

Flaws: (Your character cannot be flawless or perfect for that matter. What is your character absolutely terrible at?)

Fears: (Your character must be afraid of something. List 2 only and explain why and how they became afraid of it.)

Love preference: (Nate and Dwayne if Girl and Rosa is Boy. I originally wanted Rosa and Hugh to have romance eventually but I can work with a love triangle. This is optional)

Any other information: (Whatever else you want to add)

If I like your character and if I like your list of answers your OC could have a major role in the story. Note that I will not accept if posted in reviews section, PM them to me. If your character does not get accepted do not whine and complain.